Virtuous Autocratic Ruler of Pakistan - From Whence?

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Caption Open Guidance to Imran Khan Reimagining Pakistan Project ReGenesisCaption Open Guidance to Imran Khan Reimagining Pakistan Project ReGenesis
Continuing the theme of the desirability of Authoritarian Rule in Pakistan that cleans the Augean stables with a clenched fist without succumbing to the temptations of power and self-interest, one might well ask how one might supply such a selfless autocratic ruler. Indeed, “supplying one is a slight problem”, as Hoodbhoy intelligently replied to me in response to my caveated support of his oped in Dawn.
Apart from serendipity or divine intervention introducing a “messiah” to the masses, I sense such a ruler must come with big guns in order to usher in the kind of autocratic rule I envision. Why? Because, before he can do anything, he has to first clean house of our fifth columnists, Trojan horses, and various and sundry useful idiots (well intentioned functionaries harnessed as patsies) and house niggers (mentally colonized likkha-parrha jahils who see virtue in the massa class) who are now institutionalized across the full gamut of public and private establishments. Their challenge cannot be effectively countered without harnessing big guns.
The moment such a courageous ruler comes to power and attempts to throw tea overboard, he will be beset with powerful enemies, primarily international enemies with local agents and assets across the spectrum of Pakistan's power elites. Keeping Pakistan a servile client state requires having fools and mercenaries perpetually in power alongside the Mighty Wurlitzer deftly managing the public mind. The patriot ruler will have to address countering these fifth columnists from the first day on the job. That takes big guns. Such big guns only exist in Pakistan military, and not with its civilian feudal lords.
History of civilizations unequivocally testify that such nationalistic rulers have arisen time and again under ripe circumstances, and their military has been their principal instrument for exercising both autocratic and political rule (often indistinguishable). Unfortunately, these have often also easily mutated into egotistical villainous rule. Napoleon and Hitler are both not too distant West's own examples of power corrupting, and absolute power corrupting absolutely. The East has plenty of our own imperial examples unnecessary to rehearse here.
To retain virtuous rule autocratically in the best interest of the public requires a special type of political and intellectual psyche in the ruler. We have unequivocally witnessed this:
  • in the multi-decade LKY rule of Singapore and in the multi-decade rule of MM in Malaysia, both leaders willfully cleaning house of corruption and instituting nationalistic development policies with an iron fist;
  • in the Islamic Revolution in Iran despite four decades of American sanctions and imposed military and economic warfare (although it is not politically correct to cite Iran for anything virtuous or what puts them in good light --- whatever one might think of theological rule, Iran's Valih-e-faqih is first and foremost, visibly nationalistic, patriotic and selfless, suppressing both fifth columnists as well as genuine public discontent with stoicism and steadfastness that the Western media plays up as domestic oppression);
  • in the progressive Chinese rule since Mao, particularly under Xi Jinping's leadership, the Communist Party of China autocratically rebuilding their nation into a first world state in the best public interest wherein their military, politics and industry remain indistinguishable to outsiders (and a successful template of autocratic central governance for the Western ruling oligarchy seeking one-world government, the non-existence of dissent and “democracy” not bothering the West or its press);
  • in Turkey's political ruler now desirous of rebuilding the successor to the Ottoman Caliphate after the hundred years restriction by the victorious allies is lifted in 2023, with the Turkish military visibly under president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's autocratic command, and standing by him even in enacting draconian policies and what is projected as domestic oppression of his detractors in the Western press.
That evil however, domestic oppression, when purveyed against fifth columnists and useful idiot assets of the hectoring hegemons, usually garners much visibility in the Western press. But when waged against genuine opposition who want something better and independent for their nation from the yolk of dictatorships and disappearances imposed upon them, often begets only silence in the same presses, unless the genuine detractors, a result of domestic discontent the first cause of which is often the hectoring hegemons themselves, is to be diabolically harnessed and sacrificed as useful idiots. In fact, we have witnessed all of these modalities of cunning warfare in recent years along “the arc of crisis” in the “global zone of percolating violence”, the latest instantiation of which being witnessed in the decimation of Syria under the pretext of aiding the “rebels”. Iran has dexterously navigated that diabolical warfare with an iron domestic fist under the stoic leadership if its valih-e-faqih, while permitting voicing genuine discontentment in officiated forums under civilized decorum.
Pakistan is now more than ripe for such a ruler to arise who can intellectually and with full compliance of all its public and private establishments, take on all facets of domestic and international warfare besieging Pakistan. But evidently, there is no hard limit to how much further the Pakistanis can ripen.
The first order business for any genuine Patrick Henry in any nation I had previously examined in an article in 2011, the relevant section of which is reproduced below.
Using the intellect is the first line of defense against those who wage wars by way of deception! While many repeatedly echo that maxim like parrots, few betray the timely recognition of that maxim when it can be most effective in defeating such warfare.
If you know who the enemy is, deeply understand its modalities of conquest, and know yourself, you can take measures to do something about it. That enemy, the first enemy, is within our own nations.
