Open Letter Primer on Global Warming For Intelligent People

Dear Teachers and Professors:
Happy New Year. Please share this Primer on Global Warming For Intelligent People with students and science colleagues, requesting them to read it to educate themselves on counterpoints to their own knowledge and to try and falsify its singular thesis. And may I humbly request that you do the same to educate yourselves for the same benefit and reason. None are too old to learn, and none are so arrogant to think that they know it all that they cannot learn something new, and, most importantly, unlearn what they thought they knew as the “truth”.
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Most of what many of us think we know as imposing experts is often false! Including in science. This Primer on Global Warming For Intelligent People demonstrates this latter aspect. It demonstrates that science has cunningly been transformed into a religion in the service of empire.
There is today a church of science that serves the interests of empire just as previously the Church of Christianity served the interests of both imperial Papacy and its la mission civilisatrice, the white man's burden if you will, and the 'Church' of Islam served the interests of Muslim Empires (and evidently still does as the Hegelian Dialectic stool pigeon for America's imperial mobilization agenda towards a one-world government).
The pulpits of any religion have always corrupted, or more diabolically misdirected, the truth of their domain. The pulpits in the church of science are no exception. And they do it for the same reason: self-interest.
To have a real debate on science, one must zoom into the axioms of that domain and treat these as something falsifiable rather than as divine truths beyond the pale of earthly examination!
I hope that this fundamental method of science can finally be taught to students, especially to science students. I never learnt that as a college student myself. In fact, I had to unlearn many religiously held precepts spanning the full gamut of axiomatic beliefs, before I could even begin to comprehend modernity.
We fail our students when he don't teach them how to rationally examine matters that one is close to, especially, how to examine closely held beliefs on any subject. We lead our impressionable students to think that beliefs are only in world religions, and the rest of man's activity, especially in science, is all based on empirical objectivity. We rush to either denigrate others' beliefs, or, as is more often the case, promulgate our own as la mission civilisatrice.
Certain topics in science are no exception. When these topics are abstract matters, such as the big bang theory, or evolution, beliefs don't have an immediate existential impact. So it is largely immaterial what one believes is the origin of universe and life. However, other science topics, such as what is causing climate changes, have a direct impact on national and international policies which in turn have an immediate existential impact on all mankind.
More highly educated a student is in the present higher education system anywhere in the world, more ill equipped he or she appears to be to rationally evaluate convoluted subjects that have intermixed Machiavellian political agendas with even what is supposed to be empirical science. Thus, making it easier to get such learned people to accept and sign off on political solutions based on the legitimacy conferred to these by pseudo science and its respectable brand name exponents. There is a brand name to appeal to the sensibility of every category of demographics.
In advertising, as in world's religions, that is called appeal to authority figures and celebrity appeal. Both are potent in selling products by appealing to the baser human instincts rather than to the human intellect. While that is the natural bread and butter of religious pulpits which cater to the human need for pondering upon the why of life and his proclivity towards the esoteric for hope and spiritual fulfillment, political agendas wrapped in pseudo science are also being marketed to the common man and to entire nations no differently than soaps and shampoos.
Fortunately, I am not a teacher, nor am I in advertising. But I have learnt as a student of many notable teachers, that even honest teachers are often the greatest purveyors of divine truths on earth. They tend to forget that falsification of divine truths is also an integral part of science, while acceptance of divine truths is only part of religion, not science. Before they realize it, the more notable a teacher, the easier it is for him or her to become the mullah of their domain. The tragedy is that they don't see the mote in their own eyes as they rush to critique all the mullahs in the world's religions whose very job definition it is to peddle beliefs in the name of authority figures.
Thank you for your time.
Best wishes for a great year
Zahir Ebrahim
(your humble student).

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