Zahir Ebrahim’s Response to 'Wikileaks Defence by Israel Shamir'

Zahir Ebrahim’s Response to 'Wikileaks Defence by Israel Shamir'

From: Project Sun, Aug 22, 2010 at 6:13 PM

To: shamireaders-owner@, Israel Shamir [adam@], Others

Subject: Re: Wikileaks Defence by Israel Shamir

If anyone is interested in an ordinary plebeian's response, it can be read here:

I suppose its key sentence pertinent to the topic at hand [namely, Israel Shamir's spirited but gratuitous Defence of Wikileaks] is this:

'These crafty dissent-chiefs, fortunately enough, are also rather trivial to identify. Their main modus operandi appears to be to oppose power while still echoing its core message!'

My good friend Israel Shamir is being too generous I believe when he refers to this scribe in his Wikileaks' endorsement as:

A second denier, young Pakistani intellectual cum American Ivy League graduate Zahir Ebrahim,”

Mercifully, I am not an 'intellectual' whatever that [word] means; only a plebeian antidote to hectoring hegemons!

Theirs are familiar and respected names of the free web: F. William Engdahl, Gordon Duff, Zahir Ebrahim.”

Neither am I all that 'familiar' a name, certainly not in the same league as others mentioned, and surely not much 'respected' – even by my own kith and kin being bombed to smithereens who think I am nutty to be risking my neck deconstructing the statecraft of hegemony when I could just be enjoying my fool's paradise, i.e., 'American Dream'.

And I suppose I really ought to thank Israel Shamir for his tentative endorsement, which unfortunately, I cannot, in good conscience, fully reciprocate after reading his Wikileaks essay: “They are not to be accused of collaboration with Pentagon and the CIA.”

But my good friend also quickly diluted that truthful non-accusation with some creative “beneficial cognitive diversity”, applying to me the familiar denigrating label 'denier', made popular in the vernacular by “Holocaust Denier”, asserting of which, as everyone knows, is illegal in most of Europe and deemed a crime against humanity.

The label 'denier' is often equated with quacks and charlatans in the mind of the populace by the news media echoing the message of empire, as in 'global warming deniers', 'swineflu vaccination deniers', 'war on terror deniers', etc. A CFR participant last year even equated the vaccination deniers as being in a perverse “Hitler-Stalin Pact” to deny the need for swineflu vaccination.

Therefore, I suppose without rushing to the obvious conclusion that Israel Shamir is attempting to set this scribe up and all those who challenge wikileaks as a "limited hangout" in that mold of 'denier', I might hasten to ask 'denier' of what?

Of Machiavellian Falsehoods? Yes surely. Mercifully, I have not been co-opted out of that denier's acumen (yet!).

But one never knows – the day I start echoing the axioms of empire, the reflection in the mirror, I hope, would let me know I have blood on my hands.

Zahir Ebrahim


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Zahir Ebrahim’s Response to 'Wikileaks Defence by Israel Shamir' August 22, 2010

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