Zahir Ebrahim's Letter to Professor Beshara Doumani on history of Palestine and Balfour Declaration

This is my curious letter to the notable Palestinian historian, professor Beshara B. Doumani, formerly at the University of California, Berkeley when he gave his presentation at Stanford University on Wednesday September 29, 2010, and now a Faculty Fellow, Director of Middle East Studies, Distinguished Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History, at Brown University, which says about him: “Doumani is also a public intellectual who writes on current events in the Middle East, on the ethics of knowledge production, and on the relationship between culture and politics. He led a team that produced a strategic plan for the establishment of a Palestinian museum, and recently received the Sawyer Seminar award from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for his proposal, “Displacement and the Making of the Modern World: Histories, Ecologies, and Subjectivities.”


To: Professor Beshara Doumani
Dated Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 6:57 PM
Dear Prof. Doumani,
“... And so, continuing to probe my youngling's observations of your talk, I asked him the question that I had been mulling over while driving to your talk: "As you already know, whenever I attend talks by learned peoples, interesting as it is what they often say, I try to focus more on what they aren't going to say - did you notice any profound omissions?"
Once again he did not disappoint me when he instantly responded, "I immediately noticed that when the speaker mentioned the 'Balfour Declaration' and betrayed his vast knowledge of the history of imperial fiat, he did not once mention the word Rothschild." ”
Caption The Balfour Declaration addressed to Lord Rothschild November 2nd 1917
Caption The Balfour Declaration: Dear Lord Rothschild *

Footnote *

Balfour Declaration image is not in the text of the letter. It is reproduced here to demonstrate that the omission from a historian in his hour long public lecture is not insignificant. No public intellectual dare mention that name --- including among the Palestinians! This pattern of self-policing among distinguished scholars repeats without any known exceptions (to my knowledge) in the American academe and the press. Consequently, the students, and the public, remain ignorant of the fact that the Balfour Declaration is in the name of Lord Rothschild. Therefore, the opportunity to ask why that should have been the case is not permitted to arise. This one key deception ensures that none will ever understand the uncanny immutable nature of the “iron wall” that continues to ensure the ongoing colonization and occupation of Palestine before which all the heads of Western states bow. This leads to specious resistance among the people who have empathy for the Palestinians, but which can never bear any significant fruit, such as BDS, weekend protest marches, sailing to Gaza, and what have you. None confront the owner / primemover of the Jewish state. For this cunning omission, scholarly elites who ought to know the truth are easily silenced with incentives of lucrative careers, awards, anointments, generous paychecks. Most become so invested in their own successes, and become so dependent on the system that feeds them, that it easily soothes their conscience to stay within the permitted thought spectrum so as to not jeopardize their paychecks, their rise to glory. Often this is done without much cognitive dissonance, almost instinctively, where the primordial instinct for survival automatically puts rational bounds on one's intellectual energies. The evidence is that none who are distinguished in the American Academe and the press, ever dare touch taboo topics. If some ever brave that far, they only do so gingerly, and shy away from uncovering and telling the whole truth of the matter with the same intellectual vigor as in their other endeavors that are more acceptable to the system, and in which they find significant rewards for their labors. Anyone who ventures past the book-ends of acceptable thought (and expresses those thoughts) fears seeing an end to their flying careers in the American academe and the press – despite all the freedom of speech you can eat. In Europe of course, one fears jail time. Truth-tellers must be a rare commodity in any modernity where its imperial coin is hammered in co-option. This first order intellectual cowardice of craftily lying by omission, and from which all the rest of the evils follow, is further dissected in Palestine: The Illusion of Power and the Calculus of Dispossession.

Full Text of Letter to Beshara Doumani

From: Project
Dated: Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 6:57 PM
To: Professor Beshara Doumani
Subject: Thank you for your talk yesterday at Stanford

