Response to 'Leaked Zionist strategy Paper to counter BDS'

April 15, 2011
My following comment on BDS, made in March of 2010 to the article “Leaked Zionist strategy Paper to counter BDS” (PDF cached here) on the now defunct website, is archived below. Its accuracy is testified by the unchallenged rise of the Jewsonly State of Israel as the new ruling state of the West, and perhaps the world in a one-world government. A ruling state cannot be dictated to by other nations, but it can and does dictate to other nations, including to the world's sole superpower! Does the Jewsonly State of Israel fit that bill?
This new ruling state exudes power throughout both hemispheres through many proxy arrangements. It, in turn, is controlled by those who own the world's major financial institutions. These oligarchs select presidents and prime ministers of the world's nations from behind the scenes as puppetmasters, mobilize or neutralize the public by their control of the world's mass media, and enact war and peace making events to suit their own timetables. These rulers of the world were explored in my Confusion Series in the context of Israel in part-1, part-2, and part-3. Anyone wishing to confront the abhorrence of the new up and coming ruling state of the world would surely be wise to examine its elusive and impenetrable power-base which is examined therein.
The deconstruction of the ineffectiveness of BDS noted below remains unchallenged by empiricism in which it is solely rooted. BDS is evidently yet another “collection agency” like most of Western dissent, to gather the energies of conscionable peoples into good solid runs on the treadmills of inefficacy. While activists feel content patting themselves on their back on how great their movements are, systematic new realities are constructed on the ground by “history's actors” which subsequently cannot be reversed nor rolled back. Useful idiots blindly jumping on the bandwagon of BDS are many, thoughtful people rather few. And that's why the rulers win!
They win because, as some statistics suggest, less then 2% people in the public actually think, 8% think they think, and 90% would not be caught dead thinking. The rulers just love to throw crumbs of plausible effectiveness through their own fabricated opposition, just like they throw crumbs of plausible deniability through fabricated cover stories, and create many side shows to occupy men and women of conscience lest some end up focussing their considerable energies and inventiveness on those factors which can actually alter imperial faits accomplis before they can transpire.
This concept of fait accompli is evidently most poorly understood by even the uber learned pied pipers of dissent. Here is a senior White House Advisor explaining it to the New York Times correspondent for those who only learn wisdom from the podiums of power:
'“We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality -- judiciously, as you will -- we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”' (Ron Suskind, New York Times, Oct. 17, 2004)
And here is Ariel Sharon, former prime minister of Israel, explaining it to Winston S. Churchill III:
'Winston S. Churchill III, grandson of the famed British prime minister, recalled last October at the National Press Club here a telling encounter he had had in 1973 with the hawkish Ariel Sharon, now the Israeli prime minister, about Zionist objectives. “What is to become of the Palestinians?” Churchill asked. “We’ll make a pastrami sandwich of them,” Sharon said. Churchill responded, “What?” “Yes, we’ll insert a strip of Jewish settlements in between the Palestinians, and then another strip of Jewish settlements right across the West Bank, so that in 25 years’ time, neither the United Nations nor the United States, nobody, will be able to tear it apart.' (cited in Zahir Ebrahim, Rescuing a Failed Struggle From Its Narratives, November 2009)

