House of Agamemnon - Bhuttos of Pakistan

“My mother always used to say that democracy is the best revenge” --- Saria Benazir in 'You cannot murder a legacy'
I believe there is an unarticulated context to the usage of the word “democracy”, and specifically in how Benazir Bhutto, your mother, used it.
This can, for instance, be gleaned in the following presentation she made at the Council on Foreign Relations on August 15, 2007, just before her sanctioned return to Pakistan. That presentation video is here – a must watch for the family of Benazir Bhutto and the Pakistanis caught in the whirlwind of puppetshows beyond their making:

What lends some forensic context to that presentation at the CFR is this analysis by yours truly: Who Killed Benazir Bhutto? In her own words!
Benazir Bhutto was victimized at least three times (by my counting).
  • First time by fate. She was born into circumstances beyond her control wherein fate, not talent, thrust greatness upon her. She ran with that crown, sometimes wearily, sometimes with aplomb and remarkable strength rising to every occasion and refusing the hemlock each time, to the best of her acumen. And like all such imposed greatness which is thrust upon mere mortals, she succumbed to it.
  • The second time by her loved ones and supporters, so called, who used her to climb the ladders of power which their own mediocrity would never enable despite being favored house niggers of the massa. To understand that difficult but obvious concept, see my recent essay The Niggers of Pakistan.
  • But the third time is when her own progeny today is unable to parse what happened to their mother, to their grandfather, to their uncles and aunts, in the geopolitical chess game on The Grand Chessboard --- a game in which they were, and their memory still is, a mere pawn to be moved around.... Even to this day, they continue to labor under the mythologies which have been handed them by the same grandmasters who were the killers of their mother, their grandfather, their uncles...
It is impossible to accept the assassination of one's entire family --- especially men and women so distinguished by a hereditary name. A name which the people of Pakistan in significant majority respected, and still do. Such respect has not been the fate of many a wanna-be in Pakistani politics, and like the Kennedys of America, the Bhuttos of Pakistan have shared a fate only the divine comedy can unravel.
My profound sympathies to Benazir's children, nephews and nieces... the innocent victims of the curse on the House of Agamemnon which they seem as unable to break as their mother caught in the circumstances beyond her control.
That curse is dragging Pakistan and its peoples along with it.... The only way out of it is also obvious, and it was indeed obvious to Benazir Bhutto as well. She was however more attached to Faust than to breaking that curse... her progeny evidently has inherited the same.
Yes you cannot murder a legacy -- you can murder the legatees!
In sadness,
Zahir Ebrahim
Comment for: You cannot murder a legacy -by Saria Benazir September 22, 2011

The curse on the House of Agamemnon: Bhuttos and Pakistan - Zahir Ebrahim's Response to 'You cannot murder a legacy by Saria Benazir'

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