Open Letter to Palestinian Intellectual

Dear Palestinian Intellectual:
Hello, and AOA.
While the Palestinian people rightly expect the world to assist them in their righteous struggle for survival on their own ancestral lands, their scholars, intellectuals, spokespersons, and presumed vanguard, the elite who often represent and/or sign for them in politics, in deal making, and in international forums, don't seem to want to hear anything averse against themselves. It is, almost as if, because monumental and heinous genocidal crimes have been purveyed upon their peoples, that this oppression some how has magically cleansed the Palestinians transforming them into angelic beings who are now beyond the pale of critique themselves. That, because they have suffered an unbearable fate which a moral Westerner wouldn't even dream of inflicting upon a dog, the genocidal victimization automagically makes them above-board. Especially their elite. A hastily borrowed Jewish ethos at best, which incidentally, the moralists among the Jews themselves remind their own flock to guard against while they together proceed to inflict Zionistan upon the indigenous natives: “Although the Holocaust inflicted horrible injustice upon us, it did not grant us certificate of everlasting righteousness. The murderers where amoral; the victims were not made moral. To be moral you must behave ethically. The test of that is daily and constant.”
Indeed, the test is daily and constant! And that test for genuineness of purpose begins with the test of thought, just as the test of moral acts begins with the test of its intentions, and both, in no less a measure to judging a tree by its fruit. So, what intellectual arsenal do the Palestinian elite bring to their righteous battles around conference tables? Do they show up as imposing intellectuals bringing knowledge of modern political theory and hegemony to their argumentation, or as patsies continually acquiescing to the con-game laid out for them by their own oppressors thus outright selling their own struggle short while others among them run helter-skelter to enlist support of the world's people to come to their rescue? What kind of a rescue endeavor when all is freely given away at the conference tables by their own suits through both errors of commission, and, most glaringly, omissions? Why should the world's peoples trying to anemically help the Palestinians suffering at ground zero also be asked to suffer the incompetence, or the co-option of the Palestinian elite? Why should we accept?
This letter opens up that can of worms and puts the Palestinian elite, who, almost feudalistically, proclaim themselves to be the vanguard of both the struggle against the Zionist oppression and the dissent against the corruption of their own 'house negroes', into the spotlight of inquiry. There is no free ride in a global struggle. You want my help – I being an ordinary plebe of course, and there are 7 billion of us who, if nothing else, harbor immense sympathy for your struggle – you are going to have to respond to my questions.
Therefore, to begin with, I'd appreciate knowing your views on this letter to a Palestinian Journalist who brought us the news of 12 billion paltry dollars missing in Palestine:
I fear that the Palestinian intellectuals are perhaps not ready to hear forensic analysis beyond their own historical perceptions, beyond their own facts and figures, especially when such analysis goes against their in-bred wisdom of what their historical struggle is about, and whom it is against. This is witnessed time and again, as also noted in my missive:
And I humbly ask you as an ordinary plebeian friend of the courageous Palestinian peoples: is the Palestinian intellectual's mind, often voicing the Palestinian aspirations and representing its people at international moots, so fatigued from its daily struggles, so put out to pasture by the daily strife of just surviving, and/or so co-opted, that it cannot perceive the same sort of crappy con-game that is being dished out to them as at the 100 Peace Processes through each one of which they have lost more and more?
Aren't the Palestinian elite who sit around conference tables rubbing shoulders with International elite the ones inadvertently helping in the on-going colonization of their own land by being made gullible patsies each and every time, and thus wasting precious time which is what the Zionists are really after in the first place? And that's in the best case. I won't speak of the turncoats and the mercenaries. You know better who they are.
This is of course only my very questionable opinion. But I do not wish to hold it in a vacuum. Therefore, I humbly plead that you let me know if you disagree with my analysis in the above letter and in this open letter – and why.
