Letter to Editor, Dawn, The Prized Negroes of Pakistan Speak Out March 30, 2009

Letter to Editor, Dawn, The Prized Negroes of Pakistan Speak Out

Monday, March 30, 2009

Apropos of this morning's DAWN article “Wave of attacks in Pakistan imperils state’s future”, one observes the following shills for the proverbial, as well as literal white man:

Hasan Askari:

'These groups want to paralyse the system of state in order to have greater freedom to pursue their ideological and political agenda inside and outside Pakistan,' he said. 'An isolated Pakistan will be easily overwhelmed by terrorists, which the world should not allow them to do.' Hasan Askari said.

Tauseef Ahmed Khan:

'Such attacks again prove that all the outside world's security fears about Pakistan's lack of governance are true,' said Tauseef Ahmed Khan, an academic at Karachi's Urdu University. 'These repeated attacks show total failure on the part of the government's law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies. Pakistan's future is at massive risk,' he said.

The Unelected Minister:

Interior ministry chief Rehman Malik hinted that home-grown militant groups were behind Monday's raid. 'Who is supporting them? Who is giving them weapons? Everyone knows these banned organisations, namely Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, Lashkar-i-Taiba (LeT) and Jaish-i-Mohammad,' he told a private television channel.

And no doubt the white man is delighted with his marvelous band of Negroes:

'What we need to do is try and help the Pakistanis understand these groups are now an existential threat to them and we will be there as a steadfast ally for Pakistan,' US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said on Sunday.

The white man's burden is amicably being carried by our best water boys!

There is absolutely no shame among our learned of the pen – what can one expect of those carrying the shill in a sieve?

The Prized Negroes of Pakistan will resolutely see Pakistan to its very end ( http://tinyurl.com/ddr8p8 ).

Zahir Ebrahim

Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

United States of America

Letter to Editor, Dawn, The Prized Negroes of Pakistan Speak Out March 30, 2009

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