Israel Shamir and Wikileaks - Open Letter

From: Zahir Ebrahim | Project
To: “Israel Shamir”,
Subject: Your response solicited to: WOW: Israel Shamir Works for Wikileaks!
Date: Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 8:19 AM
Dear Israel Shamir,
The photograph of Israel Shamir with Julian Assange lifts the fog on Israel Shamir's bizarre support of Wikileaks!Caption The photograph of Israel Shamir with Julian Assange lifts the fog on Israel Shamir's bizarre support of Wikileaks! But why did Israel Shamir not disclose his close association with Julian Assange when he called Zahir Ebrahim a 'denier'? (Image via aangirfan via the Swedish
I would like to invite any response you would like to give to my missive below written in 2011, and I'd be happy to append it as your clarification of why you did not disclose your close ties to Julian Assange and Wikileaks when you called me and others 'denier'. I am sure that those who keep coming to this article on my website would still like to learn your side of this as well; that how does a brilliant dissent-chief, a man of conscience, a Saul turned Paul, turn out to be a con man for the new Romans? It can't be just the bread --- for you were quite well-fed as a Jew. The transformation to Christianity surely was more than buttering the bread on both sides. Were did that metanoia go --- that the end transformation was eventually to a Machiavelli?
These are the poor questions I am left with in the absence of your clarifications -- and I invite your corrections if the impression created by your stupidity of connivingly shilling for wikileaks, daring to go so far as accusing my skepticism of this new Mighty Wurlitzer as akin to being a 'holocaust denier' by using the well-worn Jewish propaganda term 'denier', is misapprehended or unjust. I will hasten to correct my questions.
Zahir Ebrahim

Israel Shamir's Response Solicited to 'WOW Israel Shamir Works for Wikileaks' By Zahir Ebrahim

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