Rothschild Connection to World Government and Zionism: David Icke – Origins and Symbolism of the EU

Transcription of Red Ice Creations' David Icke's video interview by Project Humanbeingsfirst, segment on The Rothschild Connection to World Government and Zionism, Parts 6 & 7 [Parenthesis: Transcriber's notes]*
Red Ice Creations - David Icke - Origins and Symbolism of the EU
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'They are all connected, and they are connected through the House of Rothschild.
See, if people just took a breadth, and looked at the whole scene, they would ask serious questions:
Click on The Balfour Declaration November 2nd 1917 to read From Genocide to ReGenesis in ZERO Compromise
[ Why is the Balfour Declaration addressed to a Rothschild? 'Jewish State - Quid Pro Quo Of World War I' -- ]
[ Why does the Balfour Declaration reference the indigenous Palestinian Population merely as “existing non Jewish communities living in Palestine” and not as 'Palestinian people' while it specifically references the Jews to be transplanted into Palestine as the “Jewish people”; and why are only the much narrower “civil and religious rights” mentioned for the ingideneous Palestinian people while for the Jews it is their much broader and unspecified “rights and political status”, and not just for those Jews who immigrate to their new “national home” but also for those Jews who choose to live in their own countries? The Balfour Declaration – arguably the most treacherous piece of document exhibiting the finest in linguistic subversion in British imperial history -- ]
Click on The House of Rothschild's Monument to Justice in Zionistan to read From Genesis to Genocide in Palestine : The Golem Is Not Jewish!
[ Why is Israel's Supreme Court in Jerusalem built by the Rothschilds? ]
Why does that slither of land, called Israel, and I have driven around it, and you can virtually drive around it in a day, why does it have so much power?
Why is it the biggest by far recipient of American aid when it is one of the richest per capita countries in the world?
Why does it have the biggest F-16 fleet outside America?
How come it can have a very considerable arsenal of nuclear weapons, refuse to sign a Non Proliferation Treaty, and have a breadth taking agreement which has just been confirmed by Barrack Obama in the last few months, that they have a policy in terms of America and other countries in Israel, that they don't ask whether they have got nuclear weapons. And therefore, Israel does not have to say if they have or not. This is an official policy!
Why, when they pepper-bomb the most crowded piece of land in the world, and instigate slaughter on a shocking scale, does the international community, apart from one or two people, say nothing?
The House of Rothschild controls Israel. It created Israel. And more than that, it created a political philosophy, note a POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY, called ZIONISM.
What they have brilliantly done, though it's breaking down, is they have equated Jewish people as a race with Zionism, which is a political philosophy. And at its core is a secret society, connects into the other secret societies.
And, so if you challenge Zionism, and its horrors, and its impositions, and its hypocrisy, and its slaughter, you are equated with being prejudiced against Jewish people.
What they don't tell you is significant number of Jewish people are actually appalled by Zionism. And actually openly protest against it.
And there is some fantastic young people in Israel that refuse to serve in the military, and end up in jail because of it. And you, know they are incredible people to have that sense of value.
The questions that I have just posed can be answered very easily.
The House of Rothschild control American politics. They control the neo-cons, they control Bush, they control what I call the demo-cons that control Obama.
And in the White House as I speak, we have the White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, who is the puppeteer, immediate puppeteer of Obama, [ Just like Bush's Brain was Karl Rove ] and his father actually served in an Israeli Zionist terror group called Irgun, which, with others, bombed Israel into existence and forced 750,000 to 800,000 Palestinians to leave their homeland after 1948.
The reason, therefore, that Israel is the biggest recipient of American aid and military support, is because this hand [points to right hand] called the House of Rothschild, takes the money from the United States and hands it to this hand [points to left hand] called Israel of the House of Rothschild, and says thank you very much!
The reason that there is no questioning of Israeli nuclear capability, that they get away literally with mass murder, time and time again, is because the House of Rothschild controls the countries of the European Union, and controls the European Union. I mean, Tony Blair is a "yes sir no sir, three bags full sir, how high would you like me to jump sir" front man for the House of Rothschild.
So who do they put in after he left the British Government, as negotiator of peace in Israel - Tony Bloody Blair! 'What should I say Mr. Rothschild, thank you very much, thank you thank you' [mimics Tony Blair]. That's it.
So when you have got the same force controlling all these different agencies, than of course they are gonna be coordinated.
That's the way Israel gets away with what it gets away with.
