March 19: Bush bombed Iraq 2003 - Obama bombs Libya 2011... The Change President in Action-Replay By Zahir Ebrahim

A Note on the Mighty Wurlitzer - Anatomy of Modern Propaganda Techniques
To everyone else, these are "revolutions". To me, these are pretexts for "imperial mobilizations" aided and abetted by Trojan horses and fifth columnists. A nation may perhaps survive its fools, but not its fifth columnists and Trojan horses. The latter come in every robe and in every flavor, often wearing the mask of high morality. They permeate all our institutions across all walks of life. They are a greater threat to a nation than the vile mafiosos sitting at the thrones whom all can see. They are every nation's first enemy, the enemy within, who contrive to open the gates to the conquistadors outside the door. Without them, no nation and no people can be defeated easily. They are the ones who carry the white man's burden with more gusto and alacrity than the white man himself. This white man's burden is so damn uniformly distributed across all religions, color, castes, creeds, and politicisms, that it is perhaps the only universally egalitarian pursuit which truly does not discriminate.” -- Zahir Ebrahim in letter to Muslims

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March 19: Bush bombed Iraq 2003 - Obama bombs Libya 2011... The Change President in Action-Replay By Zahir Ebrahim

The Plebeian antidote to Hectoring Hegemons

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