Letter to Editor: FBI Islamology Teaching

Sunday, September 25, 2011
The roots of the anti-Islam graph in the FBI presentation disclosed by WIRED on September 14, 2011 are very distinguished and very deep-seated in doctrinal warfare. It is not merely some ad hoc “overreaction” to the “war on terror” against “militant Islam” by an overzealous state security apparatus' training program to keep the Americans safe from terrorists. The identification of the roots of this “doctrinal motivation” is absent in WIRED's disclosure of FBI's tryst with Islamophobia.
This 'FBI Islamology' is a symptom, not the disease, nor the roots of the disease. The identification of the disease isn't a highly classified state secret that it continually escapes disclosure either. It is trivially disclosed and analyzed here:
But thank you Spencer Ackerman for this disclosure nevertheless. It begs the obvious question who is behind this disclosure and why did the FBI make its 'Islamology' presentation public.
It further begs the question that for those eloquently condemning it, including Muslim organizations like CAIR, myriad other civil rights and human rights organization, including the Senators who Blast FBI Terror-Training ‘Lies’, why is the identification of the disease so difficult for them?
Is the architecture of “imperial mobilization” rocket science for the modern penologists?
See the difference in the above referenced report.
Zahir Ebrahim

Letter to Editor: Zahir Ebrahim's Response to WIRED Article: FBI Teaches Agents: ‘Mainstream’ Muslims Are ‘Violent, Radical’

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