Open Letter to the Champions of Humanity concerned with the Purity, Rights, and Primacy of the White Anglo Saxon Race

Open Letter to the Champions of Humanity concerned with the Purity, Rights, and Primacy of the White Anglo Saxon Race

Zahir Ebrahim | Project


Through this open letter, I would like to draw the kind attention of the many champions of humanity based on their concern for the Anglo Saxon race, to my missive:

The Obsession With Purity Of The White Race For The White Anglo Saxons – What's to Be Proud Of In The Race Construct for Civilization? Its Record Is Only Dismal!

And I invite an educated response.

If there is an error of assumption, or presumptions which are not perceived to be true, I ask that those much concerned with the primacy (and/or preservation) of the Anglo Saxon race and the myriad issues afflicting it, offer corrections and/or clarification. Not in mere words however, but by citing their own statements from their published works. I wish to be informed of any errors from their official writings, not from their private views. Invectives however are not welcome.

Thank you.

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