Saving Pakistan: Peering beyond the Political Katputli Tamashas

March 07, 2009
As a response to the articles (appearing March 7, 2009): “Altaf Hussain - now an admirer of Taliban founders! [1] and “Altaf Hussain views about Benazir Bhutto, [2] and to anonymous reader comments like: “I fail to understand as to why this article is even written? Is it sarcasm? jealousy? Or hatred?”, and “Where are you trying to lead the readers by such articles.”, one may only rightfully exclaim: aahhhh, and of course others may just shoot the messenger!
I have no idea who the articles' author “Nadia Khan” is, an unknown writer as far as I am aware, and perhaps using a nom de plume, but her two cited missives are a bit refreshing. For these reflect that the debutante journalist evidently writes neither to please the incumbent ruling-elite in power, nor to the incestuous applause of the maddening crowd. I hope that such daring persists, for whatever little its real worth. The ultimate fate of journalists of conscience who do dare to excel in their profession however, is of course to eventually drink the 'Hemlock' of co-option in exchange for the lucrative 'lifafa' (a Pakistani vernacular for the gravy-train that typically follows co-option, both official and unofficial, in an envelope as well as in packaged career, prestige and prominence). And the more noble among them unwilling to sell their integrity and self-respect for any price, may only aspire to win the ultimate Noble Prize as was administered to the young Musa Khankhel. [3] May Musa Khankhel's family take a tiny bit of consolation in the fact that their noble journalist scion was a victim of challenging the villainy of power, and therefore, very likely, resides in Valhalla in the company of Socrates.
Succinctly to the point – the author of the two cited articles is merely stating facts within her limited purview. And as she has correctly reiterated: 'Thanks for reading my article. In that I just highlighted the “changing views” of Mr. Altaf Hussain. Leave aside Punjabi, Muhajir discussion. I hope that you are agreed to the facts.'
The messenger's sin in this case is to highlight a rather narrow view of how time-servers have repeatedly eaten our nation with self-serving 'lota politics,' by pointing out but one egregious example of it. And if one accuses the author's perspective of being incomplete and partial, which it indeed is for it mainly focusses attention on only two of the political thespian groups, please permit me to broaden that view here without being partisan at all.
I have before me, the image of Musa Khankhel as I write this – someone whom I had never even heard of before reading the HRW report on his murder – and I persist in this endeavor so that bearing full truthful witness, without omissions, to the crimes of empire may continue despite all intimidation. That it is not only the responsibility of the courageous journalists and the printing press to be “the recorder of man's deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news,” but for every honest able man and woman to stand up against tyrants and tyranny, even when it is of the making of one's own kind, and especially when it is of the making of one's own kind. “That is why the Athenian law makers decried it a crime, for any citizen to shrink from controversy.” The import of these stark words of JFK underscore his obvious commonsense that “without debate, without criticism, no administration and no country can succeed, and no republic can survive.” The assassinated president of the United States spoke these momentous words in his address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, on April 27, 1961. The onerous burden of this wisdom is that it is a lot easier to debate and criticize the remote crimes of the Israeli military in Palestine for instance, with no implication upon oneself. But a tad harder to acknowledge that one's own monsters are no different, and in fact, are far worse. While the Israeli military exercises its genocidal inhumanity upon their enemies, [4] ours do it to their own peoples! For background, please study:
So let me begin with the anomalous MQM, but only because this thespian group is not only the most egregious among them all, but also the most unusual.
Is there another example in modern or 'contemporaneously unfolding' history where a political leader sits in a foreign country and commands the kind of domestic party-discipline and control that MQM's Altaf Hussein does in Karachi while sitting in London? Is there anyone like him in all the world able to mobilize vast protests and bring a city to its knees at the drop of a word? And with full aiding and abetting of the war lords themselves? The last person to do that was Ayatollah Khoemeni. His ardent followers in Iran, instead of shooting and terrorizing other civilians however, actually laid down their own precious lives in a civil demonstration against the most cruel tyrant and their nation's oppressor. 2000 men women and children, mostly the latter, laid down their lives, unarmed, before the Shah's mighty American trained and armed to the teeth military forces, in Shuhada square in Tehran. It is certainly possible that the MQM leader imagines himself a secular version of Ayatollah Khoemeni. The open self-serving public record of '“changing views” of Mr. Altaf Hussain', visible to all and sundry, except of course to his ardent pall-bearers, put any such grandiose self-delusions to incredible stretches of the imagination more apropos to the Mad Tea Party with Alice than for saving a beleaguered nation.
