News Flash Terrorism November–December 2008 'War on Terror' News Analysis in Context

News Flash Terrorism November–December 2008

'War on Terror' News Analysis in Context

No Happy New Year for Victims


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The Real Terrorists

Predicting manufactured crises for 2009 in October 2008

Tom Brokow: “Whoever is elected the President of the United States that first day in Oval Office on January 21st 2009 will face this. An American economy that's in near paralytic state at this time. We are at war in two different countries, Afghanistan and Iraq. We have an energy crisis. We have big decisions to make about healthcare, and about global climate change. The President of the United States and the Congress of the United States now have the highest disapproval ratings that we have seen in many years. In all your years in public service, have you ever seen an incoming President face such daunting challenges?” (Tom Brokow to Gen. Colin Powell on Meet the Press, October 18, 2008)

Colin Powell: “No. ...”

Tom Brokow: “Given the state of the American economy, can we continue our military commitments around the world at the level they now exist?”

Colin Powell: “We can. We have the wealth, we have the wherewithal to do that. [coughs] ”

Colin Powell: “The problems will always be there, and there's gonna be a crisis come along on 21st or 22nd of January that we don't even know about right now.”

See Project Humanbeingsfirst's analysis in Response to Financial Times Gideon Rachman's 'And now for a world government'! There are dozens of news clips on Youtube from mainstream television news reports where many a notable illuminary predictively echo the same mantras of global crises “testing” the new President in January 2009, regardless of whether they are on the Left or on the Right, Republican or Democrat. To understand how such a consistency of message is being manufactured as a common welcoming mat for inauguration of the new President, see: Not-Voting is a 'YES' vote to Reject a Corrupt System which thrives on the facade of Elections and Democracy! For it is well understood that “what is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times”!

The Israeli invasion and merciless bombing of Gaza civilians appears to be a part of this premeditated calculus of precipitating crisis upon crisis. In each crisis, fulfilling the local agenda, as in Palestinians Don't Bleed! And cumulatively, leading the world to the global solution-space of world-government under a common oligarchic management, as the only viable governance system to manage an increasingly irrational humanity, its wars, and its deprivation. For indeed, “the answer is simple. Deliberately create problems. And then offer only those solutions that result in the expansion of government.” See The Enduring Capitalist Conspiracy For World Government.

Thus note the police-state that is rapidly being constructed in the United States as the proposed domestic solution for the manufactured war on terror, and Martial Law is continually being threatened as the only way to protect the American peoples.

And yet, Martial Law has still not been imposed. Why? This is essential to understand so that one may learn how to protect oneself rather than be perennially lost in various puppetshows enacted by the circus clowns of empire. See Why Bluff Martial Law?.

Terrorist rampage in GAZA, Palestine 12/29/2008

I feel like dancing and singing this day” and “I will play music and celebrate what the Israeli air force is doing”.

Watch for “Palestinian Population Transfer” mantra taking shape shortly, first in the Israeli press, and then in its surrogates worldwide. It is the Chanukah gift from the Torah to mankind by the god's chosen peoples, amidst much rejoicing and merriment among them!

It isn't about Gaza as far as Project Humanbeingsfirst can ascertain, but about deliberately wrecking civilian and children carnage to invite the expected retaliations (and the false-flag murder of “worthy victims” now that believable 'revenge-motive' has been re-established) in order to begin the discourse of all Palestinians pop-transfer anew just as Mr. Obama is being ushered in.

If one agrees with this forensic perception, sharp focussing-light must be brought to bear on that real-agenda of why babies are being put to the slaughter and Israelis rejoice with “I feel like dancing and singing this day” and “I will play music and celebrate what the Israeli air force is doing” before that agenda gets into public relations high gear! Just as the world is merely watching with at best a few anemic vacuous words of condemnation, one or more false-flag carnage of a thousand Israelis dead would present a “mad dog” to the world before which the world will acquiesce to the final solution to the question of Palestine.

Mr. Obama is indeed planning to instrument many a “change” on planet earth during his watch – all with due justifications of course.