Unless the fifth columnists in every nation and among every people – those who work against their own peoples, both in and out of power, those who set up puppet regimes with military might and then tear it down with manufactured mob power, those who engineer consent among the gullible public and those who play false oppositions to head of genuine rebellion, and those who remain behind the errand boys occupying presidencies who come and go, but they go on forever behind the scenes – all of them, are juridically euthanized first in the greater interest of the huddled masses, the battle against colonization is lost even before it is begun.
As was narrated by Sun Tzu in The Art of War, the oldest and still most effective military treatise in the world which principally underlies all significant political planning in the “temples”, i.e., think-tanks, of modernity:
  • All warfare is based on deception;
  • Now the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple [before] the battle is fought. The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand. Thus do many calculations lead to victory, and few calculations to defeat: how much more no calculation at all! It is by attention to this point that I can foresee who is likely to win or lose;
  • Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won, whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory.
That is a lesson plan the modern hectoring hegemons – those who through many calculations, seed wars, pestilences, calamities, debt slavery, those who instigate nations to fight, those who turn brother against brother by incubating traitors, stooges, fools and useful idiots among them – have deftly followed over the past two centuries. So long as these traitors of humanity exist among us – and I don't see how the Mir Jafar/Mir Sadiq among every people can ever be fully eliminated – the battle will always go to those who remain superior in the Art of War.
Plebeians know nothing about the Art of War – and so, we are easily mobilized into the streets, sometimes for pecuniary gain, sometimes as the method of last resort to vent steam against tyranny. Such social engineering principles are well understood by those who plan these outcomes and harness the predictable mass behavior for their own purposes. Their effective counter can only come by combining shrewd political intellect with un co-opted political power which can defend against these incessant onslaughts upon the powerless and rather predictable masses of human beings.
Neither does such a political intellect, nor such a political power, visibly exist today in the entire 'arc of crisis', the 'global zone of percolating violence', both self-serving characterizations of Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the diabolical author as well as the covert architect of The Grand Chessboard. The reason it has been eviscerated is not merely by happenstance, or because the 'lesser peoples' just love to live under autocratic rule. But by calculated design of the hectoring hegemons themselves who have continually brought to power, aided and abetted, in many cases entirely financed, in other cases militarily and politically supported, the many vile dictatorships and superficial egotistical kingdoms (spanning the gamut from benign as in Bahrain to draconian as in Saudi Arabia) in these very nations in which they today raise the banner of “revolution” for “democracy”. Is this such a surprise that they now fully effectuate this banner? The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) even openly advertised instigating “regime change” being the new foreign policy calculus of the lone superpower for the twenty first century, violently replacing the molding stability of its own previously favored tin-pot dictatorships with the vibrant instability of “revolutionary times” – the singular catalyst of all transformations.
As already quoted above, comprehending Machiavellianly poisoned apples presented to Snow White: 'Lawmakers approved the measure, which "applauds" demonstrators demanding democratic reforms and "strongly condemns" Gaddafi's response.', is really not rocket science – unless one is a complete imbecile, or superlatively naïve. The remaining logical conclusion therefore, when one pretends to not comprehend, is that one is among the fifth columnists!
This immediately helps us identify and “bin” our first enemies rather straightforwardly into the useful categories of traitors and fools, to separate them from the huddled masses. Hang the traitors and harness the fools to mobilize them productively for our own cause – easier said than done without genuine political power and intellectual prowess to bring it about. This is evidently as true in Brzezinski's 'global zone of percolating violence' as in Brzezinski's 'sole remaining superpower' which is entirely overrun by traitors and fools together screwing their own nation. As is self-evident from my Message to the US Congress in 2008 at the time of their willing passage of the Bankster Bailout Bill, failure to lead and act propitiously, trivially identifies who works for whom. It is not entirely obvious how any self-respecting nation, peoples, and even superpower, can survive either its traitors or its fools. Which is why none do!
Which is also why nothing can be done without getting rid of the fifth columnists first.
Hence the self-evident import of the remarkable truth in the saying that is quoted in the 2500 years old manual for waging both successful wars and successful self-defense:
'If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.'
Therefore, in conclusion, if a genuine revolutionary acumen which can effectively bring to bear the above nugget of political wisdom from The Art of War is secretly undergoing some zealous birth-pangs just beneath the surface, it is high time these boldly germinated while the soil is still fertile. Just as the hectoring hegemons need “revolutionary times” to seed their own agendas, the same “revolutionary times” really become a double edged sword in the art of war.
Because, it is also only in these “revolutionary times” that the enemy can also be conceivably defeated: “what is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times”! As history testifies, it is only in “revolutionary times” that the fifth columnists reveal themselves in order to play their assigned hand. And it is only in “revolutionary times” that the entire house can be cleansed in a genuine revolution.
Since the hectoring hegemons well understand this – empiricism indicates that they are also far better attuned to continually preempting it in ongoing game theory enactment with massive deployment of resources and newer Trojan Horses. To wage an effective war against such nemeses fundamentally require their victims engaging Mens et Manus – both mind and hand together!