Dear Prof. Doumani,

As I was driving down the twenty minutes to Stanford to attend your talk yesterday along with my high school senior son, I was engrossed in thought. I wondered not so much about what you might say, but about what you would not say. After the two-hour long talk as we drove back, I asked my teenager son what he thought.
His answer I thought I'd share with you: "Baba, those paradoxes and Ironies can apply to any (dispossessed) peoples, including the red indians who were exterminated from their own land, the indo-pak refugees far exceeding the one million original numbers in the same time-frame as the Palestinians - I thought this academic formulation irrelevant to solving the Palestinian problems if it's formulated solely in the context of the Palestinians."
And I thought he had a point, for, such formulations do not capture the distemper of Palestinian dispossession by the hectoring hegemons primarily because it is the very nature of conquest by settlement, genocide, population transfer, et. al. George W. Bush had stated that distemper far more accurately on May 15, 2008 on his 60th B'day anniversary visit to the holylands. Responding to Shimon Peres greeting at the Ben Gurion Airport: “Welcome to the new Israel: Three thousand years old, and going on sixty”, President w. Bush had effusively replied: “Our two nations both faced great challenges when they were founded. And our two nations have both relied on the same principles to help us succeed. We built strong democracies to protect the freedoms given to us by an Almighty God”.
I have already deconstructed that "same principles to help us succeed" here:
And so, continuing to probe my youngling's observations of your talk, I asked him the question that I had been mulling over while driving to your talk: "As you already know, whenever I attend talks by learned peoples, interesting as it is what they often say, I try to focus more on what they aren't going to say - did you notice any profound omissions?"
Once again he did not disappoint me when he instantly responded, "I immediately noticed that when the speaker mentioned the 'Balfour Declaration' and betrayed his vast knowledge of the history of imperial fiat, he did not once mention the word Rothschild."
And I asked him: "do you wonder if he even knows to whom that Balfour Declaration was addressed?"
And we won't go reproducing any more of that twenty minute conversation. This youngling, among all my children, is an avid reader of my writings, and perhaps the only one in the world who pays any attention to them. And he has already read this pamphlet:
and so he was already familiar with the following reframing:
'I commence this exploration by framing the question forensically: today as a Muslim in the world, I am a reviled entity in the West. I bear the brunt of the same anti-Semitic fulminations from the pulpits, thrones, and pedestals of “our Judeo-Christian heritage, our secular present, and the worldwide expansion of both” – in the potent words of the mighty Zionist Svengali, the “leading Western scholar of Islam”, Bernard Lewis – as the Jews absorbed for two millennia in Christendom up to as late as 62 years ago, the day of Al Nakba. But look at my dire predicament: I can't get in to see anyone in power to plead to them to give me back my Palestine, and my Iraq, and to stop the military and covert assaults on my Pakistan, and on my Iran, and to stop inducing the “birth-pangs of a New Middle East”.
How could the Jews have done it: got the imperial powers to grant them the Balfour Declaration from a severely weakened imperial power upon whom the sun had never set at the end of World War I after it had simultaneously defeated two other rival powers in Europe, the German Weimar Republic which was the legatee of the mighty Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the Ottoman Empire which was the legatee of over 13 centuries of Muslim empires; followed by the bipartisan vote from the two most Cold Warring factions at the end of World War II, the United States and the USSR, in the United Nations; unless the Jews had already acquired the triple-barrel gun of Zionism? Who acquired it and wielded it on behalf of Zionism? After every major World War, Zionistan came a step closer to realization. Who participated in the peace talks at the end of each world war which gave Zionistan its piece meal recognition? Who created the entity of the United Nations to create legal sanction by an arbitrary supra-national global authority pushed by the victors of World War II, and whose very first acts were to sanction partitions, specifically of Palestine and Pakistan? After World War III, the Global Cold War of yesteryear, the Zionist state even emerged as the top three among the world's superpowers. How could that have possibly happened? And after World War IV, this Global War on Terror inferno that we, the generation Caught Between Two Ages, are being privileged to live through without any significant comprehension of the forces which drive it, will surely culminate in the “Zion that will light up all the world.” '
And I would like to ask you that same question.
I would have liked to ask you this question yesterday but I was rather enjoying your well-articulated and reasoned responses to the Zionist Hasbara Committee's handbook being implemented on either microphones. I learnt from the style of your reply, and I thank you for it. Just fyi, the same folks show up at most Palestinian talks (and vigils) and ask the same or similar questions in order to take-up the question-answer time and prevent others from speaking. But this was among the few times I have seen them really stumped. As I was leaving, I heard the old zionist bloke speaking to his flock outside. They come in collusion. But the best laid plans of mice and men...
Thank you for your time. And for your talk. I am glad Stanford's new department hosted you - but I don't hold my breadth for any fresh air emanating from there. It is an establishment institution playing by the establishment's rule, both consent and dissent. Because of this unfavorable impression, created largely by their AF-Pak conference blurb in their newsletter, I am cc'ing them to be fair. They share in the common axioms of empire, and therefore, will contribute their fair share to indoctrinate the new generations of scholars who will grow up there.

All the best,

Zahir Ebrahim

P.S. I have just started reading your book "Rediscovering Palestine" on Google books while I wait for my own copy, and I can also greatly relate to your "Children Looking". The sentiments captured in your eloquent passage are also mine: "Forty-odd years have passed since Myrtle Winter took these photographs and millions of Palestinians are still refugees. Other than being in black and white, these pictures could have been taken today. As the oldest and one of the largest refugee populations in modern times, Palestinians have become a symbol of the dark side of the modern condition, and their deteriorating situation, like that of Iraq, foretells an unjust world on the brink of chaos and self-destruction."

