FAQ: Prove that 9/11 narrative is a Big Lie

April 17, 2014
It is quite elementary; requires at best high-school level reasoning skills to analyze on the anvil of logic and empiricism alone, no faith is required. And no Ph.D. is required either. What follows below is the most fundamental argument. It is both necessary and sufficient to demonstrate the assertion of the Big Lie.
Let's start with the dictionary definition:
Big Lie
a false statement of outrageous magnitude employed as a propaganda measure in the belief that a lesser falsehood would not be credible.
Matching Quote
All this was inspired by the principle--which is quite true in itself--that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying. These people know only too well how to use falsehood for the basest purposes.” --- Adolf Hitler (1889–1945), Mein Kampf, Vol. I, Ch. X, Why The Second Reich Collapsed, tr. James Murphy, http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks02/0200601.txt
We are going to morally ignore the fact that the very next passage in Mein Kampf following the quoted one above makes the following blanket observations typical of Hitler's fascination with, and contempt for, the Jewish race:
From time immemorial however, the Jews have known better than any others how falsehood and calumny can be exploited. Is not their very existence founded on one great lie, namely, that they are a religious community, whereas in reality they are a race? And what a race! One of the greatest thinkers that mankind has produced has branded the Jews for all time with a statement which is profoundly and exactly true. He (Schopenhauer) called the Jew "The Great Master of Lies". Those who do not realize the truth of that statement, or do not wish to believe it, will never be able to lend a hand in helping Truth to prevail.” --- Adolf Hitler, Ibid.
We do so despite the actual fact of the matter that it is principally the Jews today, spanning the gamut of opinion makers from manufacturing consent to manufacturing dissent, and from left to right, who are leading the sanctification of the Big Lie of 9/11: that it is Muslims and radical Islam that attacked the United States of America, as already examined in Sanctification of the 9/11 Narrative.
In our challenge to liars and mass murderers, their aiders and abettors, we do not condemn an entire people from among whom these Superman, sociopaths, and mercenary henchmen of today spring from. We seek to unmask all liars of every denomination, race, caste, creed, and heritage, irrespective of their self-identification. For, in the construction of the Big Lie of 9/11, all liars of all faiths and persuasions, including Muslim leaders and scholars, Christian leaders and scholars, Hindu leaders and scholars, Communist leaders and scholars, are equally complicit and culpable, each according to their own measure for all the evil which has followed from their echoing the Big Lie. The White Man's burden today is quite uniformly distributed among Jews, Christians, atheists, and even Muslim house niggers, and all bear a fair measure of culpability but not through guilt by association with common heritage, race, religion or tribe.
That Big Lie of 9/11 however, is principally manufactured by the Jewish masterminds as already analyzed in the reports: Hijacking the word 'Islam' for Mantra Creation and FBI Muslims and Militancy Considerations. It is an acknowledged public fact that virtually all prominent neoconservatives beating the primacy war drums of naked aggression, military invasions, instituting sanctions upon Muslim Nations starting from the strangulating sanctions on Iraq after the end of the Cold War until the sanctions on Iran today, and leading the pack on pushing the Big Lie of 9/11 as the primary drum beaters of “militant Islam”, are American Jews. The same American Jews also drive America's unfettered support for Israeli Zionism and its state sponsored terrorism in Palestine. These ubermensch Jews have as much love lost for the Muslim goy as their fellow tribesmen in Israel demonstrate for the Christian goy.
Indeed, virtually all significant prime-movers who have launched the imperial mobilization of the sole superpower using the Big Lie of 9/11 as the enabling pretext, fronted by their largely Christian political henchman from the White House to Ten Downing Street to other Western state podiums all across Europe, are Jews.
It is also intellectual Jews like Bernard Lewis of Princeton University who have posited the doctrinal motivation of clash of civilizations which in turn seeded the Jewish Scholar at Harvard, Samuel Huntington's famous book by that title, both pitting the Judeo-Christian Westerndom against the religion of Islam and Muslims with their vile demagoguery. And it is again intellectual Jews like Noam Chomsky of MIT who have upheld the Big Lie of 9/11 while pretending to dissent with imperial mobilization. See Exhibit-A and Songbird or Superman – You Decide! respectively for the partial list of Jewish names advocating Machiavellian aggression and those who pretend to dissent with them while willfully echoing their Big Lie.
