Most Unbelievable Science Scams of the Twenty-First Century

When I had entered MIT to study science and engineering in the 1970s as any excited kid in a candy story, little did I understand that like political science and religion, science and pseudo science also interplay in the service of empire. The following is my contribution to speaking up following in the footsteps of the first patron saint of modern science to have demonstrated the courage of his convictions at the risk of the gallows, Galileo. Just look through the telescope, he hath pleaded before the church of his time, countering their divine authority with uncommon boldness: “In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual”. Except that today it is the church of science that has taken over from the Church of Christendom. The risks today are also substantially the same. Only the labels might be different. Among the tens of thousands of scientists and engineers worldwide, there are evidently too few Galileos alive to make any impact on the new Church of Science that has taken hold in the twenty-first century. This church has introduced new religions, the two most unbelievable ones are tackled below.
Zahir Ebrahim

The New York Times reported on Nov. 3, 2017: “Directly contradicting much of the Trump administration’s position on climate change, 13 federal agencies unveiled an exhaustive scientific report on Friday that says humans are the dominant cause of the global temperature rise that has created the warmest period in the history of civilization. ... The report was approved for release by the White House, but the findings come as the Trump administration is defending its climate change policies.”
So, is there, or isn't there, man-made Global Warming? American President Donald Trump's position on virtually every matter including global warming is usually one of strawman --- for the American and international establishment's actual policies are rarely if ever crafted in the White House itself. The fact of the matter is that all establishments and their scientists worldwide tote a common party-line: they religiously claim that Global-Warming / Climate Change is man-made. Their staunchest detractors also religiously claim that there isn't any global warming at all, but are then hard pressed to explain the drastic changes in weather seen occurring worldwide which is now presented by the establishment party-line not as Global Warming as it was a decade ago, but as planetary level Climate Change. Some other detractors suggest that Climate Change may be real, but that it is principally not due to man's activity; that, planetary level climate change is predominantly a natural cyclic phenomenon based on the sun's activity, and therefore it is likely solar system wide phenomenon. While still others, only a handful, perhaps more in tune with the political vagaries of Machiavellian statecraft and the making of the public mind with Hegelian Dialectic imposed political choices, suggest that the alarmist attitude is to Machiavellianly fashion a boogieman as the problem pretext, in order to usher in Carbon Credit as the solution. They believe that the real agenda behind these pseudo science laced political shenanigans is to curtail humanity's unbridled growth and population explosion --- the long running real agenda of the oligarchy driving nation-states towards one-world government. This group of detractors fear that the ultimate political agenda of the world government exponents is dystopic eugenics, selective mass population reduction, and the enactment of global laws for controlled breeding, wherein, birthing is transformed from the natural right of the human species to a law-sanctioned privilege as has been witnessed in Communist China! This latter rather well-read intelligent lot, who understandably so fear dystopia that they see its seeds planted in virtually every global policy that is signed off by the so called representative governments which silently erode national sovereignty in baby-steps, are generally dismissed by the establishment as “conspiracy theorist”, kooks and nut-jobs. To assist in that labeling and marginalization, a great deal of “beneficial cognitive diversity” is also cunningly introduced into the mix of public opinion which pitches outlandish theories. All this creates massive confusion in the public mind. Whom to believe? What to believe? Is science really divorced from political science? Is pseudo science being used to globally push an elitist agenda down mankind's throat? What a Hegelian Mind-fck!
And thus, the public mind now thoroughly confused by the plethora of “expert” opinions, naturally gravitates towards officially sanctioned authority figures to tell them what is true and what isn't --- and in this way their new political beliefs are cast, or old ones reinforced, and their behavior molded. That officialdom's authority figures have, in this November 2017, released its official bible of sacred truths for the global public at large – for whatever is true for the United States of America with respect to climate change, is obviously also true for the rest of the world as well. The new sacred truths are part of the new religion being fashioned worldwide, that it is humanity that is causing Global Warming / Climate Change, and that the planet must be saved from humanity in order for the planet to be saved for humanity!
This report dismantles that sacred truth as being nothing more than a noble lie – like the WMDs in Iraq which facilitated its invasion by the United States of America. Once a fait accompli, no power can undo it. No “oops” and “intelligence failure” can put the fired bullet back into the gun. Precisely because of its irreversibility that the public must oppose this sacred truth which makes mankind out as a virus infecting the earth.