# Project on March 11th, 2010 at 20:12:
Hi – how was this position paper leaked?
In concept, it is not too dissimilar to the publicly available document discussed here previously by Paul J Balles, bringing knowledge of The Israel Lobby's Global Propaganda Manual to us. I subsequently could easily download the TIP report's PDF from the publicly available source-website and enjoyed reading all its 116 pages. It was not a secret. Why is this one? What does "leaked" mean for this document?
What is so shocking, or even revealing in it? To warn them to watch what they say (and not what they do)?:
"No Israeli should feel compelled to change their politics, no matter what Chomsky and Finkelstein would choose to do. But ALL Israelis should watch their language, understanding that false Nazi/Apartheid/ Racism analogies feed Israel’s harshest enemies, who wish to wipe out the state."!
Give me a break – when Zionistan can bomb and kill and burn men women and children with impunity in front of the entire world's powerless spectating eyes, when every Western statesman from the Queen to the President pays homage to them, especially their visit on Israel's 60th birthday bash while their own Bibles were being burnt downtown, and when their sugar-daddy owns/controls all the Western world's central banks thus controlling their national/supra-national laws, someone expects me to believe that Israel is afraid of the BDS?
Ever hear of a "limited hangout", the "hegelian mind fck", and "red herrings"?
Someone may well be laughing up there in the darkened rooms of the Knesset, and at the BIS, puffing on their cigars.
Not to suggest that conscientious people shouldn't try with whatever means at their disposal to check and counter state-tyranny upon a beleaguered peoples. But also to not forget that to keep dissent and opposition deluded as useful idiots and kept running on treadmills is a key element of political science based statecraft – one that wages wars by way of deception. A fabricated Israeli opposition to the ineffectual BDS reinforces the belief among the innocent and the pious that it is an existential threat to Israel.
So let us analyze this BDS threat to Israel. Threats are a calculus – not a linear equation. There are variables which scale in different dimensions with each other. Akin more to operations research and game theory than any simple formulaic prescription. The calculus of threat and its mitigation deals in probabilities, and pushing odds of the preferred outcome overwhelmingly in one's favor.
So someone who has looked at BDS closely, as well as studied Israel's overall assets in the world – from people to banks to laws – kinda help me out here. Please put up a seed analysis of why BDS is of any real empirical consequence to Israel (as opposed to some philosopher's theoretical one)? That, why is the above "leaked" document anything other than a red herring, a psyops to get conscionable people to ineffectively pursue what's not of any real consequence – as they have all along been doing for the past 60 years? In 2007, Uri Avnery wrote an interesting article titled "Facing Mecca", to which I had written a response – it is here:
I could be wrong, and this may not be a red herring. "Show me" – as they might say in Missouri, that this "leaked document" is not a Mighty Wurlitzer's piece.
Just FYI, Fletcher Prouty in his book "Secret Team" observed the following. Great for introducing red herrings, "cognitive diversity", and variations on "limited hangout" by the Mighty Wurlitzer:
'There is another category of writer and self-proclaimed authority on the subjects of secrecy, intelligence, and containment. This man is the suave, professional parasite who gains a reputation as a real reporter by disseminating the scraps and "Golden Apples" thrown to him by the great men who use him. This writer seldom knows and rarely cares that many of the scraps from which he draws his material have been planted, that they are controlled leaks, and that he is being used, and glorified as he is being used, by the inside secret intelligence community.
Allen Dulles had a penchant for cultivating a number of such writers with big names and inviting them to his table for a medieval style luncheon in that great room across the hall from his own offices in the old CIA headquarters on the hill overlooking Foggy Bottom. Here, he would discuss openly and all too freely the same subjects that only hours before had been carefully discussed in the secret inner chambers of the operational side of that quiet Agency. In the hands of Allen Dulles, "secrecy" was simply a chameleon device to be used as he saw fit and to be applied to lesser men according to his schemes. It is quite fantastic to find people like Daniel Ellsberg being charged with leaking official secrets simply because the label on the piece of paper said "top secret," when the substance of many of the words written on those same papers was patently untrue and no more than a cover story. Except for the fact that they were official lies, these papers had no basis in fact, and therefore no basis to be graded top secret or any other degree of classification. Allen Dulles would tell similar cover stories to his coterie of writers, and not long thereafter they would appear in print in some of the most prestigious papers and magazines in the country, totally unclassified, and of course, cleverly untrue.
In every case, the chance for complete information is very small, and the hope that in time researchers, students, and historians will be able to ferret out truth from untruth, real from unreal, and story from cover story is at best a very slim one. Certainly, history teaches us that one truth will add to and enhance another; but let us not forget that one lie added to another lie will demolish everything. This is the important point. Consider the past half century. How many major events — really major events — have there been that simply do not ring true? How many times has the entire world been shaken by alarms of major significance, only to find that the events either did not happen at all, or if they did, that they had happened in a manner quite unlike the original story?'
Here is a note on the Mighty Wurlitzer:
Zahir Ebrahim

