Iran obstacle to US achieving hegemony or Self-Deluded?

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Dateline California, Tuesday, October 17, 2017
“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” --- Sun Tzu in The Art of War, circa 5th century BC
I am continually boggled by the power of incestuous self-reinforcement. You surround yourself with like-minded people, and they will continually reinforce your presuppositions, your axioms, your beliefs, and pretty soon you will end up quoting yourself. This is what I see happening to Iran.
Its media, its leaders, its, theologians, and its all and sundry opinion-makers who manage the perception of, and motivate, the Iranian public mind, all labor under the delusion that is captured in today's headline, October 17, 2017, on Press TV, Iran's outstanding English language news media that is targeted to Western audience. Press TV almost always runs supportive opinions, analyses, commentaries, and interviews of West situated scholars and opinion-makers to affect Western public opinion. Rarely, if ever, does it run any opinion or analysis that is contrary to its official state beliefs and political opinions. The most important of these beliefs is captured in this Press TV headline in its online print edition: “Iran obstacle to US achieving hegemony: Analyst” [1]
Iranian leadership, both religious and political, must really like to believe this headline. The only people who perhaps don't believe this is the Iranian people --- but may be they do too. The reality of the matter is that Iran is a fabricated enemy, a manufactured enemy, a synthetic created into existence under political theory that is the foundation of western hegemony. As well read and scholarly as the Iranian theologians evidently are, they strangely betray no understanding of Hegelian Dialectic whatsoever! This is puzzling... because these are not state secrets. The Western assets that drive the strategies for its hegemony on the Grand Chessboard are intellectual institutions like the Rand Corporation founded after WWII to keep all the mathematicians of America engaged and kept from leaving to their own pastures after peace was established. These analysts were instead enlisted in developing new strategies of warfare based on game theory, economic theory, and the rapidly evolving deep understanding of psychology and methods of behavior control. Simultaneously, the Western think-tanks and scholarship came to understand Islam and Muslims perhaps far better than Islam's own best scholars. They well understand the ethos of Shia Islam far better than most Shia scholars. They also well understand the tribal ethos of the Afghans far better than the most learned individuals in Afghan tribes. They know how to tickle revenge, vengeance, revolutions, create, aid and abet “revolutionary times”, and fashion lifetime of fighters (sometimes as friends and sometimes as foes) for a Machiavellian purpose.
All this is evidently lost on the Iranians! Incestuous self-reinforcement can deceive the best of leaders and thinkers --- and that seems to be the problem here. Press TV runs these headlines in incestuous sync with the beliefs of their own leaders. None dare speak to the reality that “emperor has no clothes”.
I hope that Iranians wizen up to the reality that they are a manufactured enemy --- the best enemy no money can buy!
Unlike the manufacture of “militant Islam”, the many flavors of the “Freedom fighters” of Afghanistan, the Talibans, and the IS all of whom have consumed a great deal of wealth and resources, “revolutionary Islam” is virtually free once it is brought into existence. Like the legendary vengeance of the Afghans, the self-righteousness of Shia Islam as manifested in revolutionary Iran is now an empirical fact of history. Planting and harvesting them both so cunningly is to the credit of the West. Western hegemons have no love lost for the untermensch of the East unless they can labor in its factories and consume its products without increasing in population as useless eaters. When the tables were turned in antiquity, it surely wasn't any different. Power is always hungry, and in the hands of the ubermensch, there is neither any limit to its drive for satiation, not any limit to its methods of cunning. I have never witnessed Just power. I have only seen the depravity of power. And I have also only witnessed deception, the worst of which is self-deception!
The reality of Iran is perhaps captured more accurately by the following statement than anything else reported in the public in the aftermath of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, in the aftermath of its sacred defense, and in the aftermath of economic sanctions, the empire knowing fully well that the perennial Shia ethos drawn from the supreme sacrifice in Karbala and openly proclaimed as the principal fount of motivation for the Islamic Revolution in Iran: “death with honor rather than life with humiliation”, will never permit Iran under the rule of its revolutionary theologians to bow before the “Yazid” of their time, and thus fashion a perpetual enemy with every tightening of the screw upon that nation:
“The truth is that Iran, like Iraq, is a third-world nation without a significant military. Nothing in history hints that she is likely to invade a neighboring country, let alone America or Israel. I am concerned, however, that a contrived Gulf of Tonkin- type incident may occur to gain popular support for an attack on Iran.” --- US Congressman Ron Paul, January 15, 2007 speech on the House Floor [2]
Why can't the learned Iranian leadership and its ascetic rulers see that their circumstances, including their revolution, is a manufactured product? With all their plethora of mathematicians, they still haven't figured out game theory? With all their plethora of Ayatollahs, they still haven't figured out Hegelian Dialectic? With their most learned clergy as the Valih-e-faqih who guides the destiny of his nation with the hand of the divine guiding him, they still haven't figured out that they have become puppets in the stimulus-response game on the Grand Chessboard --- that their every reaction, their very move, is rather easy to predict statistically based on game theory and the deep understanding of their religious psyche? [3]