Letter dated Thu, Sep 30, 2010, published from author's archives with added footnote on November 15, 2016
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Zahir Ebrahim's Letter to UCB Palestinian Professor Beshara Doumani on history of Palestine

The Undeniable Nazism and holocaust in our age

Nazi German then……………………………………………And Zionist Israelis now
Nazi German then……………………………………………And Zionist Israelis now
Nazi Victims then……………………………………………And Zionist Victims now
20th Century jews then………………………………. ……21st Century jews now

Nazi German then………………………………. …………..And Zionist Israelis now

Nazi butchery then……………………………………………And Zionist Butchery now

Original defunct DW Link:

Cacheof The Undeniable Nazism and Holocaust in our Age by Dictatorship Watch (now defunct) Abidullah Jan January 18, 2009

Zahir Ebrahim Responds to Rafia Zakaria's and Amnesty International's Call for 'prosecution of Taliban leaders for war crimes'

Zahir Ebrahim Responds to Rafia Zakaria's and Amnesty International's Call for 'prosecution of Taliban leaders for war crimes'

By Zahir Ebrahim | Project

Preamble written Saturday, September 25, 2010


The following letter is Project Humanbeingsfirst's overly polite August 11, 2010 response to jurist doctor Rafia Zakaria J.D., General Secretary, Board of Directors Amnesty International USA, on her enacting absurdities upon absurdities in the service of empire – and against her own peoples in Pakistan and the United States.

This latest round is as the General Secretary at Amnesty International, charging the fabricated enemy for war crimes against humanity right out of George Orwell's recipe for convincing a people to continue fighting and dying in the perpetual war against the dark murdering armies of Eurasia, without even mentioning the Hectoring Hegemons who militarily invaded other nations and are routinely committing war crimes while admitting it publicly! Her previous round at foisting imperial absurdities upon the plebes among mankind as the empire's “House Negro” was examined in Letter to Editor: The politics of 'Reinventing the Taliban' goes through a core-lie! April 07, 2010.

Can Rafia Zakaria J.D., also a candidate for Ph.D. in political science, be so innocent of knowledge like the rest of the tens of millions of mainstream Americans who were easily misled into “United We Stand” with their hectoring hegemons? Can she really be so Newspeak blind to the distemper of hegemony as a jurist and political scientist, so damn innocent in the ways of Machiavelli and her own field of study? On the path to imperial glory, did she become so averse to the pain and suffering of the 'untermenschen' in Iraq and Afghanistan that she cannot see what the United States has done to those poor defenseless nations for its “imperial mobilization”? Or, does she rightly know which side her bread, accolades, appointments, and lucrative career is buttered?

The inescapable conclusion, at least for those not sitting on the fence, is that only such uber learned peoples shamelessly groveling for fame and fortunes at the feet of the “massa” are congenially appointed to the various prestigious Board of Directors of empire's own instruments of social engineering. Like Daniel Pipes was once appointed to head the Institute for Peace by President George W. Bush. The difference though being that both the latter are among the “massa” themselves, laboriously carrying the “white man's burden” to the 'untermensch' as their “la mission civilisatrice”, to benevolently give to the barbarians a more civilized “moderate Islam” instead of their abhorrent “militant Islam” which attacked America on 9/11. It is understandable that the ruling elite would engage in such Newspeak based on their overarching agenda to subvert their own democracy which, in the absence of conditions of a sudden threat or challenge to the public's sense of domestic well-being”, remains “inimical to imperial mobilization”. For immigrants from the land of the 'untermensch' to echo the hectoring hegemons' message, is akin to joining them in their mission as the “merchants of aggression.”

Watch the following merchants of aggression, despite their hubris and their Newspeak, eventually take their “final plunge in ignominy” in another epoch as the victors vociferously claimed the objectivity of their justice: “they are crimes whether the United States does them or whether Germany does them”! Changing epochs does not change the nature of the crimes of aggression which constitutes the “supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole”.

If the Taliban are guilty of war crimes, then, by the very definition of war crimes, those who invaded their nation are far more guilty of a more heinous crime, one which contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole!

But of course, no hectoring hegemon and their associate chanting the various Mighty Wurlitzer tunes, at the peak of their hubris can ever think of themselves suffering that day of ignominy – as is amply evidenced in the following statement of the United States' own Supreme Court Justice in 1951, right after the victor's justice had been juridically administered with great fanfare to the vanquished at Nuremberg: “Nothing is more certain in modern society than the principle that there are no absolutes, that a name, a phrases, a standard has meaning only when associated with the considerations which give birth to nomenclature. To those who would paralyze our Government in the face of impending threat by encasing it in a semantic strait-jacket, we must reply that all concepts are relative.”

Victor or victim, all in the world must know and be continually reminded of, that baboons wear no clothes even when they may steal the white man's sunglasses to look cool. Today, the baboons, white, brown, black and stripped, have stolen some clothes to pass themselves off as hominids concerned with the plight of their victims. They come to you weeping at the funeral demanding justice after having killed off your family. And they come to you as the “peace makers” after creating the most mayhem on earth! While the baboons may try to lie to themselves in the mirror, we know what they are. So I can at least agree with Rafia Zakaria and the Amnesty International on their profound conclusion, if not their analysis, that “Unless the international community takes a stand on this issue, Afghan civilians will continue to believe that they will be abandoned by the world and left to endure another regime of barbarism.”

