Preface: The Poor-Man's Guide to Modernity

9th Edition of Modernity 2015
The Poor-Man's Guide to Modernity
This book which you now hold in your hands, The Poor-Man's Guide to Modernity – Oligarchic Primacy for World Government 2015, 9th Edition, carefully and systematically deconstructs the Machiavellian social engineering being employed in the diabolical but open construction of one-world government. Modernity Reader 2015 presents some of the key investigative essays and analytical perspectives developed by the author as part of Project Humanbeingsfirst, principally as a student of truth, and not its master. What that means is that the author does not define or presuppose the truth in any matter. Nor does he accept such presuppositions from others. Instead, he endeavors to seek truth in every matter ab initio, to comprehend it, to un entangle its many threads, and to bring what he has made sense of to the audience for their own adjudication.
Modernity Reader 2015 systematically unpeels “truth's protective layers” (American astronaut Neil Armstrong's syntactic sugar for layers of deception which conceal truth) in many different domains to demonstrate that virtually nothing the public mind is led to believe is wholly true. In fact, what the public believes and responds to is often outright falsehood. The purpose? To fashion a global police-state, a one-world government on earth with its populations reduced to serfdom in voluntary servitude. Goethe, the German philosopher, aptly captured the ease of this approach to governance, of getting people to love their servitude in acquiescing to tyranny over solely using the Orwellian bayonet: “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
Mankind today is perched on the cusp of a global scientific dictatorship; a transformation so profound that it has only become possible in our scientific modernity to practicably achieve the zeitgeist that Plato visualized in The Republic 2500 years ago. Plato gave a thought experiment in his famous Simile of the Cave for full spectrum perception management of the public mind from cradle to grave. And he argued that it would be next to impossible to break through that web of control once it was achieved – for people would simply not believe it if truth was revealed to them. We are nearly there today, for the first time in the history of man on a global planet-wide scale.
Machiavellian social engineering surrounds modernity in an endless sea of half truths, quarter truths, and outright lies such that ferreting out the whole truth about any matter for anyone in the public is a “revolutionary act”. Although, George Orwell is reputed to have stated it differently: “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
I believe my version trumps the prescient novelist's. In order to tell the truth in the age of universal deceit, one still has to ferret it out first. That endeavor, as this book demonstrates, requires the steep ascent to “Mt. Fuji” from whence, “with your mind as high as Mt. Fuji you can see all things clearly. And you can see all the forces that shape events; not just the things happening near to you.” Performing simple arithmetic such as adding two plus two to make four becomes a lot easier when one can see all the forces that shape events. The sociologist-novelist who made that arithmetica famous in his fable Nineteen eighty-four, also perceptively observed through the pen of his protagonist character, Winston Smith, the far reaching impact of being able to add correctly and to announce the result openly:
Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”
An undertaking that is inexplicably missing from the imposing resumes of most learned peoples on planet earth today.
Why is that wherewithal to perform simple addition lacking? “Most people would rather die than think; in fact, they do so”! That dismal fact is the success of modernity: the cultivation of “a large number of men who are content to labor hard all day long”. Undoing that pernicious force majeure which principally underwrites the dystopia now in the making, is the raison d'être of this book.
Telling the truth once it has been ferreted out, once one or more of “truth's protective layers” have been painstakingly peeled away, takes only a bare modicum of raw courage. Many people are known to display raw courage today. The show of such raw courage, evidently, is a lot easier than intellectual or moral courage to remove “truth's protective layers” – for the former is usually of immediate existential import to oneself. Even the tiny helpless Palestinian child demonstrates a superfluity of raw courage as his instincts for survival are tickled by the Israeli occupation forces. That raw instinctual courage is amply captured in the following two images. Yet, the matching intellectual and moral courage, the wherewithal to remove all of “truth's protective layers”, to stand up to the occupation of the mind, is evidently as rare as air in freespace.
Ferreting out the truth therefore, in this age of Machiavelli and universal deceit, is the greater, and the first revolutionary act. Telling it of course is the second revolutionary act. The ultimate revolutionary act however trumps both ferreting out the truth and telling the truth. It is to act upon the truth. And Plato's wisdom surely prevails for the public mind! Nevertheless, please read the Legal Disclaimer Notice ( before you hasten to do so in the rare instance that you are not a prisoner of the cave. The Notice is hereby incorporated into this book by reference. In précis, you are responsible to verify what is presented here. For all you know, it could be all myth. Your acting upon any information therein, is upon your own cognizance that you think, believe, and act, on your own volition. Follow your own internal “imam” first – your own intellect! It will guide you to truth. As the Biblical saying goes, and which Martin Luther King Jr. underscored for overcoming our “psychological cataracts”:
In international conflicts the truth is hard to come by, because most nations are deceived about themselves. Rationalizations and the incessant search for scapegoats, are the psychological cataracts that blind us to our sins. But the day has passed for our superficial patriotism. He who lives with untruth lives in spiritual slavery. Freedom is still the bonus we receive for knowing the truth. 'Yee shall know the truth', says Jesus, 'and the truth shall set you free.'