Why don't the Iranians perceive that they are sustained into perpetual enmity with various ploys and psychological games, to serve precisely the imperial agenda of having an endless supply of controlled enemies in order to continually sustain the necessary domestic spending, and the necessary domestic sacrifices, that waging an endless war against the alien trifecta of “militant Islam” (Sunni militancy), “moderate Islam” (empire's solution Islam), and “revolutionary Islam” (Shia resistance), diabolically enables for the Western hegemons?
Why don't the Iranians see that without a fabricated threat to empire's existence, the new empire simply cannot embark on its renewed white man's burden, its global primacy and its geostrategic imperatives, its imperial mobilization towards one-world hegemony, because their own “democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization”?
Instead of the fairy tale headline in their own press to delude themselves and show their bravado to the rest of the world: “Iran obstacle to US achieving hegemony”, the Iranian role on the Grand Chessboard is unfortunately more accurately captured by the yet to be seen realist's headline: Iran instrumental to US achieving its hegemony!
That singular recognition, the result of having even a modicum of ma'arifat (deeper understanding) in the Machiavellian political ideologies and psychological techniques that underwrite the methods of Western hegemony, its third, fourth, fifth and sixth generation warfare couched in its neoliberal and neoconservative offerings as was so succinctly captured by Thomas Friedman in the New York Times: “The hidden hand of the market will never work without a hidden fist -- McDonald's cannot flourish without McDonnell Douglas, the builder of the F-15. And the hidden fist that keeps the world safe for Silicon Valley's technologies is called the United States Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.”, can surely enable beleaguered Iran to offer a real and more effective sacred defence.
Indeed, that understanding permits the rest of the nations of the world now bearing the full brunt of the same imperial mobilization agenda in different flavors (ranging from debt enslavement to democracy revolutions), to offer a combined and real sacred defence against the common enemy of all mankind.
That common enemy of all mankind? The ubermensch oligarchy that rules from behind the scenes and continually preys upon public lives, Western and Eastern, to expand its private empire. [4]
Its technique? Create, manufacture, and propagandize “revolutionary times” across the globe.
This diabolical technique, now ubiquitously employed in virtually every coordinate on earth in every discipline that engages in, or relies on, behavior control, was most brilliantly captured by the stoic defenders of freedom and civilization in the West in these famously opportunistic words:
“What is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times; and if at this time the opportunity is missed and what is possible at such great hours is not carried out – a whole world is lost” --- David Ben-Gurion at the founding of the Jewish State
“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.” --- Rahm Israel Emanuel in conversation at the Wall Street Journal
This highest order enemy of mankind has no religion, knows no national boundaries, and has long aspired, like all Alexanders before it, for the singular prize --- the whole world!
This enemy cunningly hides in plain sight.
It controls all legaldoms (their stooges make the pertinent laws), all officialdoms (their stooges make the pertinent policies), all financialdoms (their front instruments control the source of money and monitor all financial transactions), all politicians (their henchmen who enact the legalisms and policies on their behalf), all academia and think-tanks (their scholars who disguise and hide their role by deflecting attention), and all media throughout the world (their message machines that control the public mind like puppets on a string).
Some participate in this exercise wittingly (the mercenaries), and some unwittingly (the dupes and useful idiots). But both types are made so dependent upon the systems' favors, or so invested in it, or so indoctrinated into it, that they simply cannot even think of resisting it, let alone oppose it with any measure of effectiveness. Very few are neither type. But even as honest leaders of nations, they are so easily forced to the Russian roulette table that their choices are no longer theirs. Some of them surely must also understand what is happening to them. In the best case scenario, the Iranian leadership may well be in this latter category. But it sure ain't obvious!
It ain't obvious if they are merely playing their assigned role as the scripted enemy, or just deluding themselves into the fastpath to the Heaven beyond.
The very first stage, the most elementary stage, of this real sacred defence is to stop surrounding oneself in one's own choir!
Find those who can not only see that the emperor has no clothes on, but have the courage to say so.
If that most basic freedom is given, the freedom to think two plus two equals four, and the freedom to proclaim it so, all else will naturally follow.
Since this most basic freedom is never given willingly, for its tyranny is the cornerstone of the pyramid of power, it must be earned at great sacrifice --- which is why it forms the most basic foundation of the real sacred defence! Otherwise, “you know neither the enemy nor yourself, [and] you will succumb in every battle.”
I could of course be all wrong about this --- valih-e-faqih knows best!

[3] Zahir Ebrahim, Hijacking Holy Qur'an And Islam – Muslims and Imperial Mobilization, 2nd Edition, 2015, pgs. 222-240,
[4] Zahir Ebrahim, The Poor-Man's Guide To Modernity – Oligarchic Primacy for World Government, 9th Edition, 2015,

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