There are mainly two global schools of thought today on what transpired on September 11, 2001. The first says evil Muslims under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden and an organization called Al-Qaeda, principally carried out that catastrophic terror act on American soil. Minor variations salt that narrative spanning the gamut of plausible sounding arguments from anticipated blowback of iniquitous global policies of the superpower to conspiratorial covert blessings and/or active collusion of the Western intelligence apparatuses, including that of the United States, Israel, Pakistan and others. The majority of the world's officialdoms, and the public mind, have accepted the unsalted version. Today that narrative advanced by the superpower and its surrogates underwrites history books, law books, policy prescriptions, fine literature, and even melodrama as an accepted historical fact. The salted variations mainly sell books. The second school of thought says that the entire first narrative can be nothing but a Big Lie and all its salted versions deliberate red herrings which principally serve to sanctify the Big Lie. This article underwrites the latter argument by advancing the logic method known as reductio ad absurdum on empirical evidence. It is a rational method used in court systems worldwide which any ordinary man and woman of sound mind capable of serving for jury duty can employ on their own to separate fact from fiction. No judge dare reject this forensic technique unless he is running a kangaroo court --- which is perhaps why no legal mind has to date dared to bring this most straightforward argument before the International Criminal Court System in the Hague despite all their vocal dissent as the brilliant consciences of the world. It is the one sure-fire proof of the Big Lie that can immediately lead to sleeping with the fishes for anyone presenting it with any effective measure of legal visibility. That crucial omission is the veritable indicator of the self-serving moral corruption of the finest intellectual minds today, or when innocent of that charge, perhaps their complete indoctrination. The global impact of this co-option is that the Big Lie of the twenty-first century is rapidly getting sanctified as “whole truth” with no moral giants (or even midgets) effectively standing in its way.

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100 Years of Balfour Declaration