The main reason truth becomes so hard to come by is due to the cunning intellectual who misleads the public mind in the name of dissent against his nation's war-mongering. This is the manufactured dissent, a new breed of deception with which most readers of this book will be unfamiliar with. Which is why it is the core focus of the presentation and peppers the analysis of all the topics taken up in this book. This diabolical art form is the master social science du jour. Only the most brilliant minds can become prominent leaders in this field, for it is far easier to be the straightforward vulgar propagandist for the state's war-mongering and dystopic agendas which employ the Big lie that is repeated ad nauseam, right out of the recipe cookbook for making the public mind by Adolph Hitler, his “Mein Kampf”. Unfortunately, few among the public, academics and activists alike, have read that book, never mind having any familiarity with Hegel or the Hegelian Dialectic. Without understanding the Hegelian Dialectics of Deception, my neologism, and the concept of manufactured dissent among the rebels to complement the engineered consent among the mainstream, both of which retain all core-axioms and Big lies of 'empire' intact, today's modernity and the forces driving it simply cannot be comprehended. The intellectual courage to stand up to this form of gang rape of the mind, mind-fck if you will, is rarely seen in the world today. Such a rare mind is quickly marginalized when no longer simply ignorable. The next stop for such a mind may well be the state hospitality center for being mentally ill, suffering from an “oppositional defiant disorder” exhibiting a pattern of “negativistic, defiant, disobedient and hostile behavior toward authority figures”, as per the new DSM guidelines for classifying mental illnesses.
These “authority figures” who control public opinion exist as much in the mainstream manufacturing consent among the majority to “United We Stand” them with empire, as in the dissent-stream engineering their respective flock's mind to ensure that dissent does not stray too far from the permissible limits set by empire, and when it does, that it is quickly controlled and marginalized by the dissent-chiefs who have been setup and even anointed for this purpose. More sophisticated techniques are deployed to confuse the intelligent mind. This includes interjecting “beneficial cognitive diversity” into the discourse, meaning, introducing outlandish and gibberish conspiracy theories by so called “believable experts”, with enough absurdities mixed in with half-truth and three-quarter truths, and having quacks and “enemy combatants” who are already marginalized and dehumanized in the public's eye, utter some real germs of truth, coupled with the establishment itself perform some “limited hangouts”, that it becomes virtually impossible to tell bullshit from the whole fact of the matter. No forensic perspective is ever permitted to be developed in the public mind to be able to parse and unpeel all of “truth's protective layers”.
This “inoculation” of the whole truth with some “vaccinated truth”, which is further wrapped in plausible sounding gibberish and the most outlandish conspiracy theories, consequently sees the entire discourse-space of challenging the sacred narratives of empire thrown out by the cognitive mind so overwhelmed with distortions that it can no longer tell what is wheat and what is chaff. A few useful idiots latch on to the gibberish instead.
In this remarkable modus operandi to engineer and control the public mind between consent and dissent, the difference is that for consent, the empire is projected as good. For dissent, the empire is projected as bad. And if the object of derision is an external “enemy” against which the empire is waging its incessant wars, as in the case of the aftermath of 9/11, then the same external enemy is retained by both sides and only re-incarnated either as “jihadis” and “Militant Islam” (consent), or “revolutionaries” and “blowback” (dissent). Neither manufacturers will ever extend their discourse to self-inflicted covert-ops, to forensic analysis of overarching agendas of “imperial mobilization”, and to “inside job” akin to the Nazi's “operation canned goods” that launched their “imperial mobilization” into Poland.
Then how can one ever come by truth in international affairs at all, when all scholars, intellectuals, and dissent-chiefs lie as the core assets of the Mighty Wurlitzer? Who is with empire, and who isn't, what is right and what isn't, isn't as straightforward anymore. MLK's description quoted above is most benign and limited in its insight and does not even begin to penetrate the layers of deception that is diabolically put on the public mind to “United We Stand” them on all core axioms and sacred narratives of empire. This books takes up the gauntlet from where MLK's simplistic stance against his nation's war-mongering left off. MLK neither saw the oligarchy, nor how it harnesses the Western states, especially the American superpower, with crafty legalisms to achieve its globalist agendas stage by stage, one step at a time, ultimately creating“an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece”. This book also picks up the gauntlet from Malcolm X in developing a deeper insight into the mind of the diabolical intellectual nigger who has today transplanted the simpleton house nigger in his indispensability to the massa.