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Virtuous Autocratic Ruler of Pakistan - From Whence? By Zahir Ebrahim | Project

Authoritarian Rule in Pakistan - Zahir's Response to Pervez Hoodbhoy's Oped 'Cyber intimidation: a bad idea'

Saturday, June 23, 2018
Emailed Letter to Pakistanis
Date: Fri, Jun 22, 2018 at 11:23 PM
Subject: FYI - Cyber intimidation: a bad idea --- Hoodbhoy's intelligent oped in Dawn and my comment
FYI - Dr. Hoodbhoy has a most intelligent oped in today's Dawn. I invite you to read it; below is my comment that I sent him.
I share it with you because I think "free speech" in vacuum still leads to asphyxiation. What free speech? Does the West have it? I am still not published by the NY Times which prints "all the news that's fit to print". Who decides what's fit to print? The newspaper owners. Okay I may not be that good -- as they say, billi ko chichray kay kwab. So try challenging any Jewish narrative anywhere in the West.
And what "democracy"? Does the West have it? The beacon of democracy, the United States of America, obliges its peoples to choose between twiddledee and twiddledum every four years while Pax Americana is its national and international imperative --- its now dead National Security Advisor called it: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives. That beacon of lofty civilization teaching the world the virtues of democracy and freedom so easily separates small children from their parents at the borders with the single stroke of the presidential pen --- never mind bombing Muslim nations, and previously Vietnam and Korea, to smithereens with the same stroke of pen, while permitting its proxy agent to resettle Palestine in Palestinian cold blood.
So that democracy, that freedom of this and freedom of that, is what we want in Pakistan? God help us if that's the ultimate result of such political dispensation....
We, the Pakistani English enabled gentry, followed by those who want to be English enabled but belong to the lower stratas of society and can only dream of it, rush to blindly adopt copied solutions from the West, which are already bastardized there, and which are altogether infertile in our national soil. With this summary, below is my comment to Hoodbhoy's oped which I support with the caveat that we need a very authoritarian ruler who rules selflessly in the interest of the nation for at least one generation, about 20 to 30 years, and helps this nation bypass the growing pains that the West suffered for at least ten generations and more, in a single generation, much like LKY of Singapore did for his people.
I am sick of people making "virtues" of the West into a religion for us. We have something far superior. There is no religion in democracy, there is no religion in free speech. There is religion in justice, there is religion in speaking the truth even if one has to give one's life for it. There is religion in raising the consciousness of the public mind. There is religion in serving the public. There is religion in not being corrupt and not having corruptible institutions. I rather have a nation whose preamble to its constitution begins with the Golden Words: Do Unto Others As You have Others Do Unto You ---- no Law and no Right and no Privilege may be legislated in this nation that violates that Golden Rule. I can live with that religion.
[ Added: Although a simple Biblical proverb that predates the Old Testament in origin and is at least three thousand years old, and of course never before implemented in any political theatre since the dawn of civilization, its fair implications can be far reaching in modern political dispensation. For instance, no Policy, domestic and foreign, may be pursued by rulers in power that violates that Golden Rule. This means that, among other things, Pakistan is suddenly on equal footings in the world. She is now boldly standing up to primacy and its geostrategic imperatives with a constitutional mandate that remains unsurpassed in every sphere of political dispensation. It even surpasses every revolution known to man. It is the only revolution for man. ]
And I don't care who rules the nation so long as it is a just ruler. I don't care what laws give me right to speak or not to speak, because, irrespective of the laws, one must speak regardless of consequences as a categorical imperative. One must rise to challenge falsehood as Socrates did --- and that was the highest democracy achieved in that Athenian civilization which could only reward its best human being and its greatest truth teller with the bowl of hemlock! Categorical imperatives are a religion regardless of laws, rulers, and theology.