Incestuous self-reinforcement has been taken to dizzying heights to foster the Orwellian paradigm of full spectrum thought control of the public mind. Their impact in collectively echoing the Big Lie of 9/11 is already monumental. For, upon its criminal foundation, not only imperial mobilization for constructing a new World Order on the planet that has already seen the immediate construction of police-state worldwide, most shockingly in the United States and the United Kingdom, but also the long term sanctification of a new global theology to be passed on from generation to generation maligning Islam as the inevitable road to 9/11 against which the West only waged its “just war” as the history books are already recording, have been most cunningly built. Generations across the world are going to grow up believing this Big Lie of 9/11. Students today from elementary schools to universities are already being taught that fable as fact. Ominous warning is issued to the public through the moving lips of the president of the United States to not challenge or debate that “fact”.
Do these handful of ubermensch liars trying to orchestrate global governance with war-mongering and propaganda systems think that Muslims have none among them today who can stand up to their Big Lie? Would they rather that we all lie down and submit quietly like the house niggers they are used to?
So let's unpack the Big Lie of 9/11 from first principles: empirical observation.
Watch this demolition of WTC-7 at approx. 5:20 pm on September 11, 2001 – the third WTC tower to experience catastrophic destruction on that day in infamy; but it is not claimed by officialdom that it was hit by any projectile or flying airliners. Then how did it collapse like this:
Dan Rather of CBS is heard exclaiming in the background after witnessing the symmetrical destruction of WTC-7 into its own footprint in a straight line at approx. 5:20 pm on September 11, 2001: “... amazing, incredible, pick your word. For the third time today, it's reminiscent of those pictures we have all seen too much on television before when a building was deliberately destroyed by well-placed dynamite to knock it down,”
If you look at this video footage a few times, you can make several empirical observations for which your eighth grade middle school science teacher would simply nod and move on --- these observations are that elementary and anyone among the public is capable of making them:
  1. the 47 story WTC-7 building collapses in a straight line, look at the edge of the building ;
  2. the building does not tilt sideways, nor any of the floors pause even momentarily, but collapses continuously into its own footprint in a straight line ;
  3. with a stop watch in hand the top most story of the 47 story building is measured to reach the ground in approximately ten seconds ;
  4. the upper floors appear to fall at almost free fall speed, experiencing no resistance from the floors below them, as if the floors below are not there and falling at the same free fall speed, all floors beginning to move simultaneously so that the floor above cannot catchup to the floor below, and this pattern is observed for all the visible floors as they each descend in perfect sync with the one below, until they all finally collapse on top of each other after reaching the growing pile of debris on the ground ;
  5. the structure on the very top of the building in its center begins to collapse a split second before the top most floor begins its collapse ;
  6. a little thought on what is observed in items 1-5 suggests that to remove any resistance from the floor below for any floor above requires cutting off that floor's supporting beams and columns from the superstructure of the building in an exact timing order which mere chaos or random conditions cannot cause ;
This is the pattern of expert controlled demolition. Not random collapse of a tall building.
The most elementary reasoning leads to the realization that WTC-7 must have been secretly pre-wired for controlled demolition well before its actual demolition moment at approx. 5:20 pm on September 11, 2001. This means its controlled demolition was by pre-meditated intent and not just by the happenstance of 9/11. Or, as the officialdom likes to narrate unofficially, due to the explosive and cataclysmic destruction of WTC-1 and WTC-2 towers which caused incidental damages to the surrounding buildings, including to WTC-7 creating fires on some of its floors thus requiring to “pull-it” down in that fashion in order to not cause further loss of life. Its advanced pre-wiring for demolition however, is sufficient indication that WTC-7 had long been secretly planned to be “pulled” down. That alone is sufficient to discredit Ali Baba of having masterminded 9/11, and I could just stop here. But let's just soldier on explicitly to see how two plus two is added to equal four and not five. This is surely the most frequently asked question on the planet after all.
So when could WTC-7 have been pre-wired for demolition? Certainly not on the same day between 8:50 am onwards in the aftermath of WTC-1 and WTC-2 catastrophic destruction and 5:20 pm. The time and tasks necessary for controlled demolition is explained below.
