The Dissent Psyops That People Don't Get

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Question for the readers:
Why don't sensible peoples in Western liberal democracies get it that controlling dissent is essential to engineering consent for state-craft? Why don't these rather intelligent looking peoples, often with high-falutin credentials, wisely seeking alternate sources of news and views, get it that they have to be just as circumspect of dissent pied pipers as they are of mainstream pied pipers and its opinion makers? Just because someone is dissenting with the status quo, with empire, with their government, with evil, or with the wisdom du jour, does not make him or her any more moral, or truthful, or even correct. More likely, the lead opinion-makers in alternate sources of news and views have been put there for a purpose --- see where and how they make their living for instance? Do they appear to be spitting in the same plate as they eat from? That eliminates a vast majority of dissent pied pipers as manufactured, or, in the best case, controlled and self-policed, so as not to jeopardize the side of bread that is nicely buttered from the coffers of empire (its book publishing arm, its academic arm, its journalist arm, its NGO arm, its think-tank arm, etc., all of which are part and parcel of its global military-industrial-academe complex that is exercised through the public-private-corporate partnership of state-craft). Among all the big lies of empire, dissent Psyops is perhaps the hardest to fathom --- but even for the high-IQ and mostly sensible individuals? Why don't at least these people get it?

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The Dissent Psyops That People Don't Get By Zahir Ebrahim | Project