To: Rafia Zakaria [rafia.zakaria@]

Subject: Re: Amnesty International calls for prosecution of Taliban leaders for war crimes

From: Project

Date: Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 12:15 PM

Hello. Yes. The higher order bit of the matter further requires you go up the hierarchy of war criminals, and not only try to hold monumental criminals accountable for past crimes, but also prevent future ones:

I never received your response to this [an article version of emailed Letter to Editor April 07, 2010]

which challenged your narrative and showed it to be an absurdity!

Why not show that challenge to be itself an absurdity if you think it absurd enough to not even respond?

As for Amnesty International [article appended below], I am persuaded by my study of empire and its statecraft to conclude that this organization and many others like it are merely controlled dissent, playing controlled opposition while employing genuine persons seeking justice, presumably like yourself, being made a gullible patsy. See this Open Letter and please examine it in the context of Machiavellian political science – one of creating treadmills for dissent to run on, really fast, and brilliantly get nowhere:

In fact, empiricism indicates that Amnesty International has become, or always was since its inception, merely another tune of the Mighty Wurlitzer – what that is is explained in the following article in case one is unfamiliar with the statecraft of deception [original article]:


Zahir Ebrahim


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On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 11:45 AM, Rafia Zakaria [ ] wrote:

To: humanbeingsfirst@
From: Rafia Zakaria [rafia.zakaria@]
Date: Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 11:45 AM
Subject: Amnesty International calls for prosecution of Taliban leaders for war crimes

My post on our blog today

Taliban Leaders Should Be Prosecuted for War Crimes

Middle East | Posted by: Rafia Zakaria, August 11, 2010 at 1:20 PM

Sanam Gul was a widow, 35 years old and pregnant. According to news reports she was kept in captivity for three days before being shot to death in a public trial by the Afghan Taliban. The execution took place in the Qadis District of the rural Baghdis province in Western Afghanistan.

The “court” that ordered the punishment, found Sanam Gul, also known as Bibi Sanubar, guilty of having an illicit affair, proof of which was her pregnancy. She was sentenced to 200 lashes and then executed. The punishment was carried out by Mohammad Yousuf, the area Taliban commander amid a crowd of onlookers.

Sanam Gul’s death comes soon after the chilling Aug 7 executions of ten medical aid workers who had been returning from a trip to provide free medical care to remote regions of Afghanistan.

Afghan pedestrians walk on a street in Kabul. Civilian casualties in Afghanistan rose by 31 percent in the first six months of 2010. © SHAH MARAI/AFP/Getty Images

Afghan pedestrians walk on a street in Kabul. Civilian casualties in Afghanistan rose by 31 percent in the first six months of 2010. © SHAH MARAI/AFP/Getty Images

These barbaric theatrics meant to intimidate and terrify local populations are not novel tactics for the Taliban. In the time that they controlled Afghanistan, from 1998-2001, such public floggings and executions were frequent occurrences in towns controlled by the group. In addition to such tactics of terror which misuse concepts of Islamic law to instate a reign of terror, the Taliban are also guilty of increasingly bloodthirsty killing campaigns that kill hundreds of Afghan civilians.

A U.N report released on August 10 revealed that civilian casualties caused by the Taliban have increased nearly 31% in the first six months of 2010. This means that over 3,000 Afghan civilians have died in the shootings, killings, suicide bombings that the Taliban carry out with impunity in areas which they control.

In the first half of 2010, the executions and assassinations of civilians by the Taliban and other insurgent groups increased by over 95% to 183 recorded deaths compared to the same time last year. The victims were usually accused of supporting the According to Staffan De Mistura, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the U.N “Afghan children and women are increasingly bearing the brunt of this conflict; they are being killed and injured in their communities in greater numbers than ever before”.

In the ten years since the beginning of the Afghan war, and in the years before when the Taliban controlled huge chunks of the country, the world has watched while they have wrested all sense of security from Afghan civilians. One of the biggest chasms in the worldwide response to the human rights abuses carried out by the Taliban has been the inability to coalesce around a unifying concept of international justice that would hold non-state groups like the Taliban accountable. Historic reliance on the nation state model has meant an initial hesitance to apply the mechanisms of shaming to non state groups which kill the innocent and use religious concepts to terrorize entire populations.

It is this view that perceives only nation states to be human rights abusers that must change drastically for groups like the Taliban to be held accountable for their brutality. The lack of an existing system of justice in Afghanistan means that unless international mechanisms of justice get actively involved in the situation, Afghan civilians will remain helpless before the bloodthirsty campaign of the Taliban. Because of this Amnesty International is calling for the investigation of Taliban crimes so that they may be prosecuted for war crimes.