Saturday, November 04, 2017
The Balfour Declaration addressed to Lord Rothschild November 2nd 1917
Caption The Balfour Declaration: November 2nd, 1917. Dear Lord Rothschild, 'His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavor to facilitate the achievement of this object. it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.' (Download Dissection PDF)
Zionism is the Jews' worst enemy. It tends to make the world's Jewry the natural enemy of the entire world regardless of which home country they live in. As was examined in my articleNo No – Not the ‘New Nazis'”, Jews can become the conscienceless enemies of their home countries where they were born or whose citizenship they enjoy, whenever matters come into conflict with supporting their Jewish state in Palestine.
The foundation of this sociopathy was laid very carefully in the precise wording of the Balfour Declaration itself. It had sanctioned the Jewish state in Palestine without jeopardizing the Jews' political rights in their own home countries:It being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”
The Balfour Declaration permitted the Jews, solely by the fiat of imperial power, to live in any country in the world while simultaneously making the Jewish state in Palestine their new home without jeopardizing their “rights and political status” in their home country of birth or citizenship.
Notice that the wording of the Balfour Declaration does not even mention the indigenous peoples of Palestine by name, only referring to them as “non-Jewish communities in Palestine”. It further does not mention their general “rights and political status” as a people as it does for the Jews, but only refers to some narrower “civil and religious rights” as “non-Jewish communities”.
While on first glance these phrases might appear equivalent to the layman, on careful examination with the eyes of a shrewd lawyer, the local “non-Jewish communities” are not accorded the same general unspecified “rights and political status”, as are the transplanted Jewish people in the land of another granted to the Jews.
While bearing only a few short imperial proclamations, the Balfour Declaration is the most treacherously worded document of its kind in the history of colonization.
Observe the magic of its linguistics, wherein, the Palestinian peoples are not referred to as a “people”, but only as “non-Jewish communities”.
Whereas, the same document refers to the Jews as “the Jewish people”.
The simple, largely agrarian, indigenous Palestinian population, uninformed of the vagaries of deceit and the Machiavellian use of legalisms and linguistics, from day one were deprived of political status by the very wording of the Balfour Declaration.
The British empire making the surprising land grant to the Jews whom they professed no inordinate love for throughout their history, only villainous hatred, suddenly didn't even recognize the indigenous peoples of Palestine continuously living for thousands of years in their own ancestral lands as one people. But the Jews in Diaspora, hailing from almost every country and culture on earth, but primarily the Ashkenazi from Europe, are acknowledged as one, “the Jewish People”.
Thus, the Machiavellian logic was to naturally follow, that how can a non-existent people have the general “rights and political status” which “the Jewish People” enjoy as a people regardless of where they live?
That logic, once diabolically seeded into the consciousness of the world Jewry by the fiat of Zionism as their divine right, has been articulated by almost every prime minister and statesman of the Jewish state of Israel ever since. Suffice it to reproduce here as the harvest of this crafty logic, the famous Jewish epitaph for Palestine: land without a people for a people without a land!
Based principally on that self-serving axiom which wiped out the very existence of a people with a single stroke of the imperial pen, that Golda Meir, the “Mother Israel”, hath proclaimed: “This country exists as the fulfillment of a promise made by God Himself. It would be ridiculous to ask it to account for its legitimacy”.
Since the Jewish God cannot be unjust even to the goyem (in the Jews proclamations before the goy), so Palestinian peoples must not exist if Israel “exists as the fulfillment of a promise made by God Himself.”
If they happen to exist on that soil and demand political rights, then they are to be exterminated as less than sub-human species unworthy of extending any political rights --- which is the reality that is witnessed daily in Palestine under the jackboots of the holy Jews --- Jews who proclaim Zionistan “as the fulfillment of a promise made by God Himself.”
The notable “civil and religious rights” accorded to the “non-Jewish communities” are equally on display, only a sanitized glimpse of which is in my survey article: “From Genesis to Genocide in Palestine”.
Books upon books have been meticulously compiled on Zionism dissecting the conquest of Palestine from all directions. The Jews have themselves written major treatise admitting their crime, Israeli historian Benny Morris' Righteous Victims, among them. And the Palestinians have narrated of their dispossession and genocide with an eloquence which remains unsurpassed for any oppressed peoples. Compelled by an inner drive to side with a beleaguered peoples, I have cited dozens of such compelling narratives in my 28 February 2007 articleThe endless trail of red herrings”.
However, when we solely focus on Zionism, we somehow seem to overlook that it was constructed by someone. Who? What for? Who aids and abets it? Who is its primemover? How has it lasted that long? Which forces drive it so that it has endured for almost 200 years? AIPAC? Chabad? The Knesset? Washington? London?
More significantly, who or what power caused such a such a diabolical document like the Balfour Declaration to be crafted?
And what political power did they exercise over the mighty British empire to prevail upon them with such an unjust demand?
What is the nature of that seemingly infinite and inexhaustible power that even today, no statesman of the entire Western Hemisphere can utter an effective word or take an effective action against the Jewish state?
Is it insignificant that the Balfour Declaration is addressed to Lord Rothschild?
Who are the Rothschilds?
Caption Pamphlet The Invisible House of Rothschild (click to download PDF)
Caption Pamphlet The Invisible House of Rothschild (Download PDF)
Because absolutely none in the contemporary political world, and almost none in the contemporary academic and journalistic worlds have bothered to focus on that strange name, The House of Rothschild, the godfather of Palestine has remained largely invisible in the public eye, tragically, even to the Palestinians themselves.
Many may, indeed for the first time, read the whole Balfour Declaration during this first and last centennial of its issuance because of the proud prominence in which it is being displayed by the presses world over, and because of Great Britain's sickening political gloating at their favouring the Jews.
But as the law of unintended consequences shall inevitably have it, at least now the Palestinians themselves will also have the opportunity to learn the name of their own formidable invisible nemesis who so diabolically instrumented the theft of their homeland.
For the Palestinians, struggling on their own homeland or holding on to their keys in Diaspora, to ensure that a second celebratory centennial of the Balfour Declaration does not transpire, the Theft of Palestine must obviously be undone. Their Nakba must end.
Unfortunately, the theft of Palestine cannot be undone without first understanding both the strengths and the weaknesses of this invisible nemesis, as well as of their own selves, as the dispossessed and victimized people who have continually been co-opted (sold-out) by their own intellectual and political elites over the same one hundred years.
Caption Undoing The Theft Of Palestine (click to download PDF)
Caption Undoing The Theft Of Palestine (Download PDF)
Minutely and forensically comprehending the forces which gave birth to the Balfour Declaration, and their full spectrum power nexus today which pervades all arenas of political, social, financial, academic, and the press in both hemispheres, is the first necessary baby-step to instrumenting the Undoing of the Theft of Palestine.
Zionistan will continue to exist as an anomaly in Palestine so long as the House of Rothschild's power continues to exist and flourish in the shadows on this earth.
Its tentacles have surrounded Palestine with an “iron wall” that is independent of the local population, and which none in the local population can breach.
More incredibly, in the short span of two hundred and fifty years of its existence, it has taken over the systems that run the world. The Balfour Declaration is the visible symptom of that behind the scenes not so hidden power, the identity even visibly displayed and yet hidden from the masses, the quid pro quo of World War I.
Caption Oligarchic Primacy for World Government (click to download PDF)
Caption Oligarchic Primacy for World Government (Download PDF)
Without that acute comprehension -- that their real formidable enemy is not the visible jackboots of the Jewish state on their necks which can easily be overcome by the courageous Palestinians themselves whenever battlefield is all that is called for, but the invisible godfather who controls it, finances it, sustains it, nourishes it, nurtures it, and protects it with an “iron wall” before which not just the Palestinians, but all Western as well as Eastern states, including their many shams of BDS and protest marches, are pathetically powerless -- another one hundred years of Nakba await. And hello second celebratory centennial of the Balfour Declaration!

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