And funny thing, if one starts implementing these ideas, what do you know, we have achieved the ideal Islamic society within a single generation, the ideal Christian society, the ideal Jewish society, and the ideal Hindu society! That is the society I want --- not what the Brits have, and not what their legatees the Americans have, and not what the Anglo-Saxon white man has preached. And will these ideas ever be published in Pakistan, or the United States?
So I gratuitously share with you this email letter inviting you to read my friend Dr. Hoodbhoy's outstanding oped, and my comments that caveat it.
Begin comment:
Who is this NetrackerOnline @ - what's your guess? When people say "intelligence agency" for instance, whom or what are they pointing to... a person, a policy, an institution, or to all of these?
Dissent is a modern notion invented in the West, same as protected speech for individual as well as the press under a constitutional umbrella in what is called no taxation without representation, or "democracy" where the crowd intelligence is believed to triumph by their sheer numbers... these ideas are Western, and firmly corrupted and co-opted by Machiavelli, and both are unfamiliar to the Muslim psyche that has labored under simplistic absolute dictatorial rule of almost thirteen centuries of dynastic Muslim imperial politics; replaced by the East India Company for almost 2 hundred last years. After the yoke of British rule from India was thrown, it was replaced by neo-colonial rule using a bastardized version of Britain's own corrupted and co-opted system which kept in power and only brought to power the feudal classes and encouraged the arising of newer feudal classes among which is the praetorian guard of Pakistan. ....
Okay, I am not writing a treatise, only pointing out that the West had 4 to 5 hundred years to experiment, shed each others blood, and all they ended up with is a new class ruling the Anglo-American empire in PAX Americana. I am sure that textbooks are very nice .... reality is more evil.
And in this reality, what I think is productive for Pakistani psyche for at least 25 to 30 years is an authoritarian rule the likes of Lee Kuan Yew, or Mahathir Mohamad , with the addition of freer speech. All the things, all the motherhood and apple pie things you mentioned, can be achieved. LKY once said he did not have two hundred years that the West suffered. He only has 20.
Our political system is asinine. I can design a much better one in text book. I am sure so can you. Neither will fly in the face of power flux in Pakistan whose sources are in the West.
But I liked your oped. With the above caveat, put me down as one of the many hundreds who will support you, not millions. Your "name" is now, and has been for a while, sadly associated with the Western agenda to introduce Secular Humanism in Pakistan, to denuke Pakistan --- two things come to mind among several others. You are also thought to enjoy the protection of the American Embassy in Islamabad.
Even when you might say the right things, because you are saying it, it is my uneducated guess that people might be turned off, even reasonable people. I hope I am wrong and the millions who read your oped sign up for it. If people are to be permitted to have the right to express their views, then those who disagree with your views or impute impure motives to your life's work in Pakistan also have the right to have their own views condemning yours. I don't think we as a society are ready for such intellectual exercise that doesn't quickly degenerate into fisticuffs.
We need an authoritarian leader unhindered by self-interests who cleans the Augean stables, educates the public mind to raise their levels in both intellect and livelihood, builds enduring institutions, infrastructures and policies, and leaves a legacy of a better more participative governance system that is attuned to the psyche of the Pakistan public mind. Remember what Eqbal Ahmed said, or is attributed to him, something like (paraphrasing): transplanting a tree in an inhospitable soil is the sign of idiotic gardeners... his wording was of course more delectable.
Zahir Ebrahim
June 23, 2018
Comment for Pervez Hoodbhoy's oped Dawn June 23, 2018