  • Who had the means, motive, and opportunity to pre-wire WTC-7 for demolition before that time in complete secrecy?
  • Who had the means, motive and opportunity to issue the command to pre-wire WTC-7 for demolition, to finance it, and all the while carefully protect the demolition prep work of the 47 story occupied building located in the heart of New York City in its most famous public landmark, the World Trade Center, from any public disclosure?
  • Who can command such unfettered and unchallenged access to WTC-7, bring to bear such skilled military-grade demolition expertise, and command full secrecy during the prep work and afterwards?
First let's see what it would take to pre-wire a building for perfect demolition into its own footprint with gravity collapse at free fall speed as witnessed in the WTC-7 demolition footage.
As elementary logic would substantiate, it takes several weeks, if not months, of preparation for a controlled demolition such as this: to go floor by floor with the building structural plans in hand; to wire each of those steel-concrete beams and columns with timed demolition charges as is seen in the case for condemned buildings. These buildings are always vacant and the faux ceilings and walls are torn down first in order access the steel substructure underneath that supports the building. Even a slight mistake in timing of individual explosive charges, the demolition sequence experiencing any unexpected latency in receiving the firing command at some explosive charges in relation to other explosive charges, or getting out of sequence in the pre-determined exact firing order, or misfiring, or not firing at all, and the building risks not collapsing perfectly into its own footprint as opposed to what is witnessed in the perfect WTC-7 demolition footage. The building may tilt on one side or another, or the floors below may not collapse completely in the correct time order to enable the free-fall effect as witnessed in the WTC-7 demolition footage to the floors above, and instead create physical resistance which prop up the floors above and retard their collapse, or exhibit some other asymmetry due to imperfections in the demolition strategy, design, or its execution.
To be fully symmetric and perfectly controlled gravity collapse into its own footprint as witnessed in the WTC-7 demolition footage, none of the aforementioned errors and mistakes can transpire. The explosive cutter charges that cut the steel beams and columns from the building structure itself, and from each other, have to be correctly and expertly inserted floor by floor, beam by beam and column by column on every floor, correctly and expertly timed in the design of its firing sequence with military grade precision, and correctly and expertly set-off with some kind of remote control demolition control system housed outside of the target building. This too must perform flawlessly with military grade precision once the button is pressed to initiate the demolition, regardless of the harshness and chaos of the operating environment such as was present throughout that day on September 11, 2001.
While all this demolition prep work is going on in the building, no civilians can be roaming about the building or sitting in the offices – the legal consequences of being injured alone ensure vacant buildings being an integral part of best practice of controlled demolition prep work. This is why any condemned building to be torn down with controlled demolition is first vacated of all its occupants, their belongings removed, and the site secured to not pose any danger from the dust and flying debris of tearing down the facades during the prep work. If the building has asbestos insulation, the demolition teams must also protect themselves with mask and breathing equipment. All WTC buildings, including WTC-7, are known to have had asbestos insulation.
Such dangerous demolition prep work in an occupied building can only be performed in full secrecy in the guise of building maintenance and renovation, floor by floor, where the entire floor is evacuated, or portions compartmentalized and isolated for the prep work. The demolition prep work simply cannot be performed in the presence of occupants, even if their physical safety is of no particular consideration during the actual demolition such as in a covert-ops inflicted upon an enemy.
As even an iota of rational thinking betrays to any sensible mind, getting hold of the building structural plans, planning the demolition strategy, doing the actual detailed design of bringing the building down symmetrically in a controlled manner with precise timing controls, performing the actual prepping of the building for demolition according to the design, is therefore a many-man, many-month, very specialized and very skilled professionals demolition project!
These professionals mainly only exist in the military, and even the civilian firms involved in structural demolition invariably employ only professionals with such skilled training for these very specialized tasks.
