Letter to Editor: Bribing the Maggots and the Soul Extractor April 02, 2009

Letter to Editor: Bribing the Maggots and the Soul Extractor

April 02, 2009

Apropos of this morning's article on dictatorshipwatch.com's website “Suicide attacks – religious flair!” by Nadia Khan, which states: “Radical forces in Pakistan have given a new dimension to suicide attacks in today’s environment by intermixing it with religion and collective tasks. Religious flair concept is borrowed from freedom fighters engaged mostly with US or Israeli security apparatus in Palestine or Iraq”, I would like to suggest that something far more important and sinister has been (inadvertently?) omitted in its narrative.

Omission, the cardinal sin of the vulgar propagandist, cannot be taken lightly, inadvertent or deliberate is immaterial, because as was duly noted by one more skilled and insightful on matters existential, its utility in modernity to manufacture consent remains unsurpassed:

Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth. By simply not mentioning certain subjects... totalitarian propagandists have influenced opinion much more effectively than they could have by the most eloquent denunciations.” (Aldous Huxley)

I am really not in a bad mood today – writing my third gratuitous response to DW analyses as if respected and astute Pakistani peoples who regularly read this stellar website won't know any better (‘Prisoner 650 was indeed Dr Aafia’ 12:39 PM and 'Is this Rubbish or part of a strategic plan?' 1:08 PM ) – but the following video clip of Zbigniew Brzezinski from 1980, and the February 18, 1980 Time Magazine's description of what the American National Security Advisor was doing at the Pak-Afghan border, are in action triple-replay today:



Surely, the “freelance journalist who writes about Islam, Pakistan, Taliban, and terrorism” does not work for the RAND Corporation as a shill for the New World Order, like all the other two-bit 'native-informants' from Pakistan, to not know of it?

Surely, the respected “freelance journalist” is not so co-opted as to not realize that when she imaginatively alludes to the Indian hand: “Or some external elements, like Indian spy agencies protecting their interest, and utilising local hands for logistics and support in orchestrating suicide attacks in urban parts of the country”, that a diabolical 'Jundallah-plusplus' is surely operational in Pakistan with full cooperation from Pakistan's own military apparatchiks?

Or is it genuinely way past the wit of all Pakistani columnists, purported scholars, lauded think-tankers, and indeed the entire highly paid Pakistani newsmedia to realize that these manufactured covert-ops are funded by NATO and Pentagon black-ops dollars, and doing to Pakistan from her own soil with suitcases full of dollars, precisely what the CIA-ISI tag-team covertly did to the USSR from the same “PAK” soil not too long ago?

And, as existential proof of the State itself deceptively abetting such covert-ops in Pakistan today, is simply examining what the already 'well-outed in the Western mainstream' terrorist outfit named 'Jundallah' is doing to beleaguered Iran, our next door Muslim neighbor, even as we speak, and again from the same “PAK” soil and yet how it is plainly getting away with it, really beyond the sensible man or woman's rational wit to make logical deductions from geopolitical events closely spaced in time for which no hard receipts and confessionals can be found until after fait accompli, but which are quite plainly being orchestrated on the Grand Chessboard? Surely not! Please see for instance:


Pakistan today is truly the “petri-dish of international terrorism” as was stated by the late Benazir Bhutto at the Council on Foreign Relations on August 15, 2007 before she ventured to return to Pakistan with their overt blessings, but that source of terror is the State itself, and the Western apparatus which fully control and fund it as a subservient client-state. The erstwhile twice-leader of Pakistan and the scion of a worthy-name simply neglected to mention that fact as she graced the 'radical Islamists' – the state's own construction – with that lofty aphorism thinking that's what the rulers of the world wanted to hear. The same blunder is being made by Nawaz Sharif and all the others in Pakistan.

The perspective narrated in this piece of writing by “freelance journalist” under the pen name “Nadia Khan” entirely omits any mention of the tortuous set-up for the deliberate orchestration of the balkanization of Pakistan with the devilish connivance of the state's own fifth columnists, for which, the pretext of 'Islamofascism' and their abhorrent techniques of suicide bombings and civilian carnage are being criminally manufactured.

