Letter to Editor Press TV with a message to the Iranian Peoples


Letter to Editor Press TV with a message to the Iranian Peoples

Zahir Ebrahim
May 04, 2008.

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Letter to Editor Press TV with a message to the Iranian Peoples
Date May 04, 2008.
Dear Mr. Ismail Salami, Press TV
I read your May 02, 2008 Press TV essay Sword of Damocles hanging over Iran and your “rub”, unfortunately, is right on:
“Aye, there is the rub. The US officials can reap the benefits of their so-called war on terror by fomenting instability and contributing to chaos in the region. If peace and stability are established in the country they will have no choice but leave the country with their tails between their legs.”
If you can only communicate your own astute analysis to your own country's leaders - I imagine you are an Iranian - who appear to be entirely confused.
'29 March, 2008 Press TV
Iran calls on US President George W. bush to refrain from seeking out a scapegoat if his real intention is to resolve the crisis in Iraq.
The latest remarks by the US president are another effort to escape from the realities in Iraq,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini on Friday.
American politicians are unfortunately unwilling to accept reality,” Hosseini responded.
Dismissing the White House allegations against Iran, Hosseini urged Washington to adopt 'logical policies to put an end to the agony of Iraqis', saying a stable Iraq would help bring peace to the Persian Gulf.
Whenever it faces serious security problems in Iraq, Washington makes baseless accusations against other countries,” the Iranian spokesman concluded. '
'TEHRAN, Aug. 28 (AFP) Aug. 28, 2007
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday brushed off a warning by Nicolas Sarkozy that Iran risked being bombed over its nuclear drive, saying his “inexperienced” French counterpart did not know what he was talking about.
He (Sarkozy) only recently came to power and wants to find a place for himself in the world,” Ahmadinejad told reporters.
He is still inexperienced, meaning that maybe he does not really understand the meaning of his own words.”
I think what he said is for the consumption of his inner circles. For us, it is of no political value.” '
'TEHRAN, Aug. 28 (AFP) Aug. 28, 2007
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Tuesday dismissed the chance of a US attack against Iran as impossible, saying that Washington already had enough trouble in Iraq and Afghanistan.
There is in no way the possibility of such an attack by the United States. Even if they take such a decision they cannot implement it,” he told a news conference. “They have to solve the question of Iraq and Afghanistan.”
Politicians do not deal with imaginary things. They deal with reality and this is propaganda. This (an attack) is not on the agenda of US officials and it cannot be,” he said.'
It appears that it is the Iranian political leadership who, while asserting “Politicians do not deal with imaginary things”, are consistently “hallucinating” in their own imaginary conception of the reality du jour. While this may perhaps be calculated bravado, or some bizarre political ploy to deliberately appear moronic on the world stage, on the face of it, it betrays an asinine comprehension of the “real intention” of the Goliath of the world and the diabolical forces that are driving its “imperial mobilization”.
This is propaganda” is only accurate in the same Machiavellian dimension as 'WMDs' were as pretext for war on Iraq, and 'loose nukes' are as pretext for war on Pakistan!
The multi-faceted “full spectrum” covert warfare for the destabilization of Iran is surely known to the 'wretched of the earth' in Iran who continue to bear the brunt of it, as can be glimpsed in this Project Humanbeingsfirst Letter to Editor of April 13, 2008: Iran, the Associated Press, and Covert-War of 'Imperial Mobilization'.
Indeed, IMHO, if the Iranian leadership can publicly rise to the political challenges by at least openly acknowledging that they face a real threat of modern Iran being nuclear-wiped off the face of the earth back to the Stone Age, and that they also intimately understand the real diabolical premeditated motivations driving that very real threat, then they might at least begin to come up with some real self-defense that would have any deterrence teeth to it.
It appears to an outsider living in the United States, that the Iranian leadership is actually suiciding their own nation in no less measure, than the Pakistani leadership, by each betraying their own incomprehension of the threat facing their respective nations. The unfortunate fates of both nations are inseparably joined at the hip as analyzed in this Project Humanbeingsfirst report of April 22, 2008: 'Bin Laden': Key enabler of “imperial mobilization” (and the first nuclear attack since 1945, on Iran–Pakistan).
And interestingly, they each possess the solution to collectively protect both nations from any and all hectoring hegemons from across the seven seas. While necessary, it is not sufficient to be only making economic alliances as the Iranian President is pursuing, as publicly reported. Without an Asian Mutual Defense Pact similar to NATO, Iran is DOA. Please see this April 06, 2008 report by Project Humanbeingsfirst: Heads-up warning to the American Peoples – Nuclear attack on Iran appears imminent!
I hope that you, and I, and the rest of the millions of peoples who continually harbor this fear, are entirely wrong. And that some semblance of humanity will surface in the latter day Chengiz Khans. But if wishes were horses, beggars would not only be living in palaces, but riding Mercedes!
The grotesque future that awaits Iran due to political miscalculations of Iranian leaders will be chalked up in the annals of history - if there is one left to write it - as among the biggest blunders of modernity. To understand the real underlying “forces that drive” the barbarians to the conquest of Eurasia, please see the May 02, 2008 Project Humanbeingsfirst report: From Balance of Terror to Unilateral Terror on the Grand Chessboard!
There can be nothing of higher imperative for the nation of Iran and its peoples, than to astutely safeguard from becoming an Iraq – an equally ancient civilization that now lies in premeditated and diabolically orchestrated ruin.
It will be worse for Iran because an attack on it will entail crossing the nuclear rubicon – an unleashing of the nuclear genie and setting that entire “global zone of percolating violence” calculatingly ablaze!
Please convey this humble message to your wonderful Iranian peoples - indeed - the cradle of Western civilization, and among the oldest living civilizations on the planet with substantial and meaningful contributions to all civilizations as we know it. I had the opportunity to travel all across Iran several years ago, and that nation, and its friendly peoples, have left an indelible impression on me.

Zahir Ebrahim

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Letter to Editor Press TV 4/4 with a message to the Iranian Peoples