And if people think its anti-Semitic, well actually anti-Semitic means anti-Arab by the way, then they'll have to take it and shove it somewhere where the sun don't shine 'cause I ain't shutting up about this because it is fundamental to understanding the world, and to understanding the European Union and world events!
The Jewish people, in general, have been mercilessly used by the House of Rothschild, and their front secret society, satanic secret society, called Zionism, as a front which they can hide behind.
[ 'Let's truthfully and accurately, calling a spade a spade, distinguish between the Jewish masses and the Jewish oligarchy. The former, like every nation's hoi polloi, have been made victims, patsies, stooges, jihadis, fanatics – both religious and secular, Left to Right, by their own Jewish elite and transformed into monstrous barbarians to serve covert Western interests. Little differently, in fact, from the “militant Islam” jihadis who once served covert Western interests as the “mujahadeen” of yesteryear, and are today serving the same covert Western interests as “terrorists” to create perpetual enemies for the West to wage “total war” the hectoring hegemons so desperately need to transform the planet into world government. Zionistan's imported European and American Jewry fall on that template – to be used in the coming times.' -- ]
So it is House of Rothschild organizations like B'nai Brith, Sons of the Covenant, who created an organization called the Anti-Defamation league, which goes around defaming everyone ironically, who have not just campaigned for hate laws that stop you exposing these people, they have actually written the bloody legislation in America, in North America and Canada.
And so, these hate laws which say you can't say this you can't say that, because that's prejudiced and all that, they are not there to protect gay people - everyone ought to their own I say, I couldn't care less - they are not there to protect Jewish people, or minorities.
They are there, simply, to stop legitimate investigation of the Rothschilds and its network. That's what they are there for.
And, they are in so many ways the Rothschilds. At operational level, the center of the spider's web.
And they need to be exposed.
[ 'Therefore, focussing on Jewish political action groups like AIPAC, ADL, JDL, Chabad Lubavitch Hasidics, et. al., who put Israel first to influence the superpower's policies, or the hundred Jewish-dominated opaquely funded private think-tanks like the AEI, CFR, et. al., who ab initio construct the polices of war and hegemony favoring Israel, without betraying any comprehension of the actual prime-movers behind them, is not only an exercise in futility, but these visible magnets are deliberately there, and manifest themselves with their inexplicable arrogance, precisely in order to draw fire away from the prime-movers!' -- ]
Because if they get exposed, and they go, when I say go [I mean] they are removed from their positions of power, 'cause to be honest, if they went to jail, for what they have been responsible for, the House of Rothschild, they would have to reincarnate hundreds of times to complete the sentence!
[ 'If fair punishments are ever to be awarded for their crimes against humanity for just the past 100 years in any Just court of law, Adolph Eichmann would have to be retroactively let go by resurrecting his soul from his grave with high honors and awarded multiple peace prizes plus compensation, in order to administer hanging and extraction of restitution as the graduated scale of ultimate punishment for the ultimate prime-movers of all wars and pestilence before which their errand boys' and patsies' crimes against humanity pale in comparison.' -- ]
And, we've ignored them. Or we have not ignored them, people have ignored their power for long enough because they have brilliantly hidden it. It needs the light to be shone on it because when they come down, in so many ways, the House of cards comes down!
Thank you very much.'
End Transcription by Project, Parts 6 & 7 [Parenthesis: Transcriber's notes]

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Footnote: * Transcription and Transcriber's notes initially published as comment by Project on March 12th, 2010 at 0:32 on the now defunct website: , arguing the obvious futility of BDS as nothing more than Zionists' own red herring; cunningly designed to misdirect public energies that oppose the Jewsonly Zionist State of Israel. With the oligarchy's direct connection to the Jewsonly Zionist State, and it being calculatingly made integral to the military-industrial-financial complex of the West with its hand in everything from microchips to security to prescription drugs to iphones, BDS under Globalization being WWF wrestling should have been obvious to all and sundry. But it evidently is not, thanks to Zionist pied pipers who come disguised in many tunics to play the full gamut of managed dissent with the establishment's own pied pipers. Which BDS exponent is willing to give up their iphone, or their heart medication, or their internet connection because its key security protocols and algorithms are implemented in Israel? BDS is unimplementable --- which is why it's a clever ruse designed to distract useful idiots and to harmlessly permit their conscience to let off some pent up steam. See complete argument in: Response to 'Leaked Zionist strategy Paper to counter BDS'.

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