While no one is perfect and all-knowing, perhaps the “freelance journalist” might spend some useful time researching how “imperial mobilization” is actually conducted with false-flag operations seeding the pretexts, or delve into how NATO intelligence conducted 'Operation Gladio' for creating and sustaining the 'Strategy of Tension' in Western Europe in order to keep the fear of the barbaric 'communists taking over' perpetually alive in the mind of the European public. Many a wanton terrorist act (purportedly) by NATO intelligence, were blamed on their own manipulated patsies like the Red Brigade and the boogieman then in vogue, the godless “communists”.

Today it is the god-imbibed, but even more barbaric “islamofascists” – the seeds of which were devilishly re-planted by Bernard Lewis in 1990 when he coined the mantra “Clash of Civilization” for the same Council on Foreign Relations to which Benazir Bhutto continually paid homage throughout her career and due to which, Richard Haas, CFR's president, had been immensely delighted to welcome her on her last visit to the Mecca of modernity. Bernard Lewis, the “vulgar propagandist” (as knighted by Noam Chomsky in a video interview on CBC, December 9, 2003, see part-2), seeded this devilish mantra in CFR's Foreign Affairs in 1990 thusly, in order to re-harvest the previously celebrated Brzezinski appendage now left adrift after the satisfactory conclusion of the ten year Afghan War. The bleeding dissolution of the USSR for which both Brzezinski, and the judeofascist American Enterprise Institute on its “Diamond Jubilee, 1943-2003” from which George W. Bush had “borrowed twenty of its best minds” to wage the new lifetime of 'war on terror', had entirely taken the full unshared-credit.

In 1990 Bernard Lewis, a leading Western scholar of Islam, analyzed 'The Roots of Muslim Rage,' and concluded: 'It should now be clear that we are facing a mood and a movement far transcending the level of issues and policies and the governments that pursue them. This is no less than a clash of civilizations - that perhaps irrational but surely historic reaction of an ancient rival against our Judeo-Christian heritage, our secular present, and the worldwide expansion of both. It is crucially important that we on our side should not be provoked into an equally historic but also equally irrational reaction against our rival.' ” (Samuel Huntington in “Clash of Civilization”).

Only eleven years later, that 'Muslim rage' was calculatingly enacted on the international scene supposedly by an islamofascist 'Ali Baba' named 'Bin Laden' as the “catalyst” – a “new pearl harbor” – for “imperial mobilization”. The distance between seeding mantras and its harvesting does not seem to be a very long epoch in the scientific modernity du jour where only “Prisoners of the Cave” abound in astronomically large numbers.

This isn't rocket science, only political science. And as noted elsewhere on Project Humanbeingsfirst's website, while sensibly trying to talk Pakistani military out from bombing our own peoples in 2007, when I had gratuitously suggested to some newly retired Pakistani Generals that I could trivially construct a suicide bomber to their precise specification, of ht, wt, sex, and other unmentionably body-part specification for less than a certain amount of dollars to make the palpable point how easy it was to manufacture “jihadis” after you have shattered their tabula rasa to smithereens and created an ambiance of sustained “jihadist” indoctrination over the past 30 years, I had been stunned when one of them had immediately remarked, something to the effect: “Zahir you are asking too much – I can do it for much less, around 2000 dollars”.

After having patiently listened to me rant non-stop for over three hours on how Machiavellian political theology runs the modern world, the mighty military men (Ret. with full honors I hasten to add) of Pakistan had silently departed, having first agreed with me that the suicide bombings in Pakistan weren't very difficult to fabricate under the present manufactured triumvirate climate of deprivation, indoctrination, and civilian-killings, that these suicide attacks were not a native part of our historical-cultural-sociological-makeup, and that it had suddenly cropped up in Pakistan only in the aftermath of 911. They however left hanging, the plaintiff's obvious begging question, why persist in acts which only create more of that?