It is not an exercise that can be performed by a rag-tag band of religious Koran-totting jihadis living in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan who we are told learnt to fly on flight simulators only, without the desire to learn how to land, successfully hijacked four airliners simultaneously with just box-cutter knives in the most armed to the teeth sole superpower on earth, experienced no interdiction by NORAD that is 24x7 on guard to protect the skies of the American nation from sea to shinning sea, and rammed two of these airliners at 500 mph into WTC-1 and WTC-2 towers causing them to catastrophically experience full structural collapse at near free fall speed in a mushrooming cloud of dust and smoke, the spectacle of disintegration of millions of tons of steel-concrete structure into instant dust never before witnessed in the history of recorded time, while WTC-7 was brought down by the jihadis by prayers alone, also in nearly free fall gravity collapse that appears identical to many successful controlled demolition of tall structures seen in Las Vegas and elsewhere around the world. But it is of course the venerable exercise in fable creation which remains unsurpassed in the annals of adventures of Hercules and Ali Baba added together!
Refer back to the dictionary definition of the Big Lie: a false statement of outrageous magnitude employed as a propaganda measure in the belief that a lesser falsehood would not be credible.
An absurdity so monstrous that it is inevitably believed; with copious help from experts, liars, and the many disciples of Machiavelli and Mephistopheles, all playing the tunes of the Mighty Wurlitzer in synchronicity as is witnessed for the Big Lie of 9/11.
Returning to the first basic question that immediately springs to the mind of an honest man and honest woman: When was such prep work done by demolition experts for WTC-7? Specifically, as the force of logic dictates for an occupied building, under the subterfuge of building maintenance? Once again:
  • Who had the means, motive, and opportunity to prep WTC-7 well before 9/11?
  • Who had unfettered access to the building months and years prior to 9/11?
  • Who had been authorized, and by whom, to perform building maintenance and renovation in the years and months prior to 9/11 on WTC-7?
Not this Hercules Ali Baba named Osama Bin Laden, and not with his band of merry men labeled Al Qaeda. The fabled warriors of militant Islam did not have access to WTC-7, with the building fully occupied, and by intelligence agencies no less on some of its floors.
This basic fact-check of Ali Baba neither having the means nor the opportunity to access WTC-7 for wiring it secretly for expert flawless demolition as witnessed, even if Ali Baba had dreamed of its destruction since his childhood, eliminates him altogether! It also eliminates him as merely a crank seeking publicity if he even dared to accept responsibility for it.
This is the intellectual value of this rejection criterion: means, motive, and opportunity. All three have to be valid and conclusive in order to even deem anyone a real suspect. If any of these factors is not possible or improbable, the suspect is eliminated or his suspectness commensurately downgraded. If all these factors have credible preponderance, then more evidence is necessary to convict as just having the means, motive, and opportunity, while necessary, is not sufficient evidence in itself of having committed the crime.
So let's examine some absurdities that occur if it is still asserted by Machiavelli that OBL did it. Our ubermensch is now standing on very thin ice --- about to sink.
If it is asserted that OBL operatives secretly wired the building over months, then no one saw them bring in the explosives, no one saw them run around floor by floor tearing the walls and ceilings apart to plant charges raising dust and hell in the process? If it is asserted that the OBL operatives were officially hired to do the building maintenance work then why were they knowingly hired? And it it is asserted that the OBL operatives fooled everyone as they secretly planted the cutter charges as part of the building maintenance crew, and they smuggled the considerable amount of explosives in their underwear, well, we already have the underwear bomber you know, ....
These baseless and futile assertions if insisted upon by sophists and the weavers of the Big Lie, lead to manifest absurdities piling up one on top of the other by the sheer force of logic and credulity. And therefore, all these hypothetical assertions of OBL secretly accessing WTC-7 with his demolition teams stand rejected by the logic of the argument known as Reductio ad absurdum.
First its dictionary meaning:
reductio ad absurdum
noun Logic
1. a method of disproving a proposition by showing that its inevitable consequences would be absurd
2. a method of indirectly proving a proposition by assuming its negation to be true and showing that this leads to an absurdity
3. application of a principle or proposed principle to an instance in which it is absurd
[Latin, literally: reduction to the absurd]
This method of reasoning is used in courts, just as in philosophy, to see through liars and false witnesses, false arguments and sophistry; a rational contribution of the Hellenic Civilization which the West's Renaissance philosophers employed for forcibly extricating Westerndom out of the Dark Ages of Christianity, and which today the West prides itself on from academe to academe and court room to court room.
