Letter to Kerry Cassidy on the Alien-UFO Agenda By Zahir Ebrahim

Letter to Kerry Cassidy on the Alien-UFO Agenda

By Zahir Ebrahim | Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

Friday April 8, 2011

Dear Ms. Cassidy,


In your 2008 interview, 'John Lear Tells All - Part 1 of 4', at time 26:02, you note:

Kerry Cassidy: “Right, because why would you put together something like MJ-12 under Truman to investigate or manage the UFO story unless there was no UFO story. Right? There has got to be a UFO if you gonna put together a group.”

A little before that, at time 17:26, John Lear had made a summary-comment on another complex matter in these words:

John Lear: “First we are gonna cover the Nibiru scam, planet-X. It is not there, it is not gonna cause a problem in 2012, it's a scam, I see it working from every different direction, it's just a plot to keep us, you know, in a state of anxiety ... No inside scoop, I have never had an inside scoop, most of my information I have come up with myself, ... as far as planet-X and Nibiru, that's based on 65 years of listening to bullshit. ... I wouldn't pay any attention to it. Everybody gets to believe what they want.”

I have exactly those sentiments on the UFO scam. This letter only addresses that aspect of your very interesting interview with a great story-teller. In the olden days, before television, before radio, travelling narrators with similar story-telling and theatrical skills provided the captivating entertainment relief in villages and towns in my native lands. I believe this was also the case in the United States – what did they call it, the vaudeville?

So please permit me to borrow this great narrator's fine diction in my summary opening statement for this letter: I see it working from every different direction. It's a scam and bullshit.

But the UFO scam also has a purpose. It is not solely abstract psy-ops with scare-mongering cataclysmic ideas like the 2012 and Nibiru scams whose main purpose evidently is just to keep the human psyche in a heightened and paralyzed state of fear to make us more amenable to the real coup de grâce. Planetary level catastrophes, real, imagined, and manufactured, all primarily play into the bullshit propaganda organ of the Mighty Wurlitzer just like the Nobel prize winning global warming mantra whose primary purpose always has been the introduction of the carbon-credit scam. But the long-running Alien/UFO theater is more than just wordy propaganda, more than just story-telling of passionate advocates, more than just myth creation. I include below my humble report on Aliens and UFOs which actually addresses the question you posed to John Lear as quoted at the top of this letter: “There has got to be a UFO if you gonna put together a group.” I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I was entertained by your interview and will kindly also let me have your reaction.

The report suggests the political science reasons for the enactment of this theater, for the many reported UFO sightings (physical or imagined), and for the vicarious promulgation of public conversations on Aliens/Abductions/Visitations/UFOs/ET Technology etc. of which you too have become an energetic part. It is my humble prediction that the public will actually see physical UFOs and Aliens alighting from the skies – made in the USA of course – as the next emerging global threat which will be used as the coup de grâce to cement world government.

And thus I was pleasantly surprised to hear story-teller John Lear's response to your question at time 1:14:34 in your interview:

Kerry Cassidy: “What about 2012 and a hologram of an alien invasion – have you heard this scenario?”

John Lear: “Absolutely, would be, probably what they are gonna do. They are gonna put a hologram and say: 'Oh we are being attacked, you know by aliens, we have made a deal with the ambassador, and he says that they feel that the earth is a threat, but if you all take all any weapons you have, and turn them in, that they will give us a second chance'”

Kerry Cassidy: “So at that point we have one world government because they can put everybody under the same roof and basically all the countries, you are talking not individuals bringing their rifles”

John Lear: “Yah, individuals. That's one of the things the aliens want is for all you guys you know, to turn in your individual weapons so that they don't feel so much of a threat.”

Kerry Cassidy: “But aliens, come on, well okay, so this is a scenario”

John Lear: “It's a scenario where the government wants to disarm us, and the way is to put a hologram up there of an attack, and they say we have been in communication with them, and you can really help us if you'll turn in all your weapons. Of course, by the time we turn in all our weapons, there is not much we can do. And we find out it's just a scam. Like 9/11 was. Yah, that's a scenario. I am sure that's gonna happen.”

It is all too evident from the above dialog between you and John Lear that you understand Machiavellian statecraft matters far more insightfully than you betrayed in your interview of Dr. Steven Greer which is cited in my report. I am therefore perplexed as to why you still pursue the UFO absurdity devoid of its social engineering aspect without showing any skepticism (the Greer interview is truly pathetic in that regard)? One can only surmise that you must genuinely believe in Aliens and UFOs above and beyond their psy-op utility to Machiavellian statecraft. Like the great story-teller John Lear said: “Everybody gets to believe what they want.”

