Flashback: Rachel Corrie in Global Context on her 7th Anniversary

Flashback: Rachel Corrie in Global Context on her 7th Anniversary

Maps of 62 Years of Al Nakba, of deal making, peace processes, and Nobel Peace prizes

(The latest Palestinian Uncle Tom for the Nobel Peace Prize:

Dr. Mustafa Barghouti

see prediction here, its confirmation here, antidote here)

Map UN Partition plan 1947map-of-occupation-palestinian-lands-1946-2008-pttthepromisedland Eretz  Yisrael

Plands  Palestine_map_1948_eng

From Genocide to ReGenesis in ZERO Compromise - Preamble to Palestine: The Struggle Forward

Re-Remembering Rachel Corrie – in the 60th year of the Palestinian Nakba

Celebrating Israel's 60th Birthday in the 60th year of the Nakba

Someone's Holiday, Another's Nakba, Our Shame!

Rachel Corrie – the voice of conscience for humanity 2003

The Iron Wall

What is the Iron Wall?

Breaching the Iron Wall

The Unhidden Power House Behind The Iron Wall

Cleansing The Palestinian's Own House of Negroe

Overcoming Palestine's own Fifth Column First

Contested Histories – Contested Narratives : It's only Beneficial Cognitive Diversity!

Which god?

Palestinians Don't Bleed!

A fate worse than Shoah!

GAZA Massacre – Are you Next?

From Genesis to Genocide in Palestine

From Genesis to Genocide in Palestine : The Golem Is Not Jewish!

The Secret King of Zion – House of Rothschild and the new Roman Jerusalem

Rothschild Connection to World Government and Zionism: David Icke – Origins and Symbolism of the EU

The endless trail of red herrings

Rescuing a Failed Struggle From Its Endless Narratives

A word about the 'Swiss Cheese' State

The Jewish Genocides Against The Amelekites – What about the Rothschilds?

The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians,  The Amelekites, and the Rothschilds Part 3 at 0:30 minutes  http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5849319366900015572