The real issue is not that the suicide bombings are fabricated, or how they are fabricated and inculcated as an expression of political dissatisfaction (see for instance 'Dying to Win – The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism' by Robert A. Pape, 2005), but WHO is manufacturing this abhorrence at the top of the compartmentalized chain of command! That isn't very hard to answer either. Simply ask cui bono!

Much has been written about this already by both DW and Project Humanbeingsfirst, and for this article, and all like it, to pretend that the blatant agenda for the balkanization of Pakistan by the United States of America – the self proclaimed hectoring hegemon – is not the first prime-mover behind Pakistan's calculated destabilization with these wanton acts of terror upon its public and instantly blamed upon 'Islamofascists', reminds me of the shill internet disinfo presses blatantly run by the intelligence apparatus, not to mention the worldwide mainstream newsmedia including Pakistan's, who continually spin red herrings all aligned with the singular aim of continuing with America's fabricated 'war on terror' as “Our War” by variously blaming India, some nebulous external forces, and/or the 'Islamofascists'.

Indeed, before coming to power, Mr. Zardari had openly asserted, echoing his late wife's sentiments, as also Pakistan military's and all our politicians' and newsmedia's aspiration:

'The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), if it comes into power, must persuade the people that the fight against militants is “our war”, not just America’s war' ( Daily Times, February 17, 2008, 'Taliban fight is our war: Zardari' )

For one given to much rational cynicism, the sole intent of this vulgar propaganda today appears to be for putting Pakistan's military back in the driving seat for the much desired 'unity of command' that was lost when America's favorite posterchild braving the line-of-fire, General PM, fell into disfavor. The terrorist act in Lahore, as also noted by DW editor, seemed to have that very calculated highest order purpose, of manufacturing sympathy for the previously maligned local bad-guys in order for the politicians to officially hand control back to them as the lesser of all evils:


And while I too believe that Pakistan's nuclear-armed military today (assuming they haven't already been disarmed) still holds the infernal key to saving Pakistan through rational and independent-minded realpolitik – as noted in this 2007 open Letter to Pakistani General – that courageous act of finally putting out the deliberately lighted fire cannot happen while the 'arsonists are running all the fire brigades in town':


It must be obvious to anyone that it is rather trivial today to curry favor from the ruling elite – become their shill and bleat the mantra of 'Islamofascism', delve deeply into some arcane aspects of it but keep that very axiom intact. One will surely get noticed eventually, and perhaps acquire a chair at the Hudson, or get employment at the RAND. Minimally, one will get invited to speak at JINSA and Heritage, get published in mainstream news, and variously earn tangible and intangible benefits. And if one would rather play dissent to win over the odd rabble rouser and 'malcontent', composing something like “Between Imperialism and Islamism” (as Pervez Hoodbhoy did in the Himal Southasian, October-November 2007 issue), will surely lead to invitation at the 911 memorial in New York to speak to 'Muslim-terrorism'.

In either case, whether participating in manufacturing consent among the gullible masses, or dissent among the 'malcontent', so long as one keeps intact the axiom of 'Islamofascism', in these hard times when the military-industrial complex is emerging as the largest and the only funded global employer for its war-making global police-state agenda, which of course also includes vulgar propaganda for both Orwellian and Huxleyan imposition of forced and voluntary servitude, it's surely a rational move to join empire. One can at least, finally earn a decent living when only joblessness and despair surrounds one. After all, one has to feed the family first, before one can fight the good fight.

Perhaps Project Humanbeingsfirst.org ought to do the same, and so should Dictatorshipwatch.com – we are wasting our valuable time and our life going against the grain and suffering the threats of Hemlock – when we can simply become the favored peoples of the rulers! Okay, perhaps the skin-color might get in the way some. But surely, that can be made up by the “virtue” of empire acquiring two of Hitler's Type-3 peoples on their payroll (see Vol. 1, Chapter X of Mein Kampf). Imagine all the riches.... all of which we shall surely take with us to our grave to bribe the hungry maggots and entice the proverbial Soul Extractor.

Thank you.

Zahir Ebrahim

Project Humanbeingsfirst.org


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Letter to Editor: Bribing the Maggots and the Soul Extractor April 02, 2009