My experiments in confusion - Part-4: Letter to David Duke on his Metanoia

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How many Gentiles does it take to confuse me? Evidently, also only One!
To: Dr. David Duke ( )
Subject: Your video: How Zionists Divide and Conquer
Date: Thursday, December 16, 2010 at 11:59 AM
Dear Dr. Duke,
Your video conversation which I watched on youtube last night is very interesting ( ). And so is your apparent transformation from your earlier roots. I am interested in understanding your metanoia. Have you written about it? Can you kindly point me to it?

Dr. Duke, I am surrounded by 'cats' who, expressing this in a parable often used by Muslims, 'having eaten their fill of 900 mice each, have gone for Hajj, and on return, became the most outspoken representatives of the mice trying to convince them that they [the reformed cats] have amended their feline ways'.
Transformations of course, are also the way of spiritual ascendance, like I believe what Malcolm X genuinely experienced. It goes on everyday around us, in ordinary peoples, in different measures, as each of us strive to better ourselves, but we don't often hear about it. Every once in a while, we get to hear of it happening to a very public and controversial person. That gives us a chance to be inspired by it when genuine.
In that spirit, and also the spirit of the overly cautious 'mouse' who refused to accept the cat's platitudes even when it critiqued other felines for their atrocious behavior toward mice, I would like to understand yours, before I pay more attention to your accurate words. I utter the same analyses too, and we evidently share a common enemy. Here is my most recent article which penetrates to the very heart of darkness: My experiments in confusion - Part-2: The invisible House of Rothschild.
But I also live in the United States, I came here to study, got married, had kids, and they are born in the USA. They are as American, while of the Asian stock, as any who came across the Atlantic and settled here by exterminating 10 million of this land's native peoples. To you, I am a vile intrusion into your white America because of the multi-culturalism perfidy of the Jews which diluted your race-cultural dominance in a land which your own ancestors criminally emptied of its native race-cultural dominance. It is not clear to me on what moral grounds you can complain – the grounds, evidently, of arbitrarily starting the clock on the time axis that is convenient to you. Those are some of the same characteristics in your own nemesis today in their analogous forced re-settlement of another's land. There is a lot more in common between Zionistan and Americanistan than you care to admit. Both the leaders of the two 'tans' admit it openly [however], as evidenced on the 60th birthday bash in Zionistan, deconstructed by yours truly here: Celebrating Israel's 60th Birthday in the 60th year of the Nakba.
I hope you will offer a reply which will prove to be of much benefit to me. It is rare that the white man can stand up to criminals even higher than they. I want to meet such a white man who can do it standing on a high moral ground [without carrying the white man's burden].
With best wishes,
Zahir Ebrahim | Project

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My experiments in confusion - Part-4: Letter to David Duke on his Metanoia By Zahir Ebrahim