Is HEC planning to reinstate the plagiarist like it did once before? Letter to HEC by Zahir Ebrahim

To: The Chairperson, Higher Education Commission Pakistan, Engr. Syed Imtiaz Hussain Gilani
To: Other current and former officers of HEC
Date: Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 6:10 PM PST
Dear Mr. Syed Imtiaz Hussain Gilani, and other current and former officers of HEC
I draw your kind attention to the following open letter. Is HEC planning to reinstate this plagiarist like it did once before? The plagiarist is going around defaming those who caught him red handed and has managed to remove at least one public reference to his crime.
I would like to put you on notice that the following infamy had transpired before your tenure began, and what is presently transpiring under your very nose that the plagiarist is defaming those who caught him with impunity. Perhaps you have hitherto been unaware of it. You no longer are.
What are you going to do about it?
More private white-washing, or, like a man taking the bulls by the horn and making a public statement regarding this plagiarism case? I would like to hope that your tenure will better the previous two Chairpersons' and their common Executive Director's. No, not in more idiotic national educational policies that remain indefensible, but in actually doing something good for the people of Pakistan by cleaning your own house first --- before you attempt to clean up Pakistan's higher education system.
You can only do that if you perceptively understand what you have inherited, and also harbor a sensible vision of where you wish to take the nation's higher education system. These two start and end points, of your choosing, will determine the straight and narrow path that our young generation eager for national guidance will march on under your tenure.
Higher education plays the most crucial and defining role in modernity as you will surely agree. It can either craft integrity-free likkha-parrha jahils with degrees and third-rate publications, often plagiarized, tattooed on their forehead, or it can fashion a ba-shaoor nation that can carve out its own destiny. Today, we don't even comprehend the enemy, as both your predecessors, as well as our national leaders demonstrate. Their begging bowl before the World Bank has funded the most idiotic academic programs in Pakistan putting us further in debt.
I encourage you to not be so autocratic like your predecessors as if HEC and its pious stewards, and their military and political benefactors, alone understand what is good for the nation. I encourage you to convene a working group of dissenting citizens and concerned academics from Pakistan to examine the past and current record of HEC to better understand these initial conditions that you have inherited. The same working group may be charted to make recommendations for the national direction of higher education in Pakistan which may be debated publicly. These policies, and no other, and especially not those bequeathed and aided and abetted by the World Bank and the IMF, must be the rational purview of any national body chartered to guide the nation's higher education.
I invite you to craft at least one university in Pakistan as your legacy for which your own children and grandchildren will give up their admission to MIT and Harvard. It can be done.
There is a lot more untapped talent in Pakistan which is routinely harvested by the West which can be put to national reconstruction. But not if our brightest minds become economic widgets of the West. The rest end up making up the bulk of their local marketing and sales force.
As this open letter betrays, there is evidently no shame among some Pakistanis. But that brings great shame to the entire nation. Please do something about it.
Thank you for your time.
Zahir Ebrahim
California, United States

Is HEC planning to reinstate the plagiarist like it did once before? Letter to HEC from Zahir Ebrahim