Response to Nafeez Ahmed on 'Peak Oil Motive for War'

Response to Nafeez Ahmed on 'Peak Oil Motive for War'

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Wednesday, 18 June, 2008

The readers of this article ['Exclusive: Ex-UK Army Chief in Iraq Confirms Peak Oil Motive for War; Praises Fraudulent Reconstruction Programmes'] by the distinguished UK scholar, and my favorite young 911 detective, Nafeez Ahmed, might also be interested in watching this hour long video speech by Lindsey Williams to further adjudicate upon the veracity of Brigadier-General James Ellery's narratives:

or reading Lindsey's book which is out of print but fortunately made available online:

The story is far more convoluted than either "Peak" or "reconstruction fraud" mantras.

Surely Mr. Nafeez Ahmed would already know it. But for the rest of the readers, there is as much shortage of oil in the world as there is "global warming" on the planet due to man-made effects (as opposed to natural effects being the higher impacting coefficient), and both are in even far greater excess than WMDs in Iraq.

The point to appreciate is really the infamous “Technique of Infamy” – and the [earnest] Brigadier-General James Ellery's narrative is merely another example of this sophisticated Machiavelli – an advanced postgraduate level course beyond 101, 201, ... 911 – in action replay.

Why employ it?

To continue creating “Revolutionary Times”

For what purpose?

What is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times”!

And what might that “revolutionary times” be for?

Does one really want to know? Ignorance is a far better bliss! Better not know. In any case, curiosity killed the cat, remember?

And even if I humbly tell, one wouldn't believe it!

Still wanna know? Okay – but here is the last chance to fast forward!

The construction of a world's supra-government by making all nation-states go systematically bankrupt and entirely beholden to a handful of ruling elite before which the world already bows today, but will bow even lower tomorrow as independent and sovereign nation-states are devilishly obsoleted in favor of territorial management and 'global farming and harvesting' under “one centre of authority, one centre of force, one centre of decision-making. It is world in which there is one master, one sovereign”!

Who is that Sovereign? And who said that? George W. Bush? The Americans? The Europeans? The Jews? The Zionists? The Israelis? The Haliburtons? The Chevrons? Henry Kissinger? Putin?

Has one ever heard of the Bank for International Settlements (

The only bank I know whose website is an “org”?

How much does one know of the previous empire from which the United States had, with many sacrifices of a handful, broken away by throwing that darn tea overboard?

Who had run and controlled and financed that empire upon which the sun once never set, while maintaining the front faces of royalty?

It is for nothing that all sacred texts of wisdom on the planet in almost all civilizations remind their flock - that those who don't learn from their history are condemned to repeat it.

And the only thing every flock has always learned from history - that they don't not only not learn anything from history, but that they mostly always remain ignorant of it.

The modernity du jour is the worst example of this 'learning', perhaps even in the entire history of civilizations - kept eternally busy chasing their “American Dreams” or the bare struggles to put the food on the table in every country and every culture, who has the time!

Thus welcome to the New World Order - one day, one revolutionary time, one technique of infamy, at a time!

I am sorry that we sheeples and sheeplets are busy bequeathing even worse times to our progeny who will surely thank us in spades!

Zahir Ebrahim


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Response to Nafeez Ahmed on 'Peak Oil Motive for War' June 16, 2008