The initiation of a prosecution of Taliban leaders that so brutally executed Sanam Gul and have so cruelly taken the lives of thousands of other Afghan civilians must be held accountable. Such accountability is crucial to insure that these same war criminals are not promoted to positions of power in any post-conflict set up. Given that the United States, Afghanistan and other members of NATO are currently engaging in such discussions, it is imperative that the human rights abuses carried out by Taliban leaders against civilians be an integral part of their agenda.

Unless the international community takes a stand on this issue, Afghan civilians will continue to believe that they will be abandoned by the world and left to endure another regime of barbarism.

Rafia Zakaria J.D
Ph.D Candidate in Political Theory/Comparative Politics
Indiana University_Bloomington
Columnist DAWN Pakistan
General Secretary, Board of Directors Amnesty International USA

Zahir Ebrahim Responds to Rafia Zakaria's and Amnesty International's Call for 'prosecution of Taliban leaders for war crimes' August 11, 2010

Zahir Ebrahim’s Response to 'Wikileaks Defence by Israel Shamir'

Zahir Ebrahim’s Response to 'Wikileaks Defence by Israel Shamir'

From: Project Sun, Aug 22, 2010 at 6:13 PM

To: shamireaders-owner@, Israel Shamir [adam@], Others

Subject: Re: Wikileaks Defence by Israel Shamir

If anyone is interested in an ordinary plebeian's response, it can be read here:

I suppose its key sentence pertinent to the topic at hand [namely, Israel Shamir's spirited but gratuitous Defence of Wikileaks] is this:

'These crafty dissent-chiefs, fortunately enough, are also rather trivial to identify. Their main modus operandi appears to be to oppose power while still echoing its core message!'

My good friend Israel Shamir is being too generous I believe when he refers to this scribe in his Wikileaks' endorsement as:

A second denier, young Pakistani intellectual cum American Ivy League graduate Zahir Ebrahim,”

Mercifully, I am not an 'intellectual' whatever that [word] means; only a plebeian antidote to hectoring hegemons!

Theirs are familiar and respected names of the free web: F. William Engdahl, Gordon Duff, Zahir Ebrahim.”

Neither am I all that 'familiar' a name, certainly not in the same league as others mentioned, and surely not much 'respected' – even by my own kith and kin being bombed to smithereens who think I am nutty to be risking my neck deconstructing the statecraft of hegemony when I could just be enjoying my fool's paradise, i.e., 'American Dream'.

And I suppose I really ought to thank Israel Shamir for his tentative endorsement, which unfortunately, I cannot, in good conscience, fully reciprocate after reading his Wikileaks essay: “They are not to be accused of collaboration with Pentagon and the CIA.”

But my good friend also quickly diluted that truthful non-accusation with some creative “beneficial cognitive diversity”, applying to me the familiar denigrating label 'denier', made popular in the vernacular by “Holocaust Denier”, asserting of which, as everyone knows, is illegal in most of Europe and deemed a crime against humanity.

The label 'denier' is often equated with quacks and charlatans in the mind of the populace by the news media echoing the message of empire, as in 'global warming deniers', 'swineflu vaccination deniers', 'war on terror deniers', etc. A CFR participant last year even equated the vaccination deniers as being in a perverse “Hitler-Stalin Pact” to deny the need for swineflu vaccination.

Therefore, I suppose without rushing to the obvious conclusion that Israel Shamir is attempting to set this scribe up and all those who challenge wikileaks as a "limited hangout" in that mold of 'denier', I might hasten to ask 'denier' of what?

Of Machiavellian Falsehoods? Yes surely. Mercifully, I have not been co-opted out of that denier's acumen (yet!).

But one never knows – the day I start echoing the axioms of empire, the reflection in the mirror, I hope, would let me know I have blood on my hands.

Zahir Ebrahim


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Zahir Ebrahim’s Response to 'Wikileaks Defence by Israel Shamir' August 22, 2010

Zahir's letter to Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot on 'Wikileaks - Upswing in High Caliber Disclosures'

Zahir's letter to Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot on 'Wikileaks - Upswing in High Caliber Disclosures'

To: kerry@, ProjectCamelot@

Subject: Re: Wikileaks - Upswing in High Caliber Disclosures

Dated: Sat, Aug 28, 2010 at 4:51 PM

Dear Ms. Kerry, Project Camelot,

Hello. I often follow your video interviews with much interest, and usually also with much skepticism. But you are very refreshing, as is Mr. Ryan, both immensely articulate and empathetic interviewers. It is a pleasure to watch your investigations. Because I view your work as tentatively pointing to new mountains to climb, and always subject to my own climbing based on my interests – whichh I imagine is what you wish your audience to do anyway – I wanted to respond to the advertising blurbs on your websites for Wikileaks:


RE: CNN article... Upswing in "High Caliber Disclosures" from insiders

We applaud the release of documents and the sudden upswing they are having in regard to new "high caliber disclosures" (according to this article on CNN), from insiders in the government. We wish to extend our invitation to Julian if he needs help with any such disclosures and encourage a collaboration of our sites in this battle to get the truth out.