But it is not what people believe personally in the privacy of their lives which is the problem. It is their pitching hearsay absurdities to the public in synchronicity with the Mighty Wurlitzer and which are clearly harvestable for “imperial mobilization” by the Mighty Wurlitzer that is the problem. How would you separate the passionate advocacy of the UFO adherents from global propaganda – if, assuming for a moment, that propaganda is also the purpose? The statecraft has the deep purse strings and the wherewithal to enact any macro propaganda they deem necessary and useful, permit Hegelian dialectics to be spawned within it covering the entire gamut of discourse with opposites alternately denying and affirming with truths, half-truths, and imaginative evidence-free story-telling, and can sustain it over long periods of time because the puppetmasters and ideologues remain the same. Notice how Hadley Cantril, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, created the 'War of the Worlds' enactment on New York radio in 1938 as a study in mass panic behavior? It is cited in my report.

The same institutions and oligarchic powers exist today despite the passage of many a resident in the White House over the past hundred years. Those foisting their vile propaganda as dupes or mercenaries, useful idiots or intelligence assets, mind-controlled or fervently believing, are all the same as far as I am concerned because they all end up serving into the same Hegelian mind-fck of the public. But while being a mercenary is a choice, being duped into idiocy is clearly not something one wishes for. How much more obvious can it be that the public is being duped by this carefully stage-managed long running psy-ops? The caption for the first photographic image in my report suggests: “Secret: those who know do not speak; those who speak do not know; those who know and speak always sleep with the fishes. State: Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State. Therefore, leaking a State-Secret: only a tune played by the Mighty Wurlitzer.”

How can one separate the elaborate symphonies of the Mighty Wurlitzer in the evidence-free hearsay narration of a handful of people as it is today, from ETs being shown arriving in space ships and being witnessed by millions of peoples simultaneously? After all, billions of peoples were made to witness airplanes crashing into tall buildings on 9/11, and the rulers asserted it was Osama Bin Laden. The majority of the world's public 'United We Stand' with that edict from the pulpits of power thus creating the intended fait accompli of launching “imperial mobilization” across the planet as the perpetual and endless war on terror with some notorious and illusive Ali Baba. The Aliens are only the Ali Baba++, a more globally unifying enemy which Ronald Reagan promised Mikhail Gorbachev was the most effective basis for a global Perestroika. Unless the public can come up with a forensic and rational test to remove the tunes of the Mighty Wurlitzer from what they see and hear, they simply cannot know the difference what is reality and what is bullshit. This idea is somewhat akin to the Turing Test for computers. If a computing machine can pass the Turing Test, it is theoretically indistinguishable from a human being if both sit behind a curtain. Presently, if all the conversations on Aliens and UFOs in comparison to any real ET is indistinguishable from the surround-sound of the Mighty Wurlitzer, then commonsense indicates to treat them the same. The public does not have an empirical turing test to distinguish them – other than the lonely yardstick of commonsense and some perceptive understanding of the myriad forces driving the Mighty Wurlitzer.

I will end this letter with an insight gleaned from professor Bernard Lewis – the British-Zionist Svengali and OSS vintage intelligence point-man carefully planted into America's prestigious IVY to cultivate doctrinal warfare in the garb of academic respectability – from his vile book of social engineering titled 'The Crisis of Islam – Holy War and Unholy Terror':

Terrorism requires only a few. Obviously the West must defend itself by whatever means will be effective. But in devising means to fight the terrorist, it would surely be useful to understand the forces that drive them.”

That same concept is utilized in my report in order to preemptively counter the massive psychological terror which will be inflicted by super-terrorists. Thus, in devising means to fight the super-terrorist, it would surely be useful to understand the forces that drive them! If the public can preempt their propaganda by focussing on unraveling the many facets and scenarios on what they Machiavellianly plan to do before they enact them, just as you did in your conversation with John Lear quoted above, that vile psy-ops can surely be defeated before it becomes the coup de grâce!

Thanks very much for your time,

with kind regards,

Zahir Ebrahim | Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

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Enclosure: The Agenda Behind Aliens and UFOs - A Hegelian Mind-Fck Part-II

Letter to Kerry Cassidy on the Alien-UFO Agenda By Zahir Ebrahim