Applying reductio ad absurdum to our fable to separate fact from fiction indicates that whosoever wired WTC-7 is not whom the 9/11 official narrative apportions the blame for 9/11. In fact, the officials do not even try to explain WTC-7. The official 9/11 inquiry report remained silent on it. And it is shocking to learn that a great many people in the United States are not even aware of WTC-7 demolition. As we have now understood, the infamous Ali Baba and his band of Al-Qaeda neither had the means nor the opportunity to prep WTC-7 for such expert controlled demolition. Insisting on that proposition leads to absurd consequences.
This controlled demolition as one can easily observe in the video footage is not mere planting of an uncontrolled bomb in a parked truck as we are told was done once before in the attack on the WTC complex in the 1993. It is far more sophisticated and complex requiring commensurate means and opportunity which rules out OBL.
Advancing the logical observations further, because the multiple demolition events are synchronized in the same one day of catastrophic terror, the New Pearl Harbor, they are not random events with WTC-7 demolition coming within hours of WTC-1 and WTC-2 through the thick of dust clouds and complete chaos. Just the fact of that synchronization logically indicates to put the blame on anyone else for the first two demolitions is equally an absurdity. WTC-7 had been pre-wired for demolition and its button pushed during the ensuing chaos of WTC-1 and WTC-2 demolition as part of the New Pearl Harbor. It is logical to presume for the master crime of the twenty-first century that all its sub events are related to the same prime-movers and part of the same complex jigsaw puzzle to fashion the New Pearl Harbor. To gratuitously presume that WTC-7 advanced pre-wiring for demolition is independent of WTC-1 and WTC-2 is absurd. We can only learn more once it is identified who pre-wired WTC-7.
The rejection criterion however has already given us sufficient proof. It has ruled out OBL for pre-wiring WTC-7. The rejection criterion has also asserted that there is another culprit who had pre-wired WTC-7 for demolition. To then insist that Ali Baba only demolished WTC-1 and WTC-2 by the conglomeration of Big Lies which have gone into creating the one Big Lie of 9/11, again leads to absurd consequences and is a deliberate attempt to protect that criminal who pre-wired WTC-7. Furthermore, now convinced by the logical fact of the matter that there is indeed another hidden culprit (or culprits) who has cleverly camouflaged his trail with an endless trail of red herrings planted to deceive the public, the need to similarly examine the equally bizarre and sophisticated demolition of WTC-1 and WTC-2 which is claimed to have been catastrophically destroyed due to the two airliners plunging into them starting a runaway chain reaction, opens up a whole new world of criminal inquiry leading to similar fundamental questions as examined for WTC-7. When we further delve into the devious money trail, the WTC insurance payback trail, the ownership of WTC transfer trail, the WTC tenant occupancy trail, etc., none of which has any pertinence to al-Qaeda's militant Islam, considerable spotlight is shed on the secondary and tertiary financial motives behind WTC demolitions. All told, it brings forth more evidence of hierarchical convolutions in the criminal conspiracy which is directly connected to whoever pre-wired WTC-7. Therefore, any real criminal inquiry into 9/11 can only be suppressed. And at best, yet another “Warren Commission” report issued to sanctify the official narrative, as it was with the 9/11 Commission inquiry report. It is an absurdity to ask for new inquiry from officialdom.
Nevertheless, we in the public can see that once the Big Lie is dismantled for WTC-7, then that automatically leads the mind that is able to reason – which is the minimal requirement for jury duty in the United States and upon which its entire edifice of public trial by the jury of peers is constitutionally based – to also take a more scrutinizing look at the narrative surrounding WTC-1 and WTC-2, and the entire 9/11 story as well, from plane hijackings to Pentagon's sacred armor piercing to the layers of camouflage most cunningly put on the entire project to its financial beneficiaries.
We observe that just this one small examination of who had the means, motive, and opportunity to pre-wire WTC-7 for controlled demolition, is like a child tugging on the loose thread of a wool sweater: it unravels the entire Big Lie of 9/11.
Just as we observed with a layman's scrutinizing eye the news footage video clip of WTC-7 demolition and made some basic empirical observations which anyone among the jury of peers sitting in on judgment over a crime is entitled and able to make without requiring a doctorate in nuclear physics, performing the same experiment with the news footage clips of WTC-1 and WTC-2 is similarly revealing and is left as homework exercise for the reader.
