Letter to Jeff Blankfort in response to 'Chomsky and Palestine: Asset or Liability?'

Letter to Jeff Blankfort in response to 'Chomsky and Palestine: Asset or Liability?'

Zahir Ebrahim | Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

July 22, 2010

Via comment: http://palestinethinktank.com/2010/07/21/jeff-blankfort-chomsky-and-palestine-asset-or-liability

Hi Jeff Blankfort –

I don't have your email address or I would have emailed this comment to you directly. Since I no longer read this website and came by only accidentally, please also reply to me directly via email if there is communication to share: humanbeingsfirst@gmail.com

In my view, regardless of why Prof. Noam Chomsky is against BDS, BDS itself has no efficacy. It is entirely a calculated red herring. See a cursory examination here:


A House of Rothschild project cannot be even touched by BDS, never mind impacted. If interested, please see this:


and this:


From the Balfour Declaration to the Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv (from where the state of Israel was declared), and to the Rothschild's built Knesset and the Rothschild's built Supreme court in Jerusalem – all owned and operated by the machinery which runs the world's private central banks, all G-7 national debts, and all developmental loans worldwide through WB-IMF. The coordination and control of economies of all nations by controlling the interest rates (the discount rate) and availability of loans, through control of BIS in Basle – Bank for International Settlements located in the same city where Theodor Herzl Declared Der Judenstatd – can be understood in Carroll Quigley's 'Tragedy and Hope' (wherein, unfortunately, the imperial scholar calculatingly also tried to downplay the role of the Rothschilds).

Why does most everyone in the West ignore or outright downplay the Rothschilds' role in current affairs?

It's not like their role in modernity over the past several hundred years is a hidden well-kept state-secret!

What is even more absurd – well, I have done the following experiment countless times – asked Palestinians, Arabs, and Palestine Western sympathizers the question: to whom is Balfour Declaration addressed?

More often than not, they do not know the answer, never mind their asking the obvious question: why should the Balfour declaration be addressed to a Rothschild?

Valuable bandwidth spent focussing on red herrings like on my erudite professor Noam Chomsky's foibles and speeches, is valuable bandwidth spent not zeroing in on the real prime-movers of Zionistan.

Anyone seriously suggesting BDS as an antidote to Zionism and Israeli oppression of the beleaguered Palestinians, is either grossly misled (as I once was when I too questioned Noam Chomsky on his brazen hypocrisy – see here: http://humanbeingsfirst.blogspot.com/2007/03/endless-red-herrings.html only to realize later that I had spent precious time on a red herring), or, is misleading others to focus on red herrings.

A study of intelligence assets, especially the Mighty Wurlitzers in the mainstream and alternate press, can go a long way in understanding the silence about the Rothschilds in the news media, press, infotainment, etc. Understanding the role of privately funded foundations and think-tanks in generating social engineering agendas and pop culture can go a long way in understanding why Rothschilds and the oligarchy are kept out of any reference in the pop culture – they fund the social engineering through the hundreds of tax-exempt foundations which are beneficiaries of the windfalls from the private central banks! Who owns the FED for instance? Who funds the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Endowments, and the CFR?

Is all this a kookish conspiracy theory? Or is it a verifiable fact?

While I can understand the silence of assets and sayanim, I don't quite understand the silence among the non-assets, like the victimized peoples, the Palestinian activists, genuine Palestinian scholars, and dissenting Western intellectuals – as noted in my response article to Salman Abu Sitta noted above.

Why this silence?

It's almost as if uber intelligent peoples have been brain-washed, or are willingly participating in a conspiracy of silence!

How comes?

The name Rothschild is almost a litmus test of co-option, at least to my mind. See who omits any analysis of the role of the Rothschilds; see who mentions them but not in current modernity context – only in past historical context like most anyone who dares mention their name today, including Quigley; and see who mentions them but also sullies their own punch – like the proverbial toad in a punch-bowl – by interjecting specious speculations and kookish conspiracy theories of blood-drinking lizards (David Icke), merovingian blood-lines (Grace Powers), gross generalizations of 'sky is falling' while blow-horning revolutions (Alex Jones), etc., as per the analysis disclosed in:


thus causing all legitimate discussions of the role of the House of Rothschilds in creating Zionism and World Government to also be dismissed as kookish even for some inquiring minds pursuing alternate sources of information but still too lazy to think for themselves.

Then what does pass that “Rothschild” litmus test?

Well, very very few people in the entire Western World, and mostly those only living in history books in libraries. Who visits libraries anymore in these times of television, internet, and a fast world? The Eastern world of victims has already been neutralized/marginalized by getting them busy in 'waiting for Allah' who will deal with the devils of this world, while many among the Western world are kept occupied in various bread and circuses, especially when they are not being goaded into la mission civilisatrice upon the East, or in bringing on the devil sooner to hurry up with the Biblical Rapture to save the world from the Islamofascists.

So who are these very few people – and why aren't there more? How to create more? How to get people to stop wasting time on low order bits of the matter and get them to concentrate on the highest order bits?

In my view, unless these oligarchs are neutralized very soon by astute full spectrum “Mens et Manus” – Mind and Hand, MIT's motto – faits accomplis already long under construction will seal the fate of all of world's peoples for eons to come. Conversations like these will lead one to mental institutions if not outright to a concentration camp (see the revised DSM IV manual which labels non-conformance with status quo as “Antisocial personality disorder”, “oppositional defiant disorder”, “negativistic, defiant, disobedient and hostile behavior toward authority figures”, i.e., as mental illness).

I hope any near-future analysis on these matters by others, as well as your good self – before DSM IV can be legally put into practice as “1984” – will dare to probe deeper into the role of the real prime-movers in shaping modernity, its disaffections, its wars, its crimes, its manufactured consent as well as its manufactured dissent, and stop wasting precious time on has-been intellectuals like Noam Chomsky who, as paid assets from the same coffers, proudly adorn the mantle given them by empire's own instruments as “arguably the most important intellectual alive”.

How many crappy books rehearsing the overt crimes of empire while staying silent on the prime-movers, has the intellectual been able to sell because of that New York Times benefaction and being an MIT professor? Witness it here: http://hoover.org/publications/hoover-digest/article/6222 . Why waste time on him? As I wrote recently to another up and coming scholar of empire from MIT being set up as dissent-chief:

This announcement is most impressive: http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2009/johnson-award-1217.html . However, I will share with you a piece of general folk wisdom which often guides me in matters of political science: when empire's instruments give out awards to dissent chiefs, run like hell.”

That letter can be read here if there is interest, as it points to some of the omissions which are also characteristic of professor Noam Chomsky as well as all the other lauded dissent-chiefs:


The only contemporary to talk of this stuff freely, and whose every book I have read with much interest, was the late Eustace Mullins. We need a thousand more like him to take his place and carry the struggle forward. I have yet to find a single one among the Palestinians in Diaspora.


Zahir Ebrahim

Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

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Letter to Jeff Blankfort in response to 'Chomsky and Palestine: Asset or Liability?' By Zahir Ebrahim