Published Saturday, June 23, 2018 10:38 am 1588

Authoritarian Rule in Pakistan - Zahir's Response to Pervez Hoodbhoy's Oped 'Cyber intimidation: a bad idea'

Letter to Friends of Humanity

June 19, 2018
Dear friends:
When I came to the United States to get educated at MIT from UET Lahore, I never imagined that I would become one of the 'nut-jobs' of modernity, i.e., the uber-skeptic of official narratives. Beyond that, that I would even help unravel some of the greatest Big Lies of our time which have directly contributed to creating deadly havoc upon humanity. What has surprised me is that I have even been able to do this at all, because, firstly, I don't rank myself very highly in either possessing a superior intellect or a superior morality. In fact, among my stellar friends throughout the world, I value myself at the bottom in relation to their global successes, piety, virtues, and all that is deemed motherhood and apple pie. Secondly, and surprisingly, this hasn't been terribly hard to figure out! I don't understand how I have been able to do it but not a single one among my many illustrious friends and teachers? They have elected to stay publicly silent even if they may have figured any of this out in the private quarters of their mind and living rooms ---- and these people are the most well-known and valued members of society. They are counted among the most imposing intellectuals of our time holding lofty academic, social, philanthropic, humanitarian, and moral credentials. Can I be permitted to say: what the fck?
Where is their high-falutin morality? What happened to their far superior intellect that they have remained silent on some of these greatest Big Lies of our time? All my life I remained in awe of such people and today I can only exclaim what the fck! Is any of this rocket science that they should feel silence is the better part of valor? That they should so willingly contribute to the propagation of these Big Lies by at least tacit endorsement of silence, and at worst by active propagation? I have to wonder what has made these stellar individuals such cowards? They had struck me as the most valiant and brave in my university days --- before these tests were put upon us that is. And I extend that observation of cowardice and moral depravity to all Pakistanis who have a mind, a mouth, and a pen! Indeed, to all mankind in all nations on earth. Instead of spewing gibberish on the prayer mat and dreaming selfishly of some Heaven beyond, I have never understood why so few even attempt to make heaven right here on earth for everyone by standing up to the villainy of power right here and now?
This villainy of power, reflected in the state and authority figures, when it remains unchallenged, manages the public's perceptions, public's beliefs, and thus controls public behavior to United We Stand them with the imperatives of power. Which is always primacy. Thus, not just in Pakistan today, but in the entire world, successive crises of humanity that all can witness and the majority can experience, have taken deep roots and become the “new normal” as the consequence of the greatest Big Lies of our time – the crisis of social dysfunction and global dystopia in the making, the crisis of disenfranchisement, the crisis of warfare and hegemony, refugee displacement, lavish lifestyles of the increasing few while increasingly the majority struggle for meal a day, etc. Indeed, many can come up with their own similar list of unhappiness and displeasure with the way things are – but do they do anything about it?
No, of course not, why should anyone care about these crises, except make high-falutin commentaries in their living rooms, in television talk shows, in social media chat rooms, in academic forums, and in political speeches, all remarkably devoid of substance; the careers, the fat paychecks, and the good life often gets in the way of those not directly under the jackboots of tyranny. Six feet under the maggots surely can't tell the fcking difference! Atheist and theists both taste death alike; the maggots eat them alike. Then, regardless of theology, since the end is dust for all, what life is worth living while alive? A coward's chasing the American Dream? A bullshit con-artist's paying lip-service to humanity while all these Big Lies stand tall and equally disenfranchise all except the elite and the co-opted? Or the inveterate zombie's who dies well before its time? They can't all just be plain stupid to not see through these Big Lies now can they?
Stupid or co-opted or zombie, evidently for such stellar members of humanity, that life is worth living -- that of cowards and sell-outs wearing the garb of respectability. I have no words of praise for their high-minded virtuosity regardless of the piety so prominently stamped upon their forehead; all are syphilis ridden underneath that virginal gown. I hope none receiving or reading this letter are counted among that hypocritical lot. Since my religion is Islam, I feel privileged to seek refuge in the prayer: May God protect us all from this villainy. But that also means acquiring the courage of our convictions!
