A Note on CAFR: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report March 15, 2009

A Note on CAFR: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Zahir Ebrahim Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

Dateline March 15, 2009

The one key central point in this astounding CAFR documentary by Walter Burien which has shocked me concerning the level of 'fraud by statutory design' built into the United States system, is the following. I do not know if such parallels exist in the other G-7 developed nations, but since the US government is operationally set up as a federal corporation, as are all its various operational subsidiary entities at federal, state, and local levels, and all of which make financial investments and also have expenditure budgets, it commonsensically follows that these governmental corporations also ought to follow the financial accounting principles of regular corporations which are governed by the stringent Securities and Exchange Commission rules and regulations for reporting their financial statements. Whereas, what Walter Burien reveals of the CAFR, this is not the case. What he reveals is not only shocking, but outright institutionalized kleptocracy in plain sight but with a conspiracy of non-disclosure to the public.

And that is the level of intellectual accounting fraud, if exposed to the American public, and if properly understood by them, can actually bring about a second revolution in this country.

For it was indeed, on financial matters alone, and the concomitant strangulation of the public by the Crown through the legalized twain oppression of high taxation and interest-bearing currency leading to public deprivation, which caused 1776 to happen. The same conditions exist in spades today only awaiting some genuinely patriotic and courageous peoples to step up to the plate and lead the charge, which if not taken urgently, will only lead to a confirmation of fait accompli which is today writ large in the absence of any “Patrick Henrys” in the world.

The following is what is narrated in the documentary, and this core point is what you, the reader, must go validate for your ownself in its full context. Note that the key contribution of Walter Burien, is the synthesis of that overarching context and situating the CAFR within it. This synthesis is entirely missing in all discourses in the United States. Why, for instance, did the “arguably most important intellectual alive” never reveal any of this? Did he not know it? Or because, as an intellectual whose self-proclaimed job it is to ferret out lies and deceit (see “Responsibility of Intellectuals” and its “Redux”), if he had, the NYT would most assuredly not have bestowed that fantastic title upon him, and quite likely, he would be just as beleaguered and hounded today (see “Noam Chomsky, closet capitalist”) as any of the handful of genuine truth-tellers like Eustace Mullins who is the oldest living intellectual to first reveal the “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”. Hear Eustace Mullins in this talk in Canada, and hear Walter Burien in this talk in Arizona, and decide who are the un-pretentious and genuinely courageous Galillean-intellectuals in the West, and what one might do to support them and support the mission they selflessly carry on behalf of entire humanity.

The Biggest Game in Town, at 05: 09 minutes:

I saw that figure, and instantly realized the definition of syndicated organized crime.

Here we had a represented to the public, of the state of New Jersey was bringing in $17 Billion, when in reality, they are bringing in close to $86 Billion. They had a $188 Billion in liquid investment funds. [1989 CAFR for New Jersey]

I also learned the principle of operation that day. Anything that was a cost, and an expense, traditional service side of the budget report - health and welfare, human services, motor vehicles - was left in the budgetary basis, and the public footed 100% of the bill, for a 100% of the services.

Now anything that was a profit center, had the ability of being a profit center, large investment fund that generated tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, totally restricted by statute for no tie or inclusion what so ever with the budgetary basis.

Now this is what I have called the biggest game in town.”

Based on the narrated context, please examine some CAFR reports yourself. A cache may be found at http://cafr1.com/STATES/

Thank you.


A Note on CAFR: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report March 15, 2009