Pamphlet The White Man's Burden By Zahir Ebrahim

October 10, 2018
This pamphlet is a compilation of analytical essays and letters that respond to the template questions that occur to the mind of many a race conscious white man today. Western civilizationers, especially, tend to exhibit thought patterns very similar to those being responded to in these essays even when these mental attitudes may not always be expressed overtly, and often times remain carefully camouflaged by a veneer of academic respectability and garb of morality. This collection of essays and letters therefore is the archetype response to all such attitudes, both overt and covert.
The world is principally divided between those who seek primacy, and those who are unable to defend against it. Primacy is a natural instinct in man. Its unbridled unleashing when conjoined with unchallenged power, has been the undoing of mankind from the day when the Biblical Cain killed Abel. Primacy instinct of the individual man was naturally extended to the collectives of man, to his tribe and nation, which today is masked by the benign sounding term “International Relations”.
The unbridled instinct for primacy will likely continue until the end of time, unless mankind evolves to higher states of consciousness and primacy is controlled to become just another one of those tamed reptilian urges. Until such time, the struggle against primacy shall likely also continue.
The term white man in our times, and as used by this scribe, is more about the mental attitude of exercising the will to power whenever one can get away with it, rather than skin color. This means: harboring a superiority complex as the ubermensch. And the white man's burden is the crime of exercising primacy upon the untermensch, the lesser peoples, regardless of the race, ethnicity, and religion of either. This means: whosoever is in power gets to dominate others as in the law of jungle.
What this compilation of essays and letters also reveals is that there is infighting going on among those carrying the white man's burden today. Those on the losing streak are crying foul in the most erudite of ways. In other words, this pamphlet unmasks the bullshit of the archetypical white man.

About the author
He is just just an ordinary fellow, a common man. But one who suffers no fools, takes no prisoners, bows before no authority figures as bearers of divine truths, and remains just as unimpressed by the metaphysics of the turban as by the scholarship of the gown. There is not much else to say about him. He was quite imperfectly educated in the elite secular universities of both the United States of America and Pakistan, which is perhaps how he managed to escape from these factories of jahiliya with his mind still intact and his brain still firing on all cylinders. It is only because of the imperfection of his education, and because of the failure of the system to obedience train him to united we stand, that his deconstruction of the white man's burden is able to capture reality the way it actually is, minus all of truth's protective layers. At least me thinks so. My name is Zahir Ebrahim, and I am the archetype plebeian antidote to hectoring hegemons. My contribution to making America great again can be gleaned at the United States Patent Office ( ). My contribution to making it almost human can be read at my website


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Thank you.
Zahir Ebrahim

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