To clarify, our specialty is dealing with whistleblowers and info coming from black projects with classification levels way beyond "top secret".

out there who have been holding back might seriously consider this an opportune time to come forward. Feel free to contact me at anytime at kerry@ or at our secure mail address:ProjectCamelot@


July 31, 2010

Re: Wikileaks - Upswing in High Caliber Disclosures

We applaud the release of documents and the sudden upswing they are having in regard to new "high caliber disclosures" (according to this article on CNN), from insiders in the government. We wish to extend our invitation to Julian if he needs help with any such disclosures and encourage a collaboration of our sites in this battle to get the truth out.

To clarify, our specialty is dealing with whistleblowers and info coming from black projects with classification levels way beyond "top secret".

Whistleblowers out there who have been holding back might seriously consider this an opportune time to come forward. Feel free to contact me at anytime at kerry@ or at our secure mail address: projectcamelot@

I enclose below a brief analytical deconstructon of Wikileaks. I would like to believe that it is rooted in hard political science, and not in immanent whimsicism nor wishful thinking. I hope you find it interesting and will let me know your opinion of its thesis which is in opposition to your own wrt Wikileaks. Minimally, I hope it invites greater circumspection on your part than is displayed in the above quoted blurbs of your effusiveness for Wikileaks' so called 'whistleblowing' which reveals nothing new and which very cleverly manages to re-echo and re-implant the unquestioned axioms of empire into public consciousness!

It is only these core-axioms, or myths if you will, which ab initio enable "imperial mobilization". To oppose the latter while echoing the former is to be in Machiavellian collusion with empire, as I am sure you will agree with even a little bit of forethought.

All the best, and I do hope you can respond to this letter publicly.

Zahir Ebrahim


Enclosure: Wikileaks and the Mighty Wurlitzer: A Note on the Mighty Wurlitzer

Kerry Cassidy replied with clarification, also generously inviting Zahir to be on her radio talk-show

From: Project Camelot [projectcamelot@] Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 9:25 AM

To: Project


Hash: SHA1

Hi there,

Thanks for writing and sharing your considerable knowledge about the arts of deception....

I appreciate that you may have misinterpreted the intent of my message to Wikileaks. I am aware of the games that go on... but I don't let that detract from my desire to find worthwhile content and true whistleblowers regardless of the level of suppression we are under.

The message is not so much lauding the recent wikileaks releases but applauding any effort to leak documents (even if they contain nothing new)... I do understand how we are also being used in this way :-) Still it's worth the fight. I won't give up and decide they've won already. That would serve them even further.

My real intent is to put the word out there that we need more whistleblowers to come forward. That is the real issue. And this is an opportunity to draw attention to a seachange out there.

Which there is...

I applaud your considerable scholarship on this subject of secrecy and the many faces of the controllers. I am also a student of this. And I am particularly interested in the real manipulators behind the obvious controllers.

At any rate, your point is well taken. But I am not naive on this score regardless of how it may appear.

I would welcome a discussion with you on my radio show if you have any interest in coming on there to discuss this subject. Along those lines if you are interested, I have september 17 available. My show is from 11am PST to 1pm. Send me a skype or phone number for the show engineer to call if you want to join me.

I don't consider this email address much safer than my kerry@ given the level of technological sophistication they are using (but use either -- your choice).

Best wishes,


Kerry Lynn Cassidy

Project Camelot


.."he asked if it was classified and he was told no, because you can't classify something that doesn't exist."--Hawk Tales

Zahir courteously declined the invitation with elaboration

From: Project Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 9:29 AM

To: Project Camelot [projectcamelot@], kerry@

Thank you for your reply, and your kind invitation to appear on your radio show. I'll pass on the latter with regret as I don't have much to add beyond what I have already written as just an ordinary researcher relying entirely on information available in the public domain. I do not have any vision into the secretive and the occult, some of the things you are interested in investigating about the “controllers” behind the scenes.

To me, all is explained, and is entirely self-contained, in the rather mundane terrrestrial political science wielded by the 'brotherhood of death' through their errand boys – which has been ongoing since time immemorial, for “hegemony is as old as mankind” (as Zbigniew Brzezinski put it) and “oligarchs have always existed, and presumably always will” (as Aldous Huxley put it) - with no need to hypothesize, or to gratuitously believe, in anything extra-terrestrial or in the occult. The occam's razor here, for me, is explained here: Please See Modernity-Simplified.

So, I don't think I would make a very interesting person to talk to for a radio talk-show.

