Statement on the Coronavirus Pandemic in the Making By Zahir Ebrahim

With the experiment in bioweapons grade viral dispersion and its subsequent control modalities in progress in China, for overarching context that is always missing from the public's reactionary discourses in all such experiments, I draw your attention to my 2011 study on the foibles of Modern Medicine. It lends the backdrop from my study of the 2009 Swine Flu vaccine experiment initiated through Baxter “accidentally” releasing active contagion in its Swine Flu Vaccine that got detected and stopped in mid-stream by sheer luck (serendipity happens sometimes).
The China experiment is the next stage of this military-grade ops on unsuspecting population, or so it appears to me. Viruses don't just jump from animals to humans, which is the long running propaganda cover for experimenting with bioweapons and concomitant vaccination programs. And viruses certainly don't escape from BSL-3 (Swine Flu H1N1 virus of 2009) and BSL-4 (Novel Coronavirus of 2019-2020) level secured labs by accident, unless meant to escape.
I could be wrong of course... what does a common man know. The public mind must look to “experts” to inform it, right? Imagine the sheep asking the expert butcher if the knife he is sharpening is meant for spreading butter on toast and being satisfied by the response!
It may be too early to tell who is behind this new pandemic in the making, but nations and public is warned to not treat this as mere happenstance or “ooops”, but as potentially a very lethal bioweapons social experiment and act accordingly to defend themselves. I don't know what that caution and self-defence should entail after the genie has been unleashed from the bottle. Check with your local physicians and WHO / CDC / representative for official divine guidance. Follow their experts' advice.
This Report on Modern Medicine and its forensic examination, inter alia, of viruses and vaccines, is not medical or legal advice regardless of what it may state. It is only a layman's two cents, FWIW, to show you how easy it is to be taken every time. The cost to un caution and false premise in managing the pandemic crisis due to intense propaganda warfare and the Machiavellian making of the public mind, is irreversible to the public's well-being which no “ooops” can makeup ex post facto.
To not treat this virus pandemic in the making – the inability to control the virus dispersion, its remarkable virulence, its infection rate, its mortality rate (as publicly reported) – as anything but a diabolical social experiment would be unwise given the reality of the role of viruses and vaccines as biowarfare agents, and society's Machiavellian programming to create the public's own consent and demand for world government. This isn't as far fetched as the modern man of academic learning might think. The truth of this grotesque reality is easily demonstrated by this 2008 oped in the Financial Times: 'And now for a world government'.
It is simply naive to assume that vaccination – the programmed response to viruses – is purely a medical matter determined solely by science and the scientific process, and is devoid of all political agendas pursued by the oligarchy which owns both big-pharma and medical education, and also controls its regulation and administration at the global level through international bodies, to create an incestuously self-reinforcing closed loop of both theory and practice. Unless one understands that closed loop, it is difficult to entertain the idea that vaccination is a primacy driven ideology using science to enact that ideology under one pretext or another. Vaccinations, as the 2009 experiment in mass hysteria confirmed, is also a most effective mechanism for delivering viral payloads into human beings. Apart from spreading deadly pathogens in the name of pigs and bats and camels and monkeys with the scientific sounding explanation of Zoonosis to mask its biowarfare origins in laboratories, vaccination is another modality of biowarfare on unsuspecting civilian populations. Caveat Lector.
Zahir Ebrahim
Issued January 30, 2020 2:00 pm | Last updated February 1, 2020 10:00 am

Statement on the Coronavirus Pandemic in the Making By Zahir Ebrahim | Project