I had similar lonely indigestion when Mr. Raja Shehadeh accepted the Orwell Peace Prize in 2008 for his book “Palestinian Walks” amidst Palestinian applause:
And when Yasser Arafat shared the Nobel Peace Prize with murderers amidst the cheering of his own peoples, yes including many among the so-called Palestinian intellectual "elite":
Am I the only one to see such co-option among the Palestinian "elite"? Or is it simply due to the fact of being outclassed and overwhelmed by a more superior diabolical foe which can run circles around any beleaguered peoples by waging wars by way of deception on all fronts of politics of hegemony, that the Palestinian elite participating in the puppetshows enacted for their peoples don't see it?
How to counter that predicament – if not with a new generation of Palestinians, untainted by the mind-blowing agonies of the past, initiating, and most importantly, leading the struggle afresh?
Even Ariel Sharon recognized this notion of the burden of his own past anchoring him down when he astutely stated something to the effect, paraphrasing his sentiments in my own elaborative words: 'don't ask me to make peace with the Palestinian people, I can't; it has to be the burden of a future Jewish generation upon whom that responsibility will fall ; on my generation the responsibility was to acquire the Jewish State by hook or by crook and I cannot, because of what's been done, even think of peace!'
I am not sure where I read Sharon's statement which was a bit shorter, but that paraphrase accurately betrays the immense baggage of both the ubermensch purveying monumental sins and the “psychological cataracts” of its victims enduring them – that curse upon the House of Zeus – which may only be shelved by a new generation breaking the chains of the past.
I am hearteningly informed by Palestinians that yes indeed the burden of oppression has obviously been too heavy for them to carry alone, that the whole world palpably recognizes this, but that also a regeneration is already underway. However, the intellectual revival, if there is indeed one – as opposed to the plebeian activists' revival like the BDS and Sailing to Gaza – hasn't obviously percolated to positions of Palestinian leadership and international representation fast enough, such as at this UN moot where Dr. Malhis aired the dirty laundry of corruption without betraying any comprehension of matters outlined here.
Unless the younger Palestinian generation today, far more astute and well-read in Machiavellian statecraft than their predecessors, far more aware of the puppetmasters who rule through errand boys than their parents, are urgently permitted the opportunity to replace the existing vanguards in the Palestinian society, both at ground zero in Palestine as well as in their Diaspora, all we will continue to see are the wise fools shaking hands in peace processes to win Nobel Prizes. Since Nobels are unfortunately reserved for very fundamental faux pas and awarded mainly to those with signature authority to legalize the theft of Palestine, we will lamentably continue to see lesser fools continually singing the UN resolution songs, partaking in UN development platitudes, and airing their house negroes' corruption scandals before the very same UN which gave the requisite 'legal cover' in the most dubious of circumstances to create their misery in the first place!
Which Palestinian is unaware of this? So what sense does it make to piously air what is already known to all and sundry before the very institution that is owned by the same powers constructing Eretz Yisrael, and who are playing the diabolical great-game of occupation and piece-meal absorption with the help of Palestinian fifth columnists using corruption monies for both their systematic payoff, and to subsequently keep the 'house negroes' on a tight leash through precisely airing of such corruption exposé?
Any bold critique of any of this idiocy, of course, is seen at the time as an insult, as “lacking in polity, condescending and impugning Dr. Malhis and myself of not stating the obvious.”, even questioning the very motives for such straightforwardness: “I do not know your intention”. But shortly thereafter, books and theses get written to demonstrate the obvious in the most erudite fashion. Witness John Perkins' Confessions of EHM. But more pertinently, if I had a buck for every Palestinian who was celebrating the Oslo Accords now lamenting it, or for every book sold by brilliant authors ex post facto narrating the greatest scam of broad daylight, I might actually be able to afford a real counter to think-tanks along the Potomac!
Thanks very much,
Zahir Ebrahim
Dated: April 01, 2010 | Revised April 03, 2010 | Postscript Link April 11, 2010

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Open Letter to Palestinian Intellectual By Zahir Ebrahim, April 2010 5/5