As for the question of what's the overarching motive when OBL's Islamofascism as the motive is ruled out for WTC-7's pre-wiring, it has already been explained, over and over again, how this Big Lie of 9/11 has been used for imperial mobilization as “operation canned goods”. The latter covert operation was devised by Adolf Hitler as his Big Lie in order to launch the Third Reich's imperial mobilization for its German Lebensraum. The motive today is already crystal clear and amply documented in before the fact books and reports, such as Zbigniew Brzezinski's Grand Chessboard – American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, and PNAC's report on Rebuilding America's Defenses which was signed by America's political Who's Who, both of which argued years before 9/11 of the necessity of a New Pearl Harbor without which imperial mobilization would remain stillborn.
Since imperial mobilization is precisely what the sole superpower did post 9/11, it acted on its own pre-advertised primacy imperatives, it is straightforward to assert as veritable statement of fact that the primary motive behind 9/11 being the manufacture of New Pearl Harbor. And the masterful public disguise around the Big Lie of a threat to the public sense of well-being from Ali Baba being an essential necessity for launching and sustaining that process of imperial mobilization because “democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization”. This is all spelled out chapter and verse in Brzezinski's aforementioned book. Robert H. Jackson, the chief prosecuting counsel for the United States, had asserted no less at the Military War Crimes Tribunal at Nuremberg before condemning the Nazi leadership to death, by showing them their own a priori plans for aggression:
The plans of Adolf Hitler for aggression were just as secret as Mein Kampf, of which over six million copies were published in Germany.” --- Robert H. Jackson, Nuremberg
What remains to learn is Who had the means and the opportunity to carry out the WTC demolitions. Who does the finger point to? What evidence can be brought to bear upon it?
For those unable to read and analyze political science and history, just that one WTC-7 examination opens up the Pandora's box of inquiry into means and opportunity which the Big Liars of 9/11 simply cannot close regardless of what new lies and sophistry they spin or what assault on the human senses they inflict. It is the peerless sword of the intellect that all human beings posses which demolishes them trivially in their Big Lie. But it is only the courage of one's convictions which they mostly remain afraid of. The public knowing without acting on that knowledge is evidently okay for status quo since the evergreen trap of bread and circuses is sufficient to neutralize any knowing.
A most preeminent moral scholar of the United States of America wrote to me the following statement in April 2008 in an email conversation. Since he had written me a private letter and stated that it was for my own benefit (lest I be led astray), because I had written to him earlier to reexamine the demolition of WTC-1, WTC-2, and WTC-7, my interlocutor's identity is not revealed. The passage below captures what is meant by sophistry in support of a priori presupposition:
Suppose it turns out that there was a controlled demolition. Then the interesting question is: who does the finger point to? The answer is obvious: Osama bin Laden. Al-qaeda had the capacity: they came very close to blowing up the WTC in 1993. Unlike the Bush administration, they have little to lose if exposed (for the Bush-ites it would be a catastrophe) and a great deal to gain by implicating Saudis, their main enemy (again, for the Bush-ites that's a disaster: it undermined their alleged goal of laying the basis for attacking Iraq -- to do that they'd obviously have implicated Iraqis; it seriously harmed relations with a highly valued ally; and it caused them the extreme embarrassment of having to fly Saudi businessmen out of the country in violation of their closure of airspace -- which appears to indicate that they couldn't have known about it). But I have no particular interest in evidence that al-Qaeda was responsible for blowing up the WTC, and do not understand why the TM is so fixated on trying to establish the obvious conclusion from the thesis that the WTC was destroyed by a controlled demolition.” --- Email letter to Zahir Ebrahim from a preeminent scholar of the United States of America, Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 8:18 PM
The first statement: “Suppose it turns out that there was a controlled demolition. Then the interesting question is: who does the finger point to? The answer is obvious: Osama bin Laden.”, coming from the finest analytical mind of America has already been refuted above with reductio ad absurdum. The only entity that the finger cannot point to is in fact Osama bin Laden. The means and opportunity yardstick of credibility and culpability already examined in reference to WTC-7 above absolves Mr. Ali Baba of having anything to do with its destruction. The rest of the sentences in that passage are making fallacious arguments with extraneous data and disingenuous observations to support an a priori conclusion which is sanctified to remain beyond question. Just as the president of the United States asserts it must remain so. This highly anointed scholar of America goes along with the president of the United States. He further pretends to have never heard of false flag covert ops under the cover of “plausible deniability”. He pretends not to be able to distinguish between manufactured fact for propaganda fodder vs. the reality of the situation despite being an expert on the matter. And he pretends not to be able distinguish between the means and opportunity needed for the ostensibly botched amateurish uncontrolled demolition attempt of 1993 with a supposed truck bomb which conveniently opened the opportunity for reconstruction and renovation vs. the means and opportunity required for the flawless expert controlled demolition of 2001.