Caption The Real David and Goliath – Image of a Palestinian child throwing a stone at an Israeli tank, unknown source from the web
Caption The Real David and Goliath – Palestinian boy guarding his house in Kyriat Arba'a Hebron photo AFP via Kawther Salam
Caption Images of raw physical courage for the instinctual physical survival of self!
The complementary images capturing the raw intellectual courage for the dignified and manly survival of mankind, the moral gravitas to unravel all of “truth's protective layers” and to bring it before the public: yet to be found!!
The first essay of Modernity Reader 2015: Modernity Simplified, is the Poor-Man's Introduction to the long night of primacy which has descended upon our beleaguered world since 9/11, and which defines our present modernity. The Poor-Man is defined as one with limited ability, or time, or even inclination, to carefully read, reflect, and reason about the period one lives in. The Poor-Man of Modernity, as much the highly educated well to do lot as the wretched of the earth hoi polloi, is the epitome of the Orwellian maxim: Ignorance is Strength! Easy putty in the hands of Machiavellian social engineers. These forces of darkness manage the public mind and maneuver public behavior towards the desired political outcome, with full force of all the techniques of behavior control and psychological warfare operations.
The outcome of this exercise is that living in darkness becomes a force of habit for the Poor-Man of Modernity. More importantly, the darkness is a source of extreme dependency for the Darwinian hunter-gatherers of modernity who, like the nocturnal bats, become so dependent on the long night for their feeding frenzy that far from applauding the endeavor to bring forth the new dawn, both predators and victims resist it! Rejoice in it.
To not resist the dawn of enlightenment, metanoia, transformation, is that Road Not Taken!
On this road not taken of seeking out the reality of what is, as it actually is, there is no applause, least of all from empire and its minions who come in all psychological flavors to cater to all forms of public opinion, engineering consent as well as dissent to control resistance. Indeed, when power and its instruments applaud, award prizes and titles in flattery, it is a sure indication that one is serving its broader interests in some way by way of serving one's own narrower ones. This should be self-evident. But often isn't in the darkness of the night. It takes warm daylight to perceive this self-evident truth. And therein lies the heart of “banality of evil” from which all else follows.
The Companion Reader: Hijacking The Holy Qur'an And Its Religion Islam – Muslims and Imperial Mobilization 2015, 2nd Edition, is focussed on the religion of Islam and its convoluted intersection with political science for empire building. The Islam Reader 2015 analyzes: (1) how the religion of Islam is interpreted by self-interest; (2) how the religion of Islam is harnessed for “imperial mobilization” by empire; (3) how the religion of Islam itself contributes to this abuse by being open-ended, ambiguous, metaphorical or imprecise in certain key verses in the Holy Qur'an which open the door wide open for self-serving socialized interpretations, flourishing misunderstandings, endless sectarianism, and incestuous self-reinforcement generation after generation.
The companion Islam Reader 2015, is essential study material for Muslims as well as non-Muslims, and especially for those who have grown up in the West in the post 9/11 era of extreme Islamophobia. Worse than Judeophobia in yesteryear, it is not only demonizing Muslims and the religion of Islam, but is the principal doctrinal motivation for their ongoing destruction worldwide. The grotesque tendency among house nigger Muslims themselves to blindly accept the global narrative that the United States of America was attacked by “bad Muslims”, and that they themselves, as “good Muslims”, must distance themselves from this so called “militant Islam” with a new “moderate Islam”, is so universal that young minds in schools and colleges are being indoctrinated in that mythology just like the Jews still are in their own sacred narrative of the HolocaustTM. It is to the point that OBL's mythical “box-cutter knives” invasion of the most armed to the teeth most advanced superpower on earth from the dusty caves of Afghanistan, has been made a sacred “fact” of presupposition, an axiom, for their entire ethos. The systematic deconstruction of this criminal absurdity is immediately taken up in Modernity's opening chapters. It is continued in depth in the Islam Reader 2015, on how easy it has been to hijack the religion of Islam throughout the past fourteen and a half centuries for empire building.
Together these two unusual 2015 Readers by Project Humanbeingsfirst, trenchantly examine how one-world government empire of the oligarchy is being systematically fashioned from the full spectrum mind-fck of the public, using sophisticated methods of the Hegelian Dialectic, to get people worldwide to accept their own servitude in global police-states. These methods spare neither what's sacred to mankind and its many civilizations, nor the dignity, self-respect, and humanity of any people, all of whom are treated with equal contempt as sheep to be shepherded by wolves and parasites divined to rule mankind as the superman: “some are sheep while others are wolves, we are the wolves”!
The Plebeian Antidote to Hectoring Hegemons,
Zahir Ebrahim
September 11, 2015

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Preface: The Poor-Man's Guide to Modernity 2015