# Project on March 12th, 2010 at 0:32:
Coincidentally, I came across this interview of David Icke asking the same sort of questions:
Begin Transcription
"They are all connected, and they are connected through the House of Rothschild. See, if people just took a breadth, and looked at the whole scene, they would ask serious questions:
Why does that slither of land, called Israel, and I have driven around it, and you can virtually drive around it in a day, why does it have so much power?
Why is it the biggest by far recipient of American aid when it is one of the richest per capita countries in the world?
Why does it have the biggest F-16 fleet outside America?
How come it can have a very considerable arsenal of nuclear weapons, refuse to sign a Non Proliferation Treaty, and have a breadth taking agreement which has just been confirmed by Barrack Obama in the last few months, that they have a policy in terms of America and other countries in Israel, that they don't ask whether they have got nuclear weapons. And therefore, Israel does not have to say if they have or not. This is an official policy!
Why, when they pepper-bomb the most crowded piece of land in the world, and instigate slaughter on a shocking scale, does the international community, apart from one or two people, say nothing?
The House of Rothschild controls Israel. It created Israel. And more than that, it created a political philosophy, note a POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY, called ZIONISM.
What they have brilliantly done, though it's breaking down, is they have equated Jewish people as a race with Zionism, which is a political philosophy. And at its core is a secret society, connects into the other secret societies.
And, so if you challenge Zionism, and its horrors, and its impositions, and its hypocrisy, and its slaughter, you are equated with being prejudiced against Jewish people.
What they don't tell you is significant number of Jewish people are actually appalled by Zionism. And actually openly protest against it.
And there is some fantastic young people in Israel that refuse to serve in the military, and end up in jail because of it. And you, know they are incredible people to have that sense of value.
The questions that I have just posed can be answered very easily.
The House of Rothschild control American politics. They control the neo-cons, they control Bush, they control what I call the demo-cons that control Obama.
And in the White House as I speak, we have the White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, who is the puppeteer, immediate puppeteer of Obama, [ Just like Bush's Brain was Karl Rove ] and his father actually served in an Israeli Zionist terror group called Irgun, which, with others, bombed Israel into existence and forced 750,000 to 800,000 Palestinians to leave their homeland after 1948.
The reason, therefore, that Israel is the biggest recipient of American aid and military support, is because this hand [points to right hand] called the House of Rothschild, takes the money from the United States and hands it to this hand [points to left hand] called Israel of the House of Rothschild, and says thank you very much!
The reason that there is no questioning of Israeli nuclear capability, that they get away literally with mass murder, time and time again, is because the House of Rothschild controls the countries of the European Union, and controls the European Union. I mean, Tony Blair is a "yes sir no sir, three bags full sir, how high would you like me to jump sir" front man for the House of Rothschild.
So who do they put in after he left the British Government, as negotiator of peace in Israel – Tony Bloody Blair! 'What should I say Mr. Rothschild, thank you very much, thank you thank you' [mimics Tony Blair]. That's it.
So when you have got the same force controlling all these different agencies, than of course they are gonna be coordinated.
That's the way Israel gets away with what it gets away with.
And if people think its anti-Semitic, well actually anti-Semitic means anti-Arab by the way, then they'll have to take it and shove it somewhere where the sun don't shine 'cause I ain't shutting up about this because it is fundamental to understanding the world, and to understanding the European Union and world events!
The Jewish people, in general, have been mercilessly used by the House of Rothschild, and their front secret society, satanic secret society, called Zionism, as a front which they can hide behind.
So it is House of Rothschild organizations like B'nai Brith, Sons of the Covenant, who created an organization called the Anti-Defamation league, which goes around defaming everyone ironically, who have not just campaigned for hate laws that stop you exposing these people, they have actually written the bloody legislation in America, in North America and Canada.
And so, these hate laws which say you can't say this you can't say that, because that's prejudiced and all that, they are not there to protect gay people – everyone ought to their own I say, I couldn't care less – they are not there to protect Jewish people, or minorities.
They are there, simply, to stop legitimate investigation of the Rothschilds and its network. That's what they are there for.
And, they are in so many ways the Rothschilds. At operational level, the center of the spider's web.
And they need to be exposed.
Because if they get exposed, and they go, when I say go, they are removed from their positions of power, 'cause to be honest, if they went to jail, for what they have been responsible for, the House of Rothschild, they would have to reincarnate hundreds of times to complete the sentence!
If fair punishments are ever to be awarded for their crimes against humanity for just the past 100 years in any Just court of law, Adolph Eichmann would have to be retroactively let go by resurrecting his soul from his grave with high honors and awarded multiple peace prizes plus compensation, in order to administer hanging and extraction of restitution as the graduated scale of ultimate punishment for the ultimate prime-movers of all wars and pestilence before which their errand boys' and patsies' crimes against humanity pale in comparison.]
And, we've ignored them. Or we have not ignored them, people have ignored their power for long enough because they have brilliantly hidden it. It needs the light to be shone on it because when they come down, in so many ways, the House of cards comes down!
Thank you very much."
End, Transcription by Project [ parenthesis: transcriber's notes ]

Zahir Ebrahim

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