It would be forgivable if an ordinary street fellow offered such an analysis.
Here is another preeminent scholar of America commenting on the 9/11 fable in his public talk. It is the world renowned dissenting professor of history and author of the best selling work of American history: People's History of the United States, the late Howard Zinn. This Jewish scholar of American history is dear to me because in 2003 when no one would review my maiden manuscript, Prof. Howard Zinn read it twice (!) on a cold call from me to his Boston home, and even wrote me a commendation letter to give to publishers when I asked him for one several months later after being repeatedly turned down by American publishers. This is what Prof. Zinn stated publicly in November 2008:
Of course as I told you, I never believe the government, or rarely believe the government. Do I believe the government version of what happened? Well, I am skeptical. Do I believe that the government was in the conspiracy to do this? I don't know. I don't know enough about the situation, and the truth is, I don't care that much. That's past. ... the whole argument that the people are engaged in, about, was the government behind a conspiracy to blow up the two towers, to me that's a diversion from what we really have to do, deal with the fact that whatever, whoever was behind 9/11, the government took advantage of that, to take us to war, and to put us on a disastrous course, and it's that war, those wars, that disastrous course we have to deal with. I don't want to go back to the controversy that I think is endless controversy, and just gets in the way of dealing with the immediate situation.” --- Howard Zinn, November 2008, watch video here, see report here
Note that Prof. Howard Zinn, like all the other preeminent dissent chiefs of the United States, also does not care to deal with the prime-mover first cause, the 9/11 Big Lie. He instead prefers just to focus on its immediate after effect: the imperial mobilization. This anomaly is seen repeatedly in preeminent dissent scholarship today which misleads and misguides the public into believing the Big Lie as the key presupposition upon which the rest of the vigorous debate of democracy is constructed. After all, their favorite scholars, actors, leaders, clergy, including even the dissent-chiefs are all saying the same thing. How can they all be wrong? Truth in a democracy is democratic, right?
Well, now the reader can see for himself that all of them are not just wrong, but deliberately part of the Big Lie no differently than in the Third Reich under Adolf Hitler where that world too sang the same chorus in one voice under the unassailable hubris of victory. As recorded by William Shirer, an American war correspondent stationed in Berlin on the eve of World War II, in his diaries and reproduced in his monumental work published in 1960, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich:
Hitler knew the answer well. Had he not the week before on his Bavarian mountaintop promised the generals that he would 'give a propagandist reason for starting the war' and admonished them not to 'mind whether it was plausible or not'? 'The victor', he had told them, 'will not be asked afterward whether he told the truth or not. In starting and waging a war it is not the right that matters, but victory.'” --- William Shirer quoting Adolf Hitler, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
This singing pattern of the same Big Lie, willfully echoed throughout the world in multiple voices in our pretenses of democracy which laudingly permits dissent instead of the single voice in the Third Reich's iron-fisted dictatorship which did not, but under similar unassailable hubris of no fear of accountability, no fear of military war crimes tribunals, and no fear of death sentences accruing to vulgar propagandists, has been explained in nauseating detail in the following missives:

About The Author
The author, a justice activist, formerly a Silicon Valley systems architect (see engineering patents at http://tinyurl.com/zahir-patents ), founded Project Humanbeingsfirst.org in the aftermath of 9/11. He was, mercifully, most imperfectly educated in the United States of America, which might explain how he escaped the fate of “likkha-parrha-jahils” mass produced from its vast manufacturing consent complex with all his neurons still intact, and still firing on all cylinders. Bio at http://zahirebrahim.org. Email: humanbeingsfirst@gmail.com . Verbatim reproduction license at: http://humanbeingsfirst.org/#Copyright.

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