Zahir's Letter to Francis Boyle : A Case for Treason

Zahir's Letter to Francis Boyle : A Case for Treason

To: Francis Boyle fboyle@

From: Zahir Ebrahim | Project

Subject: A Case for Treason

Date: Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 1:31 PM

Dear Mr. Francis Boyle,

Hello. I write you knowing you don't much care for my communication. I do not take that personally because this communication is not on my disagreement with your often focussing on lower order bits of [war] crimes, but what is in common. Namely, about upholding the Law, by understanding the forces which prevent upholding the law.

In case you have not watched the following speech, I invite you to watch it – and take it into advisement in your pursuits of justice. I write you because I know of no one else in these United States who is both interested in the pursuit of justice, and also knows the law of the land and international law. But knowing the law isn't enough, nor is wishing justice sufficient to have justice. One has to engineer justice in much the same way as one engineers laws and legalese. This brilliant video demonstrates that wisdom:

A Case for Treason By Albert Burgess: 24 Jan 2009

That approach applied to the United States [super-criminals] both within the United States and in all international venues, may yield serendipitous results.

I thank you for your time.


Zahir Ebrahim


California, USA.

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Zahir's Letter to Francis Boyle : A Case for Treason October 10, 2010

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