The 9-11 Psyops That People Don't Get

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Question for the readers:
Why don't sensible peoples, nationalist governments, their nationalist establishments, high-falutin scholars from America's best universities, high-IQ wizards of tech chasing their American dream, get it that the officialdom's 9-11 narrative is a big lie? It is just like all the other big lies of our times that these brilliant folks, Nobel laureates, left-half brain dominant physics professors, right-half brain dominant poets and artists, the popes in every religion (pied pipers), and the prostitutes in every religion (mercenaries), none of them seem to get it! At least the mercenaries should understand that they are selling prison-state in which their own offspring are being imprisoned when they package and repackage the 9-11 narrative in different flavors. The least that any sensible people might do is to stop believing in the big lie --- but no, more educated we are, more wealth we possess, more high-falutin positions in society we occupy, more celebrated we are, more anointed we are, the more we are invested in believing the big lie. Is it okay to invoke a malignant curse upon this crowd of mercenaries and shortsighted fools by those who are not part of that school of jellyfish --- then we shall be invoking the curse on many of our loved ones as well! Is there no way out of this catch-22 before the purpose for which 9-11 was fabricated as the defining pretext, is a complete global fait accompli, and culminates in a global prison-state that even the deaf dumb and blind today can perceive is already in the making? Among all the psyops, 9-11 is perhaps the easiest one to get, its empiricism is available to all and sundry to examine and none need be more qualified than starting first year in high-school --- why don't they still get it?

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The 9-11 Psyops That People Don't Get By Zahir Ebrahim | Project