Today, many areligious and irreligious people display this courage far more than the religious man of any cloth. This is evidenced from the fact that among the truthful rebels who have chosen to take on the mantle of unraveling these Big Lies as a categorical imperative, a vast majority seem to be religionless, and many rebels, in fact, appear to be from Jewish background. What has happened to Muslims? Or Christians? Or Hindus? In his book: The Religions of Man, subsequently retitled: Religions of the World, Huston Smith had also mentioned Confucians and Buddhists as I recall, also equally missing from the scene of truth-telling and falsehood repelling the greatest Big Lies of our times.
Indeed, more profoundly religious and Heaven or Nirvana or Rebirth seeking, the less inclined one appears to be to become engaged in making heaven right here on earth! Minor exceptions are notable only for the fact of their minuscule numbers. I have never understood this, for one would have thought that the religions of man would at least have wanted man to live in moral decency and valor. Is the problem in man, or in his religions that he leaves the field wide open for the sociopaths to exercise their primacy? The secular humanists will of course rush to endorse the latter, but what would be funny if it wasn't so criminal, is that this avant-garde breed is equally notable for its absence in dispelling these Big Lies.
We are living in the age of the hypocrite.
Has it ever been any different? Is this the lot of man?
When I first read Elie Wiesel's books (when my kids were in junior high and had to read Diary of Anne Frank, and as was my custom while raising my children in the West, I would read their assigned texts first to judge appropriateness) I was struck by this HolocaustTM survivor's lament in his memoir All Rivers Run to the Sea: “and I still curse the killers, their accomplices, the indifferent spectators who knew and kept silent, and Creation itself, Creation and those who perverted and distorted it. I feel like screaming, howling like a madman so that that world, the world of the murderers, might know it will never be forgiven.” I have often wondered whether this is exclusively only a Jewish lament, that the Jewish HolocaustTM is the only supreme crime, and Jews the only supreme worthy victims?
Or, does such lament also escape the lips of the unworthy victims of hegemony who have survived these Big Lies, and also those who haven't and have mercifully seen the end of it?
Muslims today are the unworthiest of victims. And we naturally, albeit quite unfashionably, tend to blame the victim. But does the fault lies in the serpent that bites or the victim who does not prepare for its own defence?
Pakistan's media, its judiciary, its military, its intelligentsia, its industrialists and its super-rich class, its political class, and its ruling classes in general, alongside the ordinary common man, the middle class, and the have-not class, will all be replaced by a better people who will not be silent before falsehood and tyranny --- so promises the God of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the Holy Scripture. I imagine that there is only One God of all creation regardless of religion, tribe or nation. Thus, that promise must apply to all peoples if it applies to any people. Are we ready to be replaced? I am not.
There comes a time when silence, is betrayal. The truth of these words is beyond doubt. But the mission to which they call us is a most difficult one. Even when pressed by the demands of inner truth, men do not easily assume the task of opposing their government's policy, especially in time of war. Nor does the human spirit move without great difficulty, against all the apathy of conformist thought within one's own bosom, and then the surrounding world. ... Some of us who have already begun to break the silence of the night, have found that the calling to speak, is often a vocation of agony. But we must speak. We must speak with all the humility that is appropriate to our limited vision, but we must speak.” --- . And spoken, I have.
So, I present the following deconstruction of some of the greatest Big Lies of our time because I do have a pen, a mouth, and whatever little mind that I am fortunate enough to be bestowed with that still functions. I doubt that this humble attempt is in anyway sufficient protection from being replaced by a better people, but I try. A Pakistani friend shared with me the simple epitaph that he had frustratingly written for himself which I had shortened to: “He tried.” I hope you reading this are doing the same, but not on . The Road to Nowhere.
If I have uttered any falsehood, I invite correction.

