Letter to Hamid Mir, Geo TV, May 15, 2009: Stupid or Shill?

From: Project Humanbeingsfirst.org
Date: Fri, May 15, 2009 at 12:56 AM
To: hamid.mir@geo.tv
Subject: Are you aware that war on terror is fake? That talibans are cultivated weeds?
Dear Mr. Hamid Mir,
I watched your performance at the Commonwealth Club of April 1 2009. It is so endearing that I have featured it on my website ( http://humanbeingsfirst.org upper left column).
The following is a brief excerpt from this month's terrorism newsletter. I thought I'd share it with you because that description of the 'Negro' is unfortunately you. I am very sorry. Your persistently clothing the straw-boogieman of “imperial mobilization” – Osama Bin Laden – only shows you to be either a simpleton reporting on the 'katputli tamashas', or a western intelligence asset playing the tune dictated by the Mighty Wurlitzer. You willingly do not wish to see puppetmasters – for nobody can be that stupid.
I am writing you in the hope that I am mistaken on all counts and there is a simpler explanation to all your omissions.
Thank you for your time,
Zahir Ebrahim
Project Humanbeingsfirst.org
begin excerpt
The most despicable part in all this however is that the 'educated' Muslim elite are far worse, to the extent of being criminal! They are the “Prized Negroes of Pakistan”. A variant of the 'Negro' has been supplied by every Muslim nation to be sure, but Pakistan's stand head and shoulders above all. This 'enlightened-moderation' generation which General Pervez Musharaf bequeathed to his beloved Pakistan for which he himself wrote the Requiem Mass, is even more aiding and abetting in this fabricated genocidal 'war on terror'. They deliberately fail to recognize that it is a manufactured war of “imperial mobilization” calculatingly being waged through the deception of the manufactured boogieman of 'Islamism' that variously shows up as 'Al Qaeeda', 'Osama Bin Laden', and 'Taliban'. From the Pakistani military killing its own innocent civilians, to the supposedly Muslim-media, Muslim-NGOs, Muslim-civil society, Muslim-analysts, Muslim-begummaats ('high-class' English-enabled ladies as the ones you see protesting the Taliban in the Al Jazeera video), and all and sundry 'secular humanists' et. al., all echoing the same mantras of 'radical Islamists' and 'war on terror' without understanding who is cultivating the 'weeds'. All ever ready to dance the 'Negro' at the white man's whistle!
Reading the above missive, a young Pakistani columnist replied when I suggested to her to explore that passage in her own witty column in Pakistan's largest English language daily: “Zahir Sahab, Having been a victim of the radical Islamist harassment, I am one of the most vocal opponents of all things that combine religion and politics. I personally find your theory a little thin and as I am not convinced, I most definitely will not discuss it. I am one of those English enabled women who were out on the streets protesting against Talibans and I will continue to do so. Regards,”. I had failed to impress upon my young friend that “[combining] of religion and politics” began at the Rand Corporation, the American Enterprise Institute, and the CFR before she was born. Unwilling to look beyond the 'katputli tamasha' (puppetshow) which Pakistanis experience daily, it has become their tortuous reality – much like the absurd Queen and the Mad Hatter became Alice's reality in her Wonderland. At least, it was only a dream for Alice – she could wakeup from it and go on home.
For the Pakistanis, it has become a blood-drenched nightmare from which there is no awakening, no other home to go to. The literati of Pakistani elite not seeing the hand of political Machiavelli who has spun this absurdity on Pakistan for its own imperial mobilization agenda, and who is so devilishly cultivating and harvesting our pathetic cracks and lacunae, is unforgivable. And precisely these educated people, at least some among them well-intentioned idealism-driven patsies with foreign degrees, others outright mercenaries, all too predictably get space in Pakistan's mainstream press and newsmedia whose owners, needless to say, are merely a tune to be played by the 'Mighty Wurlitzer' for manufacturing consent.
end excerpt
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Caption Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir being interviewed by his American teacher – Undoubtedly assets or stooges of the Mighty Wurlitzer! Read why Hamid Mir is pushing that imperial mantra in April 2009 in the United States of America that Osama Bin Laden is still Alive, in The Report on the Mighty Wurlitzer.

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Letter to Pakistan's Superman Journalist Hamid Mir: Stupid or Shill? By Zahir Ebrahim