On the Wikileaks, if I may be permitted to be frank, if you did realize that the disclosures of “Afghanistan Papers” aren't all that “High Caliber”, then calling them “High Caliber” in order to invite more disclosures, by your own admission: “The message is not so much lauding the recent wikileaks releases but applauding any effort to leak documents (even if they contain nothing new)” is a tad disingenuous – no? The mantra-amplification mileage these 'Afghanistan Papers' are deriving from all the public endorsements of Wikileaks which fail to point out that these “leaks” retain all the core-lies and keep all the axioms of “imperial mobilization” intact, keep all the myths that led to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq intact; keep the fiction of the external boogiemen that led to the death of millions of innocent peoples by America and the West waging fabricated wars against them intact; and furthermore, in their open endorsements don't even point out the obvious fact that these purported “leaks” reveal absolutely nothing that even all the 'barbers in town' didn't already know, well, all this only adds to the justification of bombing my country, my peoples, my civilization, as I have pointed out in my essay.

What kind of search for truth is this which endorses a deception in the wild hope that it could lead to uncovering some future truth? Since that's just silly, I suspect that Project Camelot didn't really have the chance to keenly study these papers or to understand their import when you issued that invitation to Julian Assange.

But If you realize this import now, perhaps a retraction, or at least a clarification....

Overall, you are doing a great job in Project Camelot of pushing the boundaries of what is people's comfort zones, including my own, and I thank you for your efforts.

Zahir Ebrahim


Kerry Cassidy again replied very courteously

From: Kerry at Project Camelot [ kerry@] Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 11:00 AM

To: Project

Cc: Project Camelot [projectcamelot@]


Thanks for the reply... Sorry to hear you don't go beyond this level when delving into the Controllers et al. And that you don't want to come on my show. But I do understand.

Re the “high caliber”.. that was a quote from the CNN article not my phrasing. I will see if there is a qualifier I can put in there to clarify this so others won't have a mistaken perception on this.

Do keep in touch. I am sure you come across some interesting info from time to time. Feel free to share that or any new investigations you are on...

Best wishes,


Zahir's rather spur of the moment postscript to Kerry's statement: “Sorry to hear you don't go beyond this level”

From: Project Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 12:46 PM

To: Kerry at Project Camelot [kerry@], Project Camelot [projectcamelot]

Like the rest of the thoughtful peoples in the world Kerry, I'd also like to think that I am rational, logical, forensic, driven by empirical evidence, and not subject to the vast fanciful immanent spaces of the human mind other than while dreaming.

I study political science and history as my interests, not occult, not esoterics. But I know Manly P. Hall wrote a lot about it, that occult symbolisms drive many world events, and arguably form the motivation for some psychopathic rulers.

But that does not lend my mind to esoterics in the realms of non-causality, ETs, relams of consciousness, vibrational energies, chakras, etc. These are Hindu-Eastern teachings and I am quite familiar with some of them, and I also do understand the Westerners' fascination with the East. Even Openheimer quoted the Gita at the time of witnessing the Atomic Bomb, what was it: “I am death, the destroyer of the worlds”, or something like that. It is evidently also only in America that a crackpot like Sri Rajneesh could sucker many people into donating him Rolls Royces – back in India he was a nobody. The West's fascination with Ghandi, with Deepak Chopra, are all too familiar to the Eastern mind (with a tad amusement I might add).

But as I am sure you will agree Kerry, the quest for [religious] truth is like searching for the “River of the Arrow” (Rudyard Kipling's Kim). Once found, it cannot be communicated or shared with another. One has to experience it on their own, one can not be shown it, just like Morpheus told Neo in the Matrix.

And I hope that you might also agree that a rational study of political science, psychology, social engineering, and hegemony, is not that. It can be rather objective, fairly empirical, and easily communicated. This is what I try to do in my limited way.

But ultimately, in the limit, the quest for truth is a self-referential problem. The poor guy in Plato's 'Myth of the cave', cannot know that he is being limited in his conception of reality by the controllers.

I appreciate your taking the time to communicate.

best regards,


The following is Zahir's more reasoned political-science based analysis of the public import of pursuits like Project Camelot (despite their often entertaining and personal interest significance to him almost akin to reading Isaac Asimov's classic sci-fi novels). It appears in the revised 2010 edition of: Weapons of Mass Deception – The Master Social Science. If Kerry chooses to offer a repartee, it will be appended below.

>> Witness how Wikileaks brouhaha infected even the most outlandish among dissent: Project Camelot. There is no genre of dissent more dissenting than these folks; they search for Aliens, Annunaki, UFOs, as the prime-mover forces behind the psychopathic drive for globalism of the hectoring hegemons! Speak of introducing “beneficial cognitive diversity” with “cognitive infiltration”, this menagerie takes the cake for the political science of immanent dialecticism – with no feigned apologies to Kerry Cassidy who appears to be most sincere in her endeavors.

