Zahir's Response to James Petras' 'The State and Local Bases of Zionist Power in America'

Zahir's Response to James Petras' 'The State and Local Bases of Zionist Power in America'

Zahir Ebrahim | Project

September 08, 2010

In Ref. To:

Focus on the prime-movers of power which largely remain out-of-sight, rather than on its many reflections, incantations, and projections which are always put in-plain-sight!

This is a very imposing list of Zionist organizations – thanks for the effort expended in compiling it.

But it really does not help at all in understanding the uncanny global power of Zionism. These organizations are but the mere reflections of power to exude specific power calculus on its behalf; not the prime-moving power itself.

This is almost akin to the moon-light vs. sunlight. One is reflected artificial light, the other is the real source. There is always much shadow-play with the moon which enthralls its audience, but which is entirely beholden to the real source elsewhere. Find that prime-mover source, the sun, and extinguish it, and all the moonlight's dazzling power will automatically fade away!

The fact that the prime-mover source remains invisible to you even in this extensive analysis of its reflections just shows me something is grotesquely wrong with intellectualism of the Western world when even its brightest scholars remain blind - are they all co-opted?

It's not just a dark night for the blind when they can't see the sun, it is also dark for the innocent victims of the hyenas who hunt by the ensuing Night.

I have identified that prime-mover here – for what little its worth, it is hardly a top secret:


Zahir Ebrahim


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Zahir's Response to James Petras' 'The State and Local Bases of Zionist Power in America'

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