Project Humanbeingsfirst Responds to The Israel Lobby's Global Propaganda Manual By Zahir Ebrahim

Project Humanbeingsfirst Responds to The Israel Lobby's Global Propaganda Manual

In response to Paul J Balles bringing The Israel Lobby's Global Propaganda Manual titled: “The Israel Project’s 2009 GLOBAL LANGUAGE DICTIONARY” to the public's notice, Project observed, on December 1st, 2009 at 23:10:

Thank you for bringing attention to the final 11th edition of the Orweliian Newspeak Dictionary in the making – 1984, wonderful to watch were it not also reality in the making:


Caution: some nudity in a few scenes – but a necessary watch for modern generation un-attuned to reading. The book however is a better study (the link is to one my favorite Kafkaesque moments in the book):

And so I started reading Der Judenstat's version of it, and noticing the statement at the bottom of every one of its 116 pages: “Property of The Israel Project. Not for distribution or publication. 2009.”

Project Humanbeingsfirst has cached (archived) it as evidence, lest it disappeared, to be produced at a 'Nuremberg' and 'Jerusalem' War Crime Trials as a footnote to all the Mein Kampfs of the Fourth Reich (yes count on it mes amis – so long as there is even one honest man or woman left alive on the planet, 2+2 will surely still make only 4, and as long as that is the case, hectoring hegemons must continue to live in fear despite all their imposing weapons of mass deception and destruction):

That is the theme of 1984 – the boot stamped on the human face cannot endure for ever.

And Gilad Atzmon thinks it is likely to self-implode in Der Judenstat of its own accord without any help:

My message to the Palestinians is actually very simple. Give the Israelis time. They do not need enemies. With the level of self contempt they carry in themselves it is just a question of time before they totally implode.”

And while I was offended by Gilad's peeing take “In Defence Of Larry David”, being rather plebeian of mind and not seeing its profound intellectualism: , I kinda can't help but agree with his spitting take!

Between peeing and spitting, all the Newspeak will not save them.

But oh what a price the Palestinians are being asked to pay for that advocacy of patience while the rest of the world watches the spectacle. It ain't a movie, but the world's inaction to this monumental crime is making it look like one! For how can such a monumental crime of this proportion actually be real? That is not actually the success of this Israel Project 2009 – it is far more due to the success of our own un-courage, our own co-option, and the handiwork of our own leaders. This is easily proved, as done here:

Zahir Ebrahim


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Project Humanbeingsfirst Responds to The Israel Lobby's Global Propaganda Manual By Zahir Ebrahim

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