Letter to Editor 'Let Us Build Pakistan'

Letter to Editor 'Let Us Build Pakistan'

To: 'Let Us Build Pakistan' A Project of Critical Supporters of Pakistan People's Party

Date: Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 1:40 PM

Subject: Response to 'We welcome your contributions to this blog whether in the shape of a letter, article or column'

We welcome your contributions to this blog whether in the shape of a letter, article or column. Please send your piece to: pakistanteam@gmail.com Please note that we will accept and publish a well-written and well-argued piece even if you do not agree with the opinion or the aim of this blog.”

Thanks. Below are 5 articles on Pakistan which are not partisan to any Political Party, Military, ISI or any other Intelligence Apparatus, News Media, or Civil Society. All have eaten their fill of 900 mice, and some have performed Hajj. That however does not a 'virgin' make. Those who shill for them because of tribal, political, or other sentimental affiliations, to my mind, are complicit in the same crimes they purport to be against as decent and moral human beings.

Had your new Critical Thinking venture ( http://www.criticalppp.org/ ) been a partisan for truth, rather than partisan for PPP, I would have appreciated your efforts far more. But I do applaud your honesty of declaration of partisanship so that no one is misled, and also your soliciting viewpoints which may go against the grain of populist wisdom. Thank you for that. Take whatever you like from my website in addition to any or all of the following recent analyses - you will notice that no piece of writing from Project Humanbeingsfirst is mere opinion, but is fully substantiated. Its commonsense however, often appears to go against conventional wisdom.






Best wishes, and eid mubarak.

Zahir Ebrahim

Project Humanbeingsfirst.org


Letter was published with the following gracious footnote from the Editor: 'Thank you, Mr Ebrahim, and Eid mubarak. We at “Let us build Pakistan” are proud of our transparency, and commitment to an honest exchange of ideas and opinions.': http://criticalppp.org/lubp/archives/2066

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