Why won't President Obama's 'Stimulus' work?

Why won't President Obama's 'Stimulus' work?

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We are going to go into a depression worse than the Great Depression, and here is why. There is a way to get out of this but not through fiscal or monetary stimulus” -- Gerald Celente to Alex Jones

Great! What is that way out? But first one has to understand why President Obama's stimulus schemes won't work technically, even if he genuinely wanted them to work: Mr. Obama's New Deal. So, after reading that, now that we finally understand money better than all the economics Nobel laureates put together, if President Obama were to ask for my brilliant advice, never one to be falsely modest, I would very profoundly tell him: “Kill the Bank!”

Rescind the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. And issue money interest-free. Setup a transparent monetary commission comprising un co-opted economists and monetary reformers, and have them propose a monetary system that is suitable for the American people based on interest-free currency. Have the proposal ratified by a public referendum by making the appropriate constitutional amendment as needed so that it cannot be subsequently usurped by any executive or legislative fiat without a concomitant acceding public referendum!

And for some ideas on what remarkable ingenuity and prosperity is possible when blood-sucking leeches aren't preying upon the unsuspecting public forcibly confiscating their federal income taxes year after year in gratuitous interest payments on the gratuitously exploded national debt, I would tell him to read Monetary Reform: Who will bell the cat?

Caution – Winding Road Ahead: One also has to be cautious of Congressman Ron Paul's End the Fed H.R. 833 and all variations thereof, that it does not end up creating a cosmetic veneer in its implementation as did the superficial nationalization of the Bank of England, whereby, its effective control was retained in the same private bankster hands. The hidden agenda in any public nationalization of the FED would be to bring it on par with the European Union Central Bank so that the private banksters can continue on with their calculated moves for consolidating the new uniform global monetary system. A nationalized FED would be the precursor to the North American Union Bank.

These international banksters are masters of legal shenaniganism as is evident from their crafting of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, pitching the same plan through both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party as fake oppositions to each other, and the latter version rammed through Congress on Christmas eve. This time around, the tactics may entail the carefully crafted 'Messiah' figure and the handful of cultivated 'Rebel' figures both backing it, and each pitching it to their respective constituency. This way, they will claim transparency to make up for the previous time around. It is essential that the people understand the depth of the banksters' 300 years of devilish experience in orchestrating cleverly disguised private central banks. Please watch the Money Masters video documentary with your family, and read the short News Epilogue and Introduction in the Monetary Reform Bibliography, so that no 'dumb goy' is ever fooled into enslaving their own nation once again.

As for the urgent economic self-defense of the poverty stricken nations of the Global South, the rather obvious protocol was already noted in Financial Terrorism January-February 2009:

Unless the developing nations of the Global South urgently band together, unilaterally declare all their paper debts null and void, and create a new non-interest bearing public currency as the basis of their own monetary system and the primary and only instrument of trade among themselves, this very minute, hallelujah is approaching fast!”


Why won't President Obama's 'Stimulus' work?