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VT SUPPORT: Zahir Bio Request

Project Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 7:34 PM
To: "John P. Allen", "Gordon Duff"

Dear Gordon, John, VT, Veterans Today,

Hi, as the communication below indicates, I have no desire to be listed as Staff Writer on Veterans Today website. I do not like the fact that despite three times saying "no" to your kind offer Gordon to make me a staff writer, which I assume is merely your unbridled enthusiasm for the accuracy of my writings, and even as I also noted in my PTSD Letter which you published:

'The two American websites, Veterans Today and Salem News, run by two former US Military veterans, contain some of the most outstanding RealitySpeak writings by both civilians and America's war veterans, presumably, all mostly being eagerly ingested by other American war veterans. In full disclosure, these websites also reprint my two cents every now and then. The Editors in chief of both websites whom I have never met but communicate with occasionally, very generously invited me to become Staff Writer on their respective panels, and I politely declined in each case. I prefer my lonely voice to stay independent – for it allows me to explore my own confusions as no one else can.'

you still went ahead without my request, or my permission, and in fact, despite my explicit 'no thanks'. I have to respectfully decline again. I do not wish to manage anything on your website.

Therefore, I wish to state it categorically that I have no affiliation with Veterans Today. I have removed the file you sent me with the passwd and username, from my email account without saving it. Before someone logs into it as me and publishes something unsavory under my name, I would like to formally request that you delete my account and go back to some other way of tagging my essay contributions if that's why you have it. Otherwise, I won't be offended if you removed all my contributions, albeit I would be a tad saddened by it.

I enjoy VT's RealitySpeak, occassionally commenting on some article here and there, and seeing my work put before your 'strange' audience. And I have the same pleasure with some other websites on the internet as well. However, please be aware once again that I only write for Project Humanbeingsfirst, as I have mentioned to you before, and give my work away for reprint freely with a well-spelled out verbatim reproduction license. Many websites publish my work, and none have insisted that I join them. Some have asked me to join, like Salem News, and despite Tim King being an equally terrific person as your own good self, I have said no thanks to him as well.

Please don't feel offended. I just don't wish to affiliate myself with any website. Especially VT where I believe some known war criminals are also on your staff!! I hold my humble name and identity in most high regard, for whatever little its worth to others, it's worth a lot to me, and I do not lend it out to anyone.

Please send me a confirmation email that you have closed my account, and removed my name as Staff Writer. I know many would consider this sacreligious, but I must politely decline.

I hope this 'entusiasm' on your part, and lack of it on mine, does not hamper our collaborative front towards common goals, which as I see them, are stopping imperial crimes against humanity, bringing all war criminals to justice, with fair resitutions to the vicitms.


best wishes,


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From: John P. Allen <>
Date: Sat, Jan 8, 2011 at 6:46 PM
Subject: VT SUPPORT: Zahir Bio Request

Please review your bio at
Also, send me a real good image of you so we can post with your profile

Have a Great Veterans Today Day!

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On Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 8:52 AM, <> wrote:
The account will sit there until you use it.
It allows us to catalog your work, let you manage comments on your own writing...
it is about efficiency
again...we move past economics to crime...
debt is not a method of underwriting currency....
it is the prize...the focus of criminal conspiracy masquerading as banking...economics...and policy
this is about crime
In a message dated 1/9/2011 8:12:56 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:
... It is still no thanks Gordon, but I much appreciate your show of confidence in my work. I really don't want to have free access to your important website to print any crap I want. But please feel free to print yourself what you selectively like of my work - it is freely given away for verbatim reprint anyway to anyone who wants it, and truly worth only what one paid for it:-)

best wishes,


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VT SUPPORT: Zahir Removal

John P. Allen Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 2:14 PM
To: "Project"
Your account has been deleted
All previous posts have been retained under the "Veterans Today" main account
Have a Great Veterans Today Day!

John P. Allen
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Sent: Monday, January 10, 2011 12:44 PM
Subject: Re: VT SUPPORT: Zahir Removal

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