Letter to Editor Insurgency Alliance in Pakistan

Letter to Editor
Friday, March 14, 2014
Insurgency Alliance in Pakistan
Who is really behind these antediluvian insurgents wielding "militant Islam" and getting cozier with the Baluch "separatists" in sync with the "Taliban insurgents" as reported by Reuters today (Friday March 14, 2014, Rebels, Islamists form dangerous alliance in Pakistan's unruly southwest, By Syed Raza Hassan, QUETTA, Pakistan Fri Mar 14, 2014 10:11am IST), all besieging Pakistan:
"(Reuters) - One is a band of separatists fighting for independence from Pakistan. The other is a feared group of Islamists bent on killing Shi'ite Muslims whom they see as infidels.
The two could not be more different in their goals and tactics. But in Pakistan's volatile, resource-rich province of Baluchistan, separatists have teamed up with radical Sunni Muslims in their fight against the Pakistani government.
The unlikely but dangerous alliance poses a new, unexpected challenge for Pakistan, already plagued by a growing Taliban insurgency on its western Afghan border."
Who was, and still is, behind the terrorist organization called Jundallah located in Baluchistan to foment insurgency and destabilization terror for Iran?
Perhaps if one understood that, one might be able to forensically as well as perceptively tell who is behind these insurgents fomenting destabilizing terror in Pakistan, from its East to its West, its North to its South, all across its length and breadth, by varying names, titles, and doctrinal motivation.
The following analysis contains a compilation of news reports for Jundallah from the Associated Press and the New York Times that I did a while back with reverse-reading, i.e., reading back in time to understand the continuity of the reportage which often lends considerable more insight than any single news report, components as they often are of the Mighty Wurlitzer:
[1] IRAN, the Associated Press, and Covert-War of 'Imperial Mobilization'
What does that analysis disclose, and suggest, to those able to think on the canvas of the Grand Chessboard?
Here is my analysis ---
[2] PAKISTAN, Insurgency vs. Counter-Insurgency By Zahir Ebrahim
[3] Imperial Surrogates and 'Terror Central' in Operation Gladio Redux
Why is the Pakistani mind unable to grasp that most straightforward empirical analysis?
Why do its leaders and military continue to play the fool and straight into the hands of the real enemy?
The facts disclose that the beleaguered state and its peoples are now totally beholden to the tunes played by the Mighty Wurlitzer:
[4] Report on the Mighty Wurlitzer - Architecture of Modern Propaganda for Psychological Warfare
The existing systems of ruling power in Pakistan is so corrupt, and so narrowly self-serving, that it will take a new generation of Pakistanis to wage an effective battle against this 4th-gen warfare covertly imposed on Pakistan through many surrogate front armies all of whom work for one grandmaster hectoring hegemon.
Zahir Ebrahim

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