Some Important Big Lies of Our Time

Thank you for reading.
Zahir Ebrahim

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Letter to Friends of Humanity: Some Important Big Lies of Our Time

Eid Mubarak - The Science of Political Control

How the World Really Works
The financial oligarchy in modernity are the 'king makers' who craft their 'errand boys' to do their private policy bidding behind the facade of elected representatives of the people. The executive, legislative, judiciary, press, and foreign office all implement their base policies in an incestuously self-reinforcing group-think whose championing is rewarded with opportunities to advance, and which never changes despite all the policy squabbles between the Republicans and the Democrats, or the Socialists and the Capitalists, or the Left and the Right, etc.
The insignificant differences in the overarching scheme of things are greatly amplified to portray “change” by the corporate newsmedia which also marches to the tunes played by the Mighty Wurlitzer in the same incestuously self-reinforcing group-think. Which is why the core policies and the core narratives in fact never change with the change in governments of any Western nation, but especially the United States of America.
The most pertinent example of this is the Global War on Terror, the World War IV that is rapidly changing the face of the entire planet towards global governance. From George Bush the Republican to Barack Obama the Democrat, the election platform sold to the public was indeed of “change”.
That base deception upon which a lifetime of warfare has been based, is aided and abetted by other controlled-chaos situations and their supporting narratives, such as global warming blamed on human production, global financial collapse blamed on shortsightedness, global pandemics blamed on nature, and perhaps even global alien invasion in the near future to be blamed on extraterrestrials. All enabling the piece-meal transformation of the planet towards a one-world government.
This is empirical reality which is visible to anyone. But few intellectuals in the world wish to see it, speak of it, or like to hear a spade being called a spade:
Caption Modernity and the fable of the three wise monkeys: hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil (image via wikipedia)
Caption Modernity and the fable of the three wise monkeys: hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil
By looking at each local step of any complex process, or each component of any complex system individually, it is impossible to see the big picture and understand its system characteristics in much the same way as even painstakingly examining each atom and the electro-chemical sub-structure of the water molecule still makes it impossible to understand why the water naturally only flows downstream on earth.
The system properties of interest, and the cause-and-effect patterns of behaviors of interest, especially of black-box systems whose inner-workings can only be inferred by observing the manifest response characteristics, easily get lost by isolated focus on individual components.
Often complex systems aren't as straightforward as simply gathering the understanding of each of its components – because many convoluted system properties are represented only in the interaction among components and to the whole system's interaction with its environment.
If the entire system is not known and a component is thought to be the entire system, the system properties are never understood fully or even correctly identified – and consequently the observed behavior is thought to be random, or happenstance, when it is actually incompetence and incomplete knowledge which leads to that characterization and not the science of it.
This is just the basic science of systems, all systems. As true of physics and engineering as of social sciences, which include political science and state-craft, i.e., governance by Machiavelli. And for state-craft of empires, the causal properties (cause and effect) of international events, like domestic events, can often only be determined by stepping back from the individual events and looking at the entire picture for patterns of interconnectivity of events which may span both time and space.
There is obviously as much caution for false positives and false negatives here as in science --- and that only means social scientists have to be at least as skilled in the craft of deciphering global events as the natural scientists and engineers in deciphering nature and engineering large systems where complex interactions among components can defy understanding by any single individual --- for the level of skills and mastery of data needed may transcend even what the smartest brain can muster. In the age of narrow-gauge specialists and superficial generalists, one can see how easy it is to miss the forest for the trees.
Consequently, in order to acutely comprehend the larger interconnection between and among parts, one has to not only understand many parts individually, but also the historical trends (hystersis) and system dynamics in the interconnections among those parts – as these are neither static, nor temporal, but evidently bring a long hysteresis effect to their current state and future direction. What was let loose fifty or a hundred years ago often determines the state of the world today. Should be commonsense, but, as is also the case in imperial scholarship penned for mass consumption, is often ignored in the study of current affairs and history by those outside of it.
Nobel laureate physicist Max Planck expressed this holistic fact of system analysis most aptly:
Modern physics has taught us that the nature of any system cannot be discovered by dividing it into its component parts and studying each part by itself, since such a method often implies the loss of important properties of the system. We must keep our attention fixed on the whole and on the interconnection between the parts.”
What can the Pakistani public do with Pakistan presently diving deeper and deeper into the endless quagmire leaving an endless stream of dead bodies behind, and the upcoming elections promising change?
Two things to begin with.
  • ONE: Perceptively understand the overarching motivation of the super-terrorists in order to come up with proper self-defence

  • TWO: Don't vote in the upcoming elections thinking it will make things better

Eid Mubarak.
Zahir Ebrahim
3rd Shawaal, 1439 AH
Sunday, June 17, 2018 AD

Eid Mubarak - The Science of Political Control and Pakistan Election Illusion By Zahir Ebrahim | Project