How Americans must protect their beautiful nation: The Real Fortress America

If there is reason for the United States to decimate any country or any peoples in purported 'self-defense' against some threat of WMD such as that being posed by Iran according to the president of the United States, the American peoples must demand a ratification of the decision to go to war through a public referendum – let its great “populist democracy” speak directly in the modernity of the 21st century before it is called upon to make its sacrifices, before it is called upon to pay its taxes to fund the war, and before it is called upon to acquire innocent blood on its hands with a wily “oops, no WMDs, it was an intelligence failure” as in Iraq! Since drone-warfare is already being carried out against civilian populations without openly declaring war upon those nations, especially Pakistan, a public ratification of drone-warfare on Pakistan must similarly be demanded.
Draw the soldiers, officers and war-technicians from the pool who vote for war! If they can vote 'yes' to invade other nations and wantonly shatter the tabula rasa of a 'lesser humanity', then they must also first be willing to sign up for doing it themselves – instead of having a draft of economic conscription. Every 'yes' voting home in America must have at least one 'patriot' from the immediate family show up on the front-lines without exception and have an additional percentage tax automatically deducted from their paycheck to pay for waging the war – or their 'yes' vote is void! The 'no' voters should not have to pay for wars that they do not approve of, nor wish to participate in. I think this is called “democracy”.
Ask your local elected representatives to legislate for these simple measures of fairness and equity in the local, state, and congressional legislatures.
To perceptively comprehend how just these two simple measures, the American public's ratification by public referendum of their leaders' decision for waging war, and getting all war-mongers to pay for their decision with both blood and sweat equity, can have far reaching consequences in most effectively protecting the United States against all terrorists, both foreign and domestic – the real Fortress America – read the two articles by Zahir Ebrahim: How to derail 'imperial mobilization' and Who is more guilty of monumental war crimes – the prime-movers or trigger pullers?

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How Americans must protect their beautiful nation By Zahir Ebrahim | Project