Voter Fraud, ACORN and GOP, and what's the fuss all about

Voter Fraud, ACORN and GOP, and what's the fuss all about


Wednesday, Oct 15, 2008 at 4:17 PM

Hi, I read your coverage of the voter issues with interest. Greg Palast too has made a BBC Newsnight documentary on this.

I am surely missing something here. Perhaps You might be kind enough to explain why this is relevant. I wrote the following letter to Mr. Greg Palast, and I reproduce it below instead of duplicating its content for you.

This is a serious question because ... I'd like to understand the relevance of this voter fraud [issue], when both parties are already criminally engaged in the [even] bigger heist of America in a fully bipartisan and cooperative way. Perhaps you can explain why anyone with a brain should even participate in this puppetshow designed for the entertainment of the sheeples mainstream masses.

Instead of educating them on how both parties, and both candidates, represent the same ruling interests, and how America [itself] has been hijacked [such that all overarching policies for destroying the nation-state of the United States and ushering in world-government will continue unabated regardless of who occupies the White House], you seem to be contributing to the emotional brouhaha of the puppetshow to drum up interest as the drum-beaters for 'noora-kushti'. That [word], in my native language, means both teams work for the same promoters, and are putting on a show for the benefit of the public in a fixed-match.

[The match is predominantly fixed not by election rigging, but by the pre-selection of willing participants – just like in WWF wrestling. In electrical engineering, we call this pre-setting the 'Most Significant Bits' which largely determine the outcome of any subsequent computation.]

But since you are surely far more knowledgeable about this [matter as you continue to focus on the bipartisan allegations of possible election theft, and not on the blatant in-your-face bipartisan theft of the entire nation which now makes these election processes entirely irrelevant – and if there was any room for doubt in the matter, it was surely eliminated by the bipartisan Congressional passage of the monstrous Wall Street bailout Bill which both parties and their respective presidential candidate endorsed], it must be only yours truly who is missing something.

Thank you.

Zahir Ebrahim


Letter to Greg Palast/BBC Newsnight Appended

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Voter Fraud, ACORN and GOP, and what's the fuss all about October 15, 2008