Response to “The real meaning of the South Ossetian war: Russia strikes back”

Response to “The real meaning of the South Ossetian war: Russia strikes back”

This is Project Humanbeingsfirst's response to: “The real meaning of the South Ossetian war: Russia strikes back”, Thursday, August 14, 2008. Also reprinted by Scoop.

Very good article. Thanks.

However, also consider another aspect: that this was a setup to get the Russians to do precisely what they did.

It is asinine for the Georgians to have attacked like this otherwise. As reported elsewhere, the Georgians have been fully armed and controlled by the US and Israel, with full intelligence available to them 24x7. The Georgian leadership is handpicked US-Israeli puppets. The fact that the Russians had anticipated the assault by Georgia and were already in formation close to the borders because of which they were able to retaliate so quickly, was known to the Americans. Thus why would the Americans goad/command the Georgians to attack when they could trivially predict this hard likely response by the Russians? Minimally, the Russian military mobilization at the border was a sure give-away! A Rand Corporation worth its salt plays out all war-game scenarios.

It is also worthwhile asking why would the Americans deliberately antagonize the Russians by ferrying Georgian soldiers from Iraq back to the Georgian frontlines so that they can contribute to Russian and Ossetian casualties? [That's quite a needless overt act of war directly by the United States against Russia – for what can an additional 2000 soldiers possibly accomplish against a modern Russian army which has a declared first-strike use of nuclear weapons as its well-publicized self-defense doctrine even in conventional precision warfare?] Lastly, in the attack by the Georgians, why would they concentrate on killing the Ossetian innocent civilians rather than take on/capture/disable things of military/civil significance if capturing the Ossetian capital and re-absorbing Ossetia into Georgia was the real goal?

The only forensic explanation which wholly and rationally explains this (mis)adventure by Georgia is that it was a trap set for the Russians to behave exactly as they did. The Georgians and Ossetians were just disposable canon fodder – like the Afghanis before them.

This operation has all the hallmarks of a Brzezinski proxy war on Russia leaving the Russians, once again, no choice but to intervene in Georgia, just like they had no choice as the former Soviet Union, in their intervention in Afghanistan three decades ago when Brzezinski started giving aid to the Mujahideen six months before the Soviet Union's intervention. All this is known history. Only its lessons seem to be forgotten all too quickly.

If this scenario is plausible, as it appears to be if one looks at it from the geostrategic perspective on the grand chessboard, then it begs the question why?

Why prompt this Russian Intervention in Georgia, and now?

Just watch the worldwide mainstream news to know in a minute why!

OBL and Al-Qaida need replacing – the mantra is now well worn and not going down really well. Thus the new boogie man has been crafted. This is the most apparent and visible empirical reason.

The invisible or not so apparent reason, which one only understands if one looks behind the scenes to the “forces that drive them”, in this case Zbigniew Brzezinski, the ruling interests are itching to dismember Russia. And this intervention is merely the step-1, using a similar ploy as the Afghan Trap, but with the difference that this time it is part of a destabilization campaign right on Russia's borders.

Additionally, keeping Russia busy on its flank while engaging Iran – if indeed Iran is actually engaged with the massive US armada now reportedly floating towards it – makes short term military sense.

All ducks are lined up in a row as far as Russia hater, [grandmaster] Zbigniew Brzezinski is concerned.

However, as noted by this scribe elsewhere:

While Zbigniew Brzezinski may have planned the “Grand Chessboard” in the West, his Eurasian targets of the great game actually invented chess. All four of the regions burgeoning powers, Iran, India, China, and Russia, are ancient civilizations far older than the Atlantic powers put together, and are also expert chess players in the very ethos of the richness of their civilizations. Many public parks in Iran for instance, are dotted with stone and wood carved chess tables where ordinary peoples gather daily under the shady trees to spar with each other, bringing their own chess pieces. Chess is not an acquired skill in Asia, nor is it of recent acquisition, as it is for the West! It is innate to the peoples. The Chinese classic “Art of War” is 2500 years old and still teaches the Rand Corporation how to play their great games!

Having said all that, your article lends an insightful backdrop perspective. I hope that the young Mr. Putin re-introduces the “balance of terror” from the present day “unilateral terror”! See:

Thank you.

Zahir Ebrahim


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Response to “The real meaning of the South Ossetian war: Russia strikes back” August 14, 2008.