Surely there are magical aliens flying around in UFOs under the command of the Annunaki fighting Zeus-like epic battles of the gods, or like those scripted in the Gita, using humankind as their patsy genetically engineered children-proxies. But this confabulation is also akin to the fabled Ali Baba flying on his magical carpet who miraculously pulled off 9/11 with box-cutters from its squirrelish perch in Afghanistan, and the people of America still eagerly “United We Stand” against that threat. It is not inconceivable, and is in fact entirely empirical, that the greater agenda going forth is to unite all the peoples of the world against a super Ali Baba++.

The astute Machiavelli, imaginatively toiling away in the National Security State to create the hell for the world's 'untermensch', surely know how to effectively harness even the Alien and cosmological threats from the heavens above for creating its one-world government in no less a measure than it knew how to harvest the Ali Baba of Afghanistan for its long planned “Imperial Mobilization”! The Alien Agenda and its official disclosures with perhaps vivid demonstrations in the skies above and in the seas below, will be the coup de grace for finally bringing a fractious nationalism-driven peoples long divided by religion and race, forcibly together in the secular humanism of planetary-level world government: “if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet”. President Ronald Reagan had read that out loud from his script at the United Nations podium in 1987, continuing: “we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world”.

The hundreds of hours of mostly specious but often entertaining video testimonies captured by Project Camelot is unarguable evidence that its harbingers, perhaps unwittingly – and irrespective of their own zealous convictions – are contributing their bit to facilitate public's irrational beliefs in that new super-mantra, and in the process, arguably causing many rebels to misapply their energies of dissent chasing Annunakis and UFOs. This is straight out of the COINTELPRO recipe book for subverting focussed dissent, spun from the mind of the likes of Harvard's Cass Sunstein, President Obama's minister of advanced learning and legalism, and “Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs”. They evidently have copious help from a plethora of very earnest sounding supposed whistleblowers who bring nothing independently verifiable but their sole moral word as evidence to their Project Camelot video interviews; and from the likes of Zecharia Sitchin et. al., story-tellers par excellence who have got rich peddling enjoyable science fiction based on intriguing re-interpretations of ancient myths and archeology as the New Age Theology of Spiritual Secular Humanism.

I have not encountered a more learned gibberish-space than this as part and parcel of the science of hegemony called political science; it would even top money-as-debt and modern Wall Street economics were it to become a ubiquitously held belief-space. The hectoring hegemons' forte is to cultivate false beliefs in order to pursue their untenable agendas. This is self evident from the plethora of myths of 9/11 cleverly employed for “imperial mobilization”. In fact, 9/11 Commission Executive Director Philip Zelikow had this to say about myths in a Terrorism Study Group three years before 9/11: “'Public Assumptions' Shape Views of History: Such presumptions are beliefs (1) thought to be true (although not necessarily known to be true with certainty), and (2) shared in common within the relevant political community. The sources for such presumptions are both personal (from direct experience) and vicarious (from books, movies, and myths).”

Successfully implanting such presumptions and myths among any group is to motivate the groups' overall actions (and inactions) in accordance with those implanted beliefs. Thus, many intelligent peoples for whom it is otherwise inexplicable to understand why they persist in 'United We Stand' with absurdities, are motivated to naturally react sympathetically to those absurdities. Hence the immense utility to the science of hegemony – which Zbigniew Brzezinski presages in the opening sentence of his book the Grand Chessboard with “Hegemony is as old as mankind” – that is to be derived from vicariously implanting enabling beliefs in society long before they are to be harvested, and letting them percolate naturally as part of social engineering.

This is how “militant Islam” was implanted into Western consciousness years ahead of its harvesting on 9/11; as was environmentalism which led to the Newspeak “global warming” Nobel peace prize being awarded to Al Gore as the precursor to “carbon credit”, the new key instrument of global control of the planet. Sophisticated cultivation of mantras and false beliefs precede the successive baby-steps of “imperial mobilization”. They sew so much confusion and cacophony in the public mind, that in the revealing 1974 words of CFR author Richard N. Gardner: “In short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up, rather than from the top down. It will look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion’ to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.” See the import of those Realityspeak words in Project Humanbeingsfirst's “Response to Financial Times Gideon Rachman's 'And now for a world government'”.

Those infected with such myths and false beliefs among the public are generally in the First and Second group in Hitler's nomenclature. Those in the Third group advocating such false beliefs are arguably the agents, assets, and sayanim of the Hectoring Hegemons. They can't themselves be genuinely believing in such absurdities – but then again, many genuinely thoughtful people believe in all sorts of religions and things based on faith alone. Here, it is the empirical political science and not immanent personal faith that is under rational scrutiny through the varifocal lens of social engineering, in order to comprehend the complex manufacturing of consent and dissent. See the tortuous Realityspeak of how mantras are seeded and harvested to achieve world government in Project Humanbeingsfirst's online tutorial: “The Brilliant Construction of World Order – Or a children's bedtime story!” at .

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Zahir's letter to Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot on 'Wikileaks - Upswing in High Caliber Disclosures'