See Project Humanbeingsfirst's response in full context: GAZA: The final pretexts for Palestinian Population Transfer in the making! December 29, 2008.

'The Appropriate Response To Islamic Terror' by Lawrence Kulak, '5 Towns Jewish Times', 11/12/2008

The Torah, however, preaches a doctrine which, if implemented by the West, could finally put an end to all Islamic terror: If somebody is coming to kill you, rise up and kill him first.”

Project Humanbeingsfirst responds in its Letter to Editor 5 Towns Jewish Times: Of Emperors and Pirates, nothing more! December 17, 2008:

'The wonderful thing about the Great Holy Book Torah is that all can follow it! It is bizarre that “Muhammad's Sword” had never heard of this before. Thank you for informing us. Please be advised that Project Humanbeingsfirst fully cooperates with all law enforcement and other governmental agencies worldwide in rooting out Terrorism in all its nuanced shades and stripes in order to end its Neanderthal reign of terror upon all who are human beings first. Project Humanbeingsfirst does not distinguish between terrorists clad in turbans and those wearing suits, nor between the predatory rampages of the pirates vs. the emperors, albeit each is apportioned the measure of crime and guilt commensurate to their respective station of power and impact on their victims.'

Terrorist rampage in Mumbai, India 11/26/08

Watch for “Hindustan Patriot Act” being enabled shortly! The last bastion of democracy, the largest in the world, had to be converted into a police state as “World government could only be kept in being by force”. This isn't an isolated event. The monetary collapse, the Obama government, predictions of first year of horrible terrorist acts worldwide to be blamed on the manufactured 'Militant Islamists' – enablers of endgame. Stop blaming either the Indians, or the Pakistanis. This has been a mil-ops all the way – no different than the Marriott Hotel terrorist act in Islamabad. See Press Release WHAT'S TO BE DONE – Massive Bomb Blast in Islamabad Marriott September 20, 2008. The same applies to Mumbai. See Ali Baba in Mumbai – Eid 2008 Reflections and The Mumbai Terrorist Act: An International Chorus of Actors! December 08, 2008. Observe how this is being cleverly spinned as a “Muslim Revolution” by some 'circus clowns' of empire: Rebuttal to Paul Craig Roberts': 'Washington Arrogance has Fomented a Muslim Revolution' December 06, 2008 who would, apparently, like nothing better than to create further “revolutionary times” between India and Pakistan: Letter to Pak Alert Press December 05, 2008. The zero-sum endgame is only the creation of convincing pretexts to present “world-government” as the only solution to save mankind from itself: Response to Financial Times Gideon Rachman's 'And now for a world government'!

To perceptively understand that momentous 'current affairs' are indeed a calculated and orchestrated conspiracy, that 'militant Islam' is among its more egregious enablers, that the 'war on terror' provides the “doctrinal motivation, intellectual commitment, and patriotic gratification” necessary to fuel the “clash of civilization” as otherwise “democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization”, and that these multivariate “revolutionary times” have nothing to do with Islam or Muslims per se, except as a source of convenient canon fodder towards constructing a world-government in a circuitous way because “an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault”, see The WAR on TERROR 2008 Omnibus Collection (PDF).

And to comprehend why the pundits across the board – both mainstream and dissentstream – choose to remain silent about these agendas as they continually parrot the 'war on terror', Bin Laden, Al Qaeeda, 'loose nukes' mantras, or at best, simultaneously critique the empire's barbarism as merely the imperialism of a “rogue state”, read Carroll Quigley's 1966 classic “Tragedy and Hope”. That book is all about a ruling-elite, their long-running global agendas, and their enormous power to co-opt, purchase, intimidate, or coerce all who matter into silence, or into becoming their 'circus clowns'. To understand the sophisticated political science driven dialectics which they subsequently develop to execute on those agendas, see Weapons of Mass Deception – The Master Social Science.


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Terrorism November–December 2008 'War on Terror' News Analysis in Context