Letter To Anyone Who Cares By Zahir Ebrahim

Monday morning, February 17, 2014
Pakistan is going through very rough times today. But these dystopic times are no more rough than the decades which preceded the partition of the Indian subcontinent. It is often said that history, especially dystopic history, repeats itself. If we can get a handle on how the current affairs of that pre-partition era were manipulated, orchestrated, aided and abetted into existence to serve a larger geopolitical agenda, then it can help us understand some of the forces doing the same today. The most significant character of that era is "Sir" Allama Mohammad Iqbal of Sialkot. The re-examination of our political history in the essay: Sacred Cow: Allama Iqbal - marde-momin or superman By Zahir Ebrahim? ( http://tinyurl.com/Allama-Iqbal-ubermensch ), unmasks many of the forces that motivated this fellow into serving imperial interests in the name of serving Muslims and Islam. These forces have not perished, but similarly fabricating and orchestrating events in Pakistan today with a new retinue of stooges and mercenaries. The modus operandi, unsurprisingly enough, isn't dissimilar either (and why change it when it works so well). Chaos conditions are fabricated with terror to create social tension which is subsequently harvested as "demands" of the people. That modus operandi of recent history already out in the open, called the "strategy of tension" in Western Europe, can be studied in the article: Operation Gladio Yesterday and Worldwide Terrorism Today – Identifying the Enemy By Zahir Ebrahim ( http://tinyurl.com/Op-Gladio-and-Terrorism-Today ).
I have become mostly disillusioned with both my brilliant friends and the people of my country, Pakistan. None of them, it would appear, evidently harbor any useful intelligence whatsoever, never mind moral courage to stand up to narrative control. Without full spectrum narrative control, no one would believe any of the myths being foisted upon the public mind. Despite copious advanced degrees and other high-falutin credentials and national accolades, even the most learned Pakistanis, learned with advanced Western degrees mostly, appear little different than the outright ignorant masses talking current-affairs at tea-stands. The intelligentsia of Pakistan specifically, with access to news media and corridors of power, are evidently outright crooks and liars, if not naive simpletons who make great useful idiots for carrying the white man's burden. Selling the soul to the devil is evidently the favorite pastime of Pakistanis, both by acts of commission and acts of omission. I have never had any patience for these crooks and liars who continue to harp the core narratives of empire in minor variations thus further putting the Pakistani masses into a perpetual mind-lock chasing absurd antidotes for global “war on terror”, “Deobandi terror”, “militant Islam”, et. al. In fact, no differently than how this most hyped of all founders of Pakistan, “Sir” Allama Iqbal, got the Muslims of the Indian sub-continent to chase their own antidote to Hindu-Muslim terror in the form of a new Muslim state. That achievement even became the international precedence-setter at the UN to serve the Jewish demand for their own antidote to Christian-terror in a newly carved out Jewish state (in case any member nation objected to the Jewish state being carved out in Muslim soil, but none that mattered objected). Both fabrications transpired in extreme violence upon the respective indigenous peoples. Both were based on synthetic demand creation that was made to appear organic. Both were principally based on narrative control.
Perceptively understanding the lesson of the oligarchic forces prevailing upon our birth can only help us perceptively understand the forces orchestrating current affairs on our death-bed. I am not sure if that is sufficient to alter our ill-fated destiny on the grand chessboard, but it is surely the first step to breaking free from the strangulating web of narrative control which limits our horizons, our creative problem-solving, and which subliminally as well as cognitively channels us as a nation to only serve overarching agendas carved out in Western think-tanks and its policy-halls. In the age of universal deceit, to learn the truth is a revolutionary act.
Thank you.

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