Letter: Project Humanbeingsfirst supports Palestinian call for nonnegotiation, but it's a wasted effort

Letter: Project Humanbeingsfirst supports the Palestinian call for nonnegotiation

September 03, 2010

Project Humanbeingsfirst supports the Palestinian call for nonnegotiation: http://palestineconference.org/wp/2010/08/27/sign-arabic-language-petition-against-negotiations/

Realistically however, I dare to also suggest that this Palestinian call for nonnegotiation is once again an empty gesture, a vigorous exercise on the treadmill of inefficacy to soothe the
conscience that one is doing something. The Press Release of Sept 01, 2010 admirably states: “Palestine is Not For Sale”

Below is an imprint of the original bill of sale, and it's 93 years old:


The Balfour Declaration November 2nd 1917

Therefore, I just wanted to leave you a link to a new concept, or what appears to be a new concept considering that few betray any familiarity with it. And that is, that instead of chasing effects, to focus on the first-cause which sets into motion the multiple chain of effects.

What gives Israel the power which it wields with such impunity? That answer is rooted neither in the White House's pusillanimity, nor in the Zionists' apparent magical hold upon Washington. These are effects. Yet, they remain the main focus of the dispossessed Palestinians who wish to return home.


Here is a passage from it:

“This is why neither protest marches, nor BDS, nor tea-parties, nor
sailing to Gaza, nor the ISM's taking bullets to their head in the
holy land of oppression, nor bearing witness, nor attempts at reforms,
nor end the fed campaign, etceteras, can ever work. Because, these
address the symptoms, the mere incantations and projections of power,
and not the prime-mover forces behind them. To the extent that these
symptomatic motivators are able to rally conscionable well-intentioned
thinking peoples behind them, is the extent of the success of
fabricated dissent, of putting people on the treadmills of inefficacy.
As an engineer, a systems architect bringing a systems analysis
perspective to deconstructing political science and social
engineering, this is my commonsensical, technical, and empirical
assessment. One has to go straight for the jugular of the tiny
misanthropic coterie wielding the immense prime-mover force to be
effective in overcoming all the abhorrences being seeded by their
numerous psychopathic errand boys across the planet, including in

I hope you can find the time to read the rest.

Best wishes,

Zahir Ebrahim
Project Humanbeingsfirst.org
California, United States

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Letter: Project Humanbeingsfirst supports Palestinian call for nonnegotiation, but it's a wasted effort

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