So what does MQM leader's remarkable control of the largest city in Pakistan while sitting in foreign lands and bearing foreign citizenship, appears from a slightly less than partisan view?
A simple thought experiment of changing the venues and the peoples make it clear how egregious the matters are. Imagine someone exercising such domestic control over the masses in the USA/UK while sitting in Pakistan, entirely aided and abetted by the government of Pakistan and its press and its other institutional ruling elite, and no accountability of where it get its monies from? Seems to me, Pakistan would be bombed atomically, immediately. Minimally, Red notices would grace Interpol bulletins, all assets seized, and name put on the UN's and FBI's most wanted terrorist lists to boot. That's in the best case. I don't see that standard being applied in the case of the MQM leader who commands all the air-channels in both nations to order his 'troops' to move left or right, sit or stand, eat or sleep. The discipline among his followers reminds me of the Third Reich. Apart from geopolitics which perhaps preclude seeing matters in this way for the global ruling elite who sanction it with glee, and their local minions who swallow it with equal glee, the grotesque reality is plainly apparent to everyone else.
Altaf Hussein is the creature of empire no different from any other domestic creature in Pakistan who crawls to their tune – be that tune set to the NRO beat, the tune of 'independence of judiciary', or the military marching band. There is nothing more remarkable about Altaf Hussein than there is about Asif Ali Zardari, or Nawaz Sharif or Pervez Musharraf. All substandard mediocre men, couldn't compete on any merit basis with even the averagely talented in Pakistan, never mind its best. How do such mediocre men, and women, rise to such heights? Well, empire! Past and present, upon whose largesse the variegated 'feudal' mightily lord upon the plebeian. From land grants of the previous empire to create landlords, to position grants along the Hudson and the Potomac of the present, all thrive under the watchful eye of the conquerors forever seeking global domination.
Both Nawaz Sharif and Altaf Hussein are most assuredly cultivated assets of RIIA (Royal Institute for International Affairs). They couldn't' survive one day without the support of the Western oligarchy and its Western state apparatus. Their no-questions-asked life-styles in London and no questions asked sources of wealth, are prima facie evidence of that. Benazir was, and Zardari is, a major controlled asset of CFR (and RIIA). Benazir Bhutto's obeisance at the CFR headquarters in New York on August 15, 2007 before she returned to Pakistan and where she gratuitously called Pakistan “the very petri dish of international terrorism”, is prima facie evidence of that control. Almost all Pakistani political players, from the medalled generals to the general's politicians, from news columnists to newsmedia owners, all have eaten at the globalists' Round Tables. The prima facie evidence of this is their highly selective memoires. That none of them can remember who attacked Iraq on false pretexts, who attacked Afghanistan against all international law, and in whose dominion did three tall buildings miraculously collapse and disintegrate within seconds at near free-fall speeds as if they were variegated controlled demolition [5] shows in Las Vegas in the best mold of 'Operation Canned Goods' [6] of the NAZI Third Reich.
Their uniformly parroting the imperial mantras of empire – of 'war on terror is our war' – prima facie condemns them to hanging for treason and for crimes against humanity many times over at any half-decent Nuremberg Trials. All are beholden to the 'white man's burden' for their lofty stations in life. And all have one common overarching agenda vis a vis Pakistan: to continually enact 'katputli tamashas' in Pakistan by exploiting its natural cracks and lacunae, by 'tickling' and germinating its natural discontents and grievances, in order to keep the gullible populace entertained while Pakistan is systematically made ungovernable by participating in the fiction of “war on terror”. Thusly, to present the nuclear-armed state in tatters to the hectoring hegemons as fait accompli on the grand chessboard. We are a nation politically defined by Mir Jaffers and Mir Sadiqs of all stripes – and that is just the pathetic undeniable Zeitgeist to overcome if one is to survive in any dignity, never mind in one piece as a nation.
I do not know of any nation that formally gets paid to kill, kidnap, disappear, and torture, its own civilians, never mind destroy and demolish its own peoples mosques, houses, habitations, and make egregious victims of its own innocent peoples using its own military. Pakistan is the first. But will surely not be the last, as that modus operandi appears to be among the future templates for world-governance under one-world government.
I do know one thing plain and simple, as I am sure every man woman and child in Pakistan and elsewhere – if someone were to do that to me what is being done by our military to the families in Swat, and per-chance I was left alive, I would be ripe to harvest as a suicide bomber. So please make sure you kill me too after you have bombed my village... for, “only the dead have seen the end of war”! In fact, I often cringe at the mere thought of losing my mind under such a cataclysmic circumstance [7] ... Can you escape it? Can anyone? Statistically, in a crop of a hundred such family decimation and cold blooded bombings from the skies night after night, the Machiavelli is sure to harvest at least ten good suicide bombers for a mere few thousand dollars indoctrination training on each!
That is predictably what is happening in FATA/WANA/SWAT, aided and abetted by black-ops handlers. Every image that emerges on the internet from Palestine of its children being burned and mothers bathed in blood, [8] is also an image of the un-photographed and silently extinguished victims of Swat/Fata/Wana. While controlling any kind of drone remotely without leaving a physical trace may now be an exact science, give me a freakin break that perceiving this accurately is rocket science! That Asif Ali Zardari, Altaf Hussein, Nawaz Sharif, Pervez Musharraf, Ashfaq Kiyani, the newsmedia, and the various minions of state in its bureaucracy, don't have even that much commonsense to see it. Below average most at the top surely are on every talent metric, morons they are surely not. In fact, Pakistan's bureaucracy often attracts the brightest talents – just as Pakistan politics attracts the brightest thugs – lifetime of cushy comforts that it promises its aspirants. Murderous traitors all of them they most assuredly are for their partaking from the imperial pies, their parroting of the imperial mantras, and their silence towards the victims made of their own military might. And what of their idiotic followers who can't make ends meet but willingly perpetually dance to their tune? The ordinary German people are still paying the price for having endeared the Nazi Socialist Party.
To identify this treasonous acts to destroy Pakistan in the service of the 'white man', is not to hide, nor to mask, the cracks and discontent among the Pakistani peoples themselves. For a motley group we are, and a nation carved from blood was our genesis. The glue to gel us as a nation has remained the mighty stick wielded in the hands of mercenaries since our inauspicious inception – which free peoples can withstand such 'patriotism' for long? The one to four million civilians who perished at the time of partition – for what? That the new state might variously oppress its own peoples in turn?
From our tribal belt, to surely the Muhajirs, and before them, the Bengalis, and still today the Baluchis and the Pakhtoons, all have discontent and legitimate grievances against their state oppressors – be it civilians from Sindh like ZAB, or military men from the Punjab like Zia, or Muhajir military men from Karachi like Musharraf, or Pakhtoon military men like Ayub and Yahya Khan, or the new crop of petty warlords now sanctioned in London and Washington. Treason and murder knows no ethnicity. And absolute power knows no morality other then the one that dangles between the trouser legs.
To identify these traitors, usurpers, mercenaries, and various two-bit thugs who without their foreign puppetmasters remain quite unremarkable in every way, to unravel their lies and deceptions, to disrobe them and show off the actual size of their dangling tools being no holier than the average chimp's in Africa's wildest Savannah, is not to deny the natural and legitimate grievances of the peoples themselves. These grievances always were and always will be Machiavellianly harvested, so long as we have sycophants, patsies, and lower-order brown-sahib mercenaries from among us dancing to the tune of the 'white man'.
Let's get a bit smarter and more realistic here.
If it wasn't Mr. Altaf Hussein enacting the puppetshow in Karachi at the behest of his masters, it would have been another. If it wasn't Zardari dancing in that puppetshow, it would be another. And it wasn't Nawaz Sharif orchestrating the long march at the behest of his controllers, it would still be another. This is what the former Director of ISI, Brig. Tirmazi wrote in his 1996 book “Profiles of Intelligence” of the national fibre of Pakistanis. The following is an extended excerpt from:
Begin Excerpt
Under the pretext of securing her own strategic interests, the United States of America tries to manipulate and dabble in the affairs of other nations. ...
Essentially, the US policy configurations vis-a-vis Pakistan have been that of a “master” and not of a “friend”. Oscillating between persuasion and coercion, the US tends to employ all available means to keep Pakistan under watch, pressure and diplomatic subjugation. At times, it has used the 'carrot and stick' of aid, and at others, lashed out threats of economic strangulation or declaring Pakistan a terrorist state.
Pakistan's geostrategic position, nuclear capability, agricultural and technological potential, as well as the Islamic ideological base are matters of vital concern to US policy makers. The US will not and cannot allow Pakistan to govern her own affairs. While Pakistan was still in its infancy, the American hawks pounced upon and hijacked our national interests by building up an exaggerated threat of the former Soviet Union's expansionist designs against Pakistan and their so called 'mad' drive to the warm waters. ...
In addition to the administrative, economic and political means, the US has always employed her secret terrorist arm, the CIA, in foreign lands. The CIA is known for adopting various covert and overt means to undermine the integrity of other countries for achieving their own objectives and furthering their 'nefarious' designs. It is equipped with colossal material resources and its men are canny and ruthless in executing their assignments. Their methods in madness include:
a) Espionage and penetration in all areas of interest like defence, foreign affairs, science / technology, developmental programmes, economy, education, and politics. b) Propaganda, disinformation campaigns, subversion, terrorism, psy warfare, assassinations, blackmail, bribes, coercion and intimidation. ...
j) Install CIA agents as presidents, prime ministers, ministers, generals and senior advisors, etc.” (pages 20 – 22)
And the most telling observation by Brig Tirmazi – which may perhaps also shed immediate investigative light on who killed Benazir Bhutto until it is eventually rerun as self-evident on the history channels in 20-50 years – is this straightforward question that he had the chutzpah to ask, ex post facto:
... It would be fair to ask what we [the ISI] did to counter the US machinations? Well we did not, and could not do any thing beyond reporting to the highest authority in the country. There are reasons for our inaction:
One, neither the ISI nor the IB is designed or equipped to counter the machinations of a Super Power.
Two, an important factor is our own price. A lot has been said and written by some of our American friends about the price of a Pakistani. Dr. Andrew V. Corry, US Counsel General at Lahore, once said, “Price of a Pakistani oscillates between a free trip to the US and a bottle of whisky.” He may not be too far wrong. We did observe some highly placed Pakistanis selling their conscience, prestige, dignity and self-respect for a small price. (page 45)
And to carry the chutzpah to its logical conclusion, the erstwhile former leader of the ISI asks the exact same question – ever so blithely (after having willingly served the old 'masters') – that most plebeians in this 'wretched' nation are still asking twelve years later:
The nation has the right to know and ask the leaders how far has the situation changed and have we developed enough muscles and guts to get rid of the old masters and their agents? That is the question.” (page 23)
So, the erstwhile daughter of the East, Benazir Bhutto, was indeed quite clairvoyant in asserting that the same killers will be after her – except that she (perhaps deliberately) misidentified the culprits, in both cases – for this spy confessional-memoir was written during her own time as Prime Minister, and could not have escaped her notice or the approval of the upper echelons of ISI and her own government before publication.
And her un-clever misidentification, not surprisingly, clearly only benefits the real culprits themselves – crafted as she was by the Council on Foreign Relations. Witness this exchange on August 15, 2007, in New York, where she was introduced by CFR's President, Richard Haass, with a very revealing welcoming statement: “It is, for me, a personal pleasure to welcome back to the Council on Foreign Relations an old friend of mine and someone who is familiar to many of you in this room and knows well this organization, the former prime minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto.”[ Watch: ]
It is here that Benazir Bhutto had asserted that she will tow the American line: “I seek to lead a democratic Pakistan which is free from the yoke of military dictatorship and that will cease to be a haven, the very petri dish of international terrorism” – thinking that that's what they wanted to hear. In her eagerness to come to power – or perhaps deliberately setup over the past three years to entice her to return to Pakistan – not realizing that it was to create a 'strategy of tension' in Pakistan as a pawn-move on the 'Grand Chessboard'.
It is unsurprising that the Pakistani newspapers continue to un-forensically repeat the same mantras as did the victim, Benazir Bhutto, and as is publicly the wont among the Pakistani ruling establishment. Perhaps deceit, forgetfulness, and co-optation today are deemed the better part of valor. Unless one has the unflinching courage to practice the late Charles de Gaulle's solution of “tous azimuths” ('vigilant in all directions – “360 degrees”'), that includes of friends and foes alike, this nation is at the end of its tethers.
End Excerpt
New scripts and new actors can be developed along the same themes almost on a daily basis. An infinite number of katputli tamashas and maasie-musebte's dialogs are possible in every generation when the “Price of a Pakistani oscillates between a free trip to the US and a bottle of whisky.”
But there is only one DNA. Neutralize that DNA, and all katputli tamashas' string-pullers automatically disappear from the domestic scene only to impotently spout and steam mantras from their far remote corners. Without Mir Jaffers and Mir Sadiqs, they are reduced to Hollywood productions and no more.
Let's put them there by not focussing on the effects, but on the first-causes: the prime-movers which unleash other micro cause-and-effect cycles which easily confuse us. These often rapidly evolving effects tend to so overwhelm our senses due to their graphic immediacy, that they leave us no time and perspective to rationally escape from the bewildering maize of its branches and leaves to gain sight of the grotesque spectacle of the forests beyond. That is the highest order bit of the matter. So let's transcend the puppetshows and focus exclusively on the puppetmasters.
Permit me to sum up the puppetmasters' overarching game plan in just one sentence so no one is left distracted by the silly but deadly puppetshows of MQM and PPP, PML and XYZ, nor anyone wastes their precious time describing the daily ever-changing details of perpetual 'lota' politics in the puppetshows:
War on terror is fiction designed for step-wise enactment of one-world government.
Please see the following to appreciate its sophistication and how pretexts, once created and cemented, are being deployed to justify world-government:
More the 'war on terror' is prosecuted, more it manufactures the intended fodder to continually create an enemy to be able to fight the fictitious World War IV [9] for a lifetime. Its prime intent today, after having decimated Iraq and Afghanistan, is to de-nuclearize Pakistan and change its cartography in conjunction with the demonic plan to engage Iran and Russia under President Obama's reign. The current crop of actors in Pakistan, whether they be stationed locally or abroad, military or civilian, wearing shalwar kameez or tie, are merely that, two-bit actors. They have neither the wherewithal, nor the imagination to lead anything, let alone a nation as unruly, and as ungovernable, as Pakistan has become. And, as far as I see it, matters are fait accompli, [10] barring some international impasse such as Russia and Iran making full spectrum mutual defense pacts [11] and forcing a military standoff with the United States thus freezing its intervention in Pakistan. Only that changes the equations on the Grand Chessboard.
If Pakistanis want out, and don't want to remain mere pawns on the Grand Chessboard at others' whim and mercy, its peoples must force disengagement from this 'war on terror' upon its rulers. The Pakistani state mercenaries are not willingly gonna do it. They are, after all, only petty mercenaries (not ideologues and nor suicidal maniacs, although that last bit is arguable). Make them an offer they can't refuse, and they will tow the line of the greater immediate power which threatens their existential being. Show them the gallows, and they will rehearse the Holy Qur'an in five translated languages with their eyes shut. Instead of the gallant Nawaz Sharif singing the meaningless tune of the 'independence of judiciary', were he to force the logical issue of 'War on Terror is Fiction' and 'Disengage Now', and build his long-march on the foundation of the highest order bit rather than the mantras delivered to him from London, he might find it a bit more efficacious a strategy in saving Pakistan. 'Independence of Judiciary' means nothing in our existing feudalistic governance structure and is a meaningless slogan like 'democracy'. [12]
A prima facie evidence of that is the mightiest superpower's own Supreme Court. They represent the same ruling interests as its Executive and the Legislature. The apex court aided and abetted the entire fiction of "imperial mobilization" by installing the puppet necessary to initiate it. The new puppet to take over the baton under the newly coined 'Change' mantra is intended to finish the job. That triad of 'democracy' is a structural con-game to perpetuate the same oligarchic empire that it replaced, but under the veneer of populace empowerment (see for instance, Ferdinand Lundberg's “Cracks in the Constitution”, [13] a review with detailed excerpts of this out-of-print rare gem of a book is forthcoming at ). The same con-game to perpetuate a patsy client-state, managed by its mercenarial subcontracted-oligarchs under foreign command, is being played out in Pakistan with hand-me-down mantras and slogans.
You wanna save Pakistan? Start by using some commonsense. Be a bit less partisan. Shy not of hanging your own treacherous leaders. And don't shoot the messengers. For surely, it must have been more than just idle rhetoric of the heroes of antiquity long past who dared to throw the tea overboard:
Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?
Forbid it, Almighty God!
I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” [14]

[1] The website carrying this article is now defunct.
[2] The website carrying this article is now defunct.
[3] Did Pakistan Army murder Geo TV Reporter Musa Khankhel? A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission 05 Mar 2009
The world was reminded of the tragic paradoxes that take place daily in Pakistan, when a young journalist was kidnapped and executed last month while covering a march for peace. Mr. Musa Khankhel, journalist and correspondent of Geo Television disappeared on February 18, while covering a procession led by Maulana Sufi Mohammad, a religious leader in Swat, in the NWF province. The procession was to celebrate a peace agreement with the government which would see Islamic Sharia laws implemented in the valley. He was 28 years old and had been threatened several times by government security forces for his steadfast independent reporting. He had also been kidnapped and tortured twice before by security forces. As a journalist he was not popular among militant groups either, including the Taliban and the group lead by Maulana Soofi Mohammad, Tehrik Nifa-1Shariat Mohammadi (TNSM)
... In the past year four journalists have been reportedly killed by the security forces in the Swat, twenty over the last two year period. Journalists, particularly reporting in the war torn NWFP on its destroyed houses, schools and hospitals, observe that security forces are generally hostile toward them, and each reporter has experiencing problems during investigations, some receiving death threats. The motive, as explained by the journalists, is to keep the reporters out of the area. Journalist Mr. Hameedullah’s house was bombed on his return to his village on 5 January, 2009. They and other residents had been forced to evacuate the area on 28 December, when the army launched an offensive against the Taliban.
Although there are conflicting reports about Khankhel’s killing; most of the reports point in the same direction. After the ‘war on terror’, the impunity enjoyed by security agencies saw a dramatic rise in cases of torture, abduction, disappearance and the murder of government opponents. There are more than 4000 persons disappeared for their resistance to military operations in different part in the country, and the AHRC last year determined the existence of 52 clandestine detention centres. Still, ‘unknown’ actors are publicly blamed for many of the area’s most violent crimes.”
[14] Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775,

First Written March 07, 2009 5017 | Previously unpublished until inclusion in the 2014 8th Edition of The Poor-Man's Guide to Modernity, 14 August 2014, Pakistan's Independence Day!
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Saving Pakistan: Peering beyond the Political Katputli